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I have been a big fan of Livefyre since I switched DragonBlogger.com over to using it in September 2011 during a test run that became permanent.  I also installed it on most of my other blogs shortly thereafter.

Don’t get me wrong, I love CommentLuv and used CommentLuv for 3 years on my blogs, I still endorse and consider it a great option for bloggers and worth every penny.  The latest features of CommentLuv that delay commenting and require default comment length only help to block spammers and more features are added all the time.

However, CommentLuv due to relying on the default WordPress commenting system has yet to truly integrate with Social Media and be the real time experience that you can find with Livefyre.  If you want instant communication and to treat your blog commenting as an extension of your live and real time communications like you do with Twitter/Facebook then nothing compares to Livefyre at the moment.


True Benefits of LiveFyre

You don’t see a huge amount of benefit with Livefyre over CommentLuv on articles where you may only get 5-10 comments and/or have almost no interactivity on your Facebook fanpages and/or Twitter account.  However, when I started my Kindle Fire Giveaway contests I really saw something magical happen.


I saw hundreds of comments pour into my posts, and I could just leave my webpage up and watch the comments come in real time and respond to them in real time.  I didn’t need to hit page refresh, wait for an email…etc.  I kept it open like a Twitter window or Facebook window.  In addition as people commented on my Facebook fanpage for my giveaway those comments and responses were read into the article as well.  This means I can keep all communications across Twitter/Facebook for the article on the article.  I could even call in people from Twitter/Facebook by @reply their name right from the Livefyre comment system.


Imagine being able to say something like [email protected] there is a good point made from @BlazingMinds here can you share your thoughts?” and this be integrated with your blog commenting and call the Twitter users to your blog to answer and communicate on your post instead of just replying on Twitter alone?

This type of communication extension from your WordPress blog post to social media cannot be found with the current WordPress default commenting system, and this is where Livefyre really shines.  If you really believe that Social Media is the communication tool that is mandatory and an extension of your blog then Livefyre is the commenting system that most effectively makes use of this tool at the moment.

Livefyre is free if you have less than 2 million Pageviews per month for your blog, so for 99% of bloggers there won’t be a cost, for the 1% that have that level of success surely it is worth it.  The Facebook commenting system is just that, Facebook only and leaves out Twitter/LinkedIn and other potential extensions later.  I believe Google+ will eventually get added to Livefyre too now that it has 60 million users.

I don’t affiliate sell Livefyre (can’t really when free), and I have had some commenters tell me they dislike it.  Livefyre does allow guest commenting now, but this is a relatively new feature and wasn’t there until about October 2011 or November 2011, can’t remember.

Currently at the time of writing Livefyre is nofollow for user’s profile links, but they are dofollow for the “latest conversation” thread.   This may change in the future where a blogger can choose nofollow vs dofollow and I would choose dofollow myself again if it were offered.

The other great thing about Livefyre is you get a centralized location to track all of your comment history or follow others comment histories.  This is only done with external commenting systems like Livefyre, Disqus and IntenseDebate but I have leveraged this to follow the commenting habits of some of my loyal readers and stumbled across great blogs as a result.

CommentLuv is about rewarding commenters and providing incentive for people to leave comments on your blog in exchange for a backlink to their latest articles.  Plain and simple it entices people to leave comments, but it also invites them to comment just for the backlink too.  CommentLuv also adds rewards like offering more links to select if you share the article on social media sites, which is another great way to boost social shares of your post.  Livefyre is more about facilitating communication rather than specifically rewarding commenters and whereas CommentLuv caters specifically to other “bloggers” who comment on blogs, Livefyre attempts to cater to everybody and those who may just communicate on social media and not deal with blogs anymore.

If you use CommentLuv on your blog, I am so glad you are and you bet I may find your site, visit, comment.  If you use Livefyre on your blog I won’t hesitate to leave a comment on your site, same with Disqus, IntenseDebate…etc.  They are all about choices and what you are looking for in your engagement with readers, which is your primary target.

Pains of Switching to Livefyre from CommentLuv

I will tell you this, it is much harder to switch from CommentLuv to Livefyre after using it for 3 years than if you choose Livefyre from the start or a short time after building a new blog.  Primarily all those people who took the time to comment on your blog and get that dofollow backlink from CommentLuv now have their link benefits lost, this is not light.  By me removing CommentLuv I basically caused over 12,000 older comments to lose their dofollow backlinks to their posts.  This was a painful way to test a new commenting system and it is unfortunate that a small portion of my loyal commenters never returned.

When switching to Livefyre from CommentLuv its take time for readers to adjust to a change from default WordPress commenting to another system because Livefyre is not quite as big as Disqus yet, so more people have to register or comment as guest users until they build out profiles and grow.  I also alienated a fair portion of the CommentLuv crowd who were die hard supporters and I see about a dozen or so people who used to comment almost every day drop off the map because I no longer use CommentLuv.

But I Like CommentLuv

I am telling you why I love Livefyre and showing you what benefits it has done for my blog.  I have seen a larger engagement on social media integrating with my blog and it has made monitoring and responding to conversations much faster than the simple “comment, email, refresh page, respond” that you have to with the default WordPress commenting system.

When it comes to raw commenting, CommentLuv has a ton of features many of which aren’t needed in Livefyre external commenting system but some of which are lacking like KeyWordLuv and DoFollow which allow you to reward even Livefyre commenters who are bloggers with a dofollow link to their keywords.  Ideally I wish CommentLuv could integrate with Livefyre (Livefyre team should make Andy an offer Smile)

I bought CommentLuv out of pocket when it went on sale even though I don’t use it on my primary blogs.  I may switch back to it on some of my smaller blogs and I would probably use it on brand new blogs that start up to entice commenters until the blog has a social media following worth developing and engaging with Livefyre.  CommentLuv works for many bloggers, it will get you more comments from other bloggers or SEO people looking to get backlinks with their target keywords.  The nature of the plugin is you will get those that will use it just for the backlinks, even if they aren’t spammers.  Even with Livefyre I get some commenters trying to leave a useless comment including their URL in the comment, but Impermium which is the spam management system Livefyre uses is really really good and blocks most spam on the 1st pass, or removes it on the 2nd pass.

My review and usage of Livefyre has convinced several other bloggers to put it on their own blogs.  JoeTech.com for example switched to Livefyre after seeing it in use on my blog.  Eisley Jacobs also switched to Livefyre on her blog after seeing it first in action on my Kindle Fire Giveaway.

Heck, WPBeginner.com which is a great blog uses Livefyre commenting system, and of course while researching CommentLuv I found Danny Brown’s blog.

Share Your Thoughts

So honestly, share your thoughts about Livefyre commenting, CommentLuv, Disqus, IntenseDebate or anything else related to commenting.  What features of a commenting system do readers prefer?  What do you like/not like about existing commenting systems (any of them) what do you wish to have?

Personally, I want to be able to upload audio files to commenting.  I think the future lives in interactive comments, and I want to be able to record an audio comment and upload it to Livefyre, or maybe even a quick webcam reply and leave it in a Livefyre comment.  That would be something!

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
Working in the IT Industry for over 13 years and specializing in web based technologies. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
Justin Germino


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Justin Germino
  • Great overview, mate, and you really capture the benefits of Livefyre.

    As one of the earliest users, I’ve always loved the social integration, and they’re really making that easier and better with every release. If they can combine Twitter, Facebook Pages and Google+ in real-time and allow you to interact back-and-forth seamlessly, they’ll have one hell of a powerful tool.

    I recently switched back to native WordPress with CommentLuv Premium, as I still found some bugs with Livefyre. Often, there would be a large gap between the end of the post and the comment box. Additionally, Livefyre would sometimes fail to load. It also has some issues with certain mobile browsers – but then that seems to be true of all third-party systems.

    Also, I really like the CSS design that my designer placed into the native WP comments, as it really makes them stand out. If Livefyre can allow that kind of customization, I’d probably be back there in a heartbeat.

    Cheers again for a great overview, and have a great weekend mate!

    • @DannyBrown If I didn’t use Livefyre, I would be using CommentLuv hands down. I agree there are some bugs in Livefyre and it could use some features. However, if I were to switch to commentluv now and entice people to get their backlinks again only to rip them away when switching back to Livefyre I would be doing more harm than good for some of my blogger commenters. This is why I wait out Livefyre for the long haul, though the WP Touch Pro mobile theme works perfectly with Livefyre and I tested from iPad, Blackberry browser, iPod Touch and with Mobile versions of Safari, iChromy and even Kindle Fire silk browser.

      I haven’t had a problem with it loading really, but the recent conversations can be flaky and pick up random stuff that I never commented on.

    • PaulSchooss

      @[email protected] Blogger So I’ve been staring at here trying to come up with a smart-alec comment for Danny, but, I’m actually pulling a blank on a good joke. Danny always jokes well, so we’re sure to give him a hard time as often as we can 😉

      Danny’s got some valid points, and those things are issues that we’re currently working on as we speak. The blank space is a clash with certain themes, but that’ll go away soon. And we’re definitely hard at work on our mobile UI and auth process as well. That’s been a big focus of ours, and you can expect improvements in the near future as we we work our way into 2012.

      And while our CSS isn’t customizable via skins, etc., most of our CSS elements are relatively easy to edit with our CSS guide: http://support.livefyre.com/customer/portal/articles/67016-can-i-override-livefyre-s-default-css- But we have more on that front in store as well, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for it!

      Thanks to the both of you for taking the time to discuss our product, especially with such detail. We love, erm, LOVED (::cuts eyes at Danny:: 😉 having you in our community. You know we’re always open to questions and feedback, so don’t hold back!

      • @[email protected] Paul, I haven’t opened up a formal request yet, but what about the feasibility of allowing readers to upload or add “audio comments”, Simply recording their voice via mic and it saving as a comment is probably the wave of the future given the direction of Siri and other voice based applications.

        • @Dragon [email protected] Riffly used to offer that:


          Not sure if it still works, as the plugin hasn’t been updated since 2009. But I used it for a while and it was pretty cool.

        • @[email protected] Yeah, I saw that but not compatible with Livefyre.

        • JMattHicks

          @Dragon [email protected]@PaulSchooss OH WOW. That was NOT Pal Schooss that was ME!!!

          SO SORRY FELLAS! ha ha

          I was using Paul’s name (one of our engineers) for some domain testing and totally forgot I was signed in as him!

          So, totally not a random guy there, sorry for the confusion 🙂

        • JMattHicks

          @Dragon [email protected]@PaulSchooss That’s embarrassing, btw. lol

        • @[email protected] [email protected] Haha, you dumbass.

        • @[email protected] [email protected]@PaulSchooss lol..what a NOOB..lol

        • JMattHicks

          @[email protected] [email protected]

          And audio comments is probably pretty far down the road, but it’s a unique idea Justin. Much of the (mobile) tech world seems to moving toward that direction (as you alluded to), but I can’t say that there are any immediate or definitive plans for such integration.

          But, we’re hear to power the world’s online conversation, and not all conversation is just text…so definitely keep your eyes peeled because there won’t be many roads we don’t at least explore a bit!

          (And yes, I am SURE this time I’m under jmatthicks…very strange!)

      • @[email protected] Blogger Hi there Paul,

        Thanks for not ripping me this time – I’m sure Jenna and Jordan have some good ones waiting. 😉

        This is one are that you guys kill the competition, your community support. I’m always impressed with your response times and interaction, no matter what the “sentiment” about your product. Many could learn from you.

        I do still have Livefyre active on two of my blogs, as I love it. Like I mentioned to Justin, it’s more to do with styling now than anything, along with the minor quibbles I mentioned.

        Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next, mate, and have a great weekend!

      • Hello Paul, do ou also have a time fram of when fb pages or oven G+ could be added to the “Post to” section of the comment box? @PaulSchooss @DannyBrown @Dragon Blogger

        • JMattHicks

          @[email protected]@[email protected] Blogger

          (I guess I’ll have to provide my own self some support, something wonky going on with my sign-in!)

          Ha ha Since I’m apparently Paul form now on, I’ll jump in 😉

          We sure do appreciate your words and encouragement Danny. As you know, you’ve been a big part of what we do and where we’ve been able to take it and you can bet that’ll never be forgotten. Cheers 🙂

          And Tony, while we don’t have an exact time frame, those ideas are being considered. There’s a lot cooking at Livefyre, and while I can’t say much, what I can say is that we are looking into deeper Facebook page integration as well as Google+. We recently added the ability to have multiple Facebook fan pages under a single account as we worked toward that richer experience.

          (::Double checks to make sure he’s indeed signed in as “jmathicks” before commenting…yep, good to go!::)

      • Hello Paul, do ou also have a time fram of when fb pages or oven G+ could be added to the “Post to” section of the comment box? @PaulSchooss @DannyBrown @Dragon Blogger

    • @DannyBrown I removed it cause they didn’t have the edit feature. Also, even though I am not running Comment Luv on my blog, I don’t like that Livefyre lets people attach post only if they are using Livefyre too. For me, it is all or no one, lol

      • @Brankica That’s a fair point, Bran. I do understand why why do that (to encourage sign-up to the system), but yeah, it’d be cool to draw from a single API so no matter how many blogs you have attached to your email, the most recent post would appear in your link.

    • @DannyBrown I removed it cause they didn’t have the edit feature. Also, even though I am not running Comment Luv on my blog, I don’t like that Livefyre lets people attach post only if they are using Livefyre too. For me, it is all or no one, lol

  • EisleyJacobs

    You already converted me 😉 😛

  • EisleyJacobs

    Indeed, I saw the benefits of this commenting method and switched almost within the same hour. Having not experienced the livefyre way until commenting on DragonBlogger’s site, I have no idea how is compares (well okay, now I do) but I love livefyre! It’s is real time and it keeps you connected to your audience. It was the greatest find of 2011!

    • @EisleyJacobs Glad to inspire another convert.

      • AnjliAlyt

        very nice plugin for commenting and thanks for sharing with us

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  • I was getting a huge amount of trackback spam and since removing trackbacks it has whittled down to none. I can’t see myself going back to commentluv though. I’d rather stick it out with “the new kid on the block”. Most of those folks from the SEO arena were really stuck on themselves and hardly ever gave me anything substantive to respond to.

    • @tonygreene113 I had a few really good bloggers stop visiting, some probably in retaliation and others just got too busy. Either way as long as continue to see a benefit I will stick with Livefyre. That being said, CommentLuv keeps getting new features and Andy is doing a good job making it the best default WordPress commenting system plugin by far.

      • Well just like everything else in this world, you can’t please everyone all of the time. @Dragon Blogger

      • @Dragon [email protected] I had people stop commenting on my blog when I was testing Livefyre. Just shows what they are, I would not be worried about that, Justin 🙂

        • @[email protected] I always think keeping lines of communication open is good, and I haven’t stopped commenting on blogs who stopped commenting on mine. I understand most are just supporting Andy and CommentLuv and feel to show support they must boycott those who drop or stop using it.

        • @Brankica I tried to leave some comments on a few of your posts and didn’t see a box or link to comment.

        • @Dragon [email protected] Boycott is such a harsh term. I simply have given up on trying to read and comment on the same old re-hashed topics. SEO blah blah, Traffic blah blah. It just doesn’t interest me anymore.

        • Exactly what I meant, glad to be vindicated. I knew it wasn’t just m old brainbucket going batty. After using disqus, ID, and the native system, I’m going to stick to my guns and hang with the LF crew. @Brankica @Dragon Blogger

  • AskKim

    Unfortunately there is plenty to be said (negatively) about bloggers that use dofollow and commentluv to build their communities and then switch away from it and backhand their communities with lost linkluv and linkjuice when they get big enough. I just can’t bring myself to join those ranks. I’d gladly implement livefyre if it integrated CLP but at this time my community means more to me than that next big push forward. I fully agree that LF needs to make Andy an offer and get the two playing nicely together.

    • @AskKim In fairness, I don’t think it’s a case of “getting too big for their britches” as it is experimenting to offer the most comprehensive experience for the readers. the SocialSync aspect of Livefyre really encourages community and further interaction for the reader.

      Also, I believe Livefyre reached out to Andy to discuss API calls and a shared solution prior to building their LinkBack offering but didn’t hear anything back. So hopefully we can still see the ultimate comment system that offers the very best of all worlds.

      • AskKim

        @[email protected]@commentluv commentluv knows this. Either these two teams are going to have to work together closer in the future or both need to up their game. They are both strong players but unfortunately pulls in opposite directions yield in many cases the “less of two evils” rather than the best for the end commenter’s experience and reward.

        • AskKim

          @DannyBrown and one of these days I’ll learn why it always eats my freakin’ paragraph breaks!

        • @AskKim Damn comment feeding break eaters! 😉

        • @[email protected]

          Danny you aren’t using Livefyre on one of your sites.

          You did say why, but I can’t remember – old age!

          Can you remind me.

      • CommentLuv

        @DannyBrown Actually Livefyre didn’t reach out to me at all. there were a couple of messages on twitter but they just said they weren’t going to put commentluv on their system. They just said they’d put a link to the recent livefyre conversation.

        I’d love to know where you heard that Danny, was it something LF said?

        it’s not a big issue though, no one really ‘owns’ the idea of including a last blog post with the comment.

        I know which system allows you to choose the post and include your own favourite pages and I’ll stick with that 🙂

        the social integrations that LF has are quite good and I can only imagine that if I had a team of programmers and investors like they do that I would do the same but that being said, I much prefer to enhance what is already there than try to replace it.

        The WordPress comments system is not an add on, all themes are born with compatibility and style isn’t something you have to ‘patch’ with it so I still prefer to use what WordPress has and try to make a plugin that makes it better and I can do that by listening to feedback (yours has always been helpful @DannyBrown!)

        I agree that LF is a good system but, with WordPress own comments system, you can add whatever plugin you like and extend it in the way that WordPress intended by using hooks and filters that are integral to the WP API. You can’t do that with LF, you have to rely on ‘them upstairs’ (as nice as they seem) to make it for you and if they don’t like it, it doesn’t get added. As a pointy headed geek, I’m all for doing it my own way with my own code or with plugins but for ease of use (in exchange of control) then I suppose LF has it’s place.

        • @CommentLuv Hi mate, I think it was in a conversation with the LF CEO, jordan kretchmer , but I could be wrong, so apologies if that’s the case.

          See, this is why it’s so difficult to choose, since both options offer fantastic features. Like you say, I really like the way CL (and CLP especially) offers the rewards system. I’m seeing the social shares increase due to the “share and receive 10 links to choose from” option, and I like thw way you can see which commenter did this. I can see that helping towards a reward system later on for loyal community members.

          I also love the social conversations that LF bring in, since it’s the best iteration I’ve seen of it being used anywhere.

          Ah, choices – gotta love ’em! 😉

        • CommentLuv

          @DannyBrown thanks Danny, I would have responded if jordan kretchmer had reached out to me but all I got from the LF team was assurances that they wouldn’t be adding it and then whamo.

          I’m glad you’re liking the reward features. I think as time goes on and as more people see it under the comments of others that clicked the buttons then it will encourage even more social shares.

          The whole point of commentluv in the first place, and why I made it was to reward the readers of your blog and that’s been the focus all along even until now with premium so I am happy that it’s still doing that.

          I’ve got some more plans for it like tweeting when a user gets a comment reply from someone that leaves their twitter name and some other goodies in store. watch out for CLP v3.1!

  • CommentLuv

    “CommentLuv is about rewarding commenters and providing incentive for people to leave comments on your blog in exchange for a backlink to their latest articles.” …

    “Livefyre is more about facilitating communication rather than specifically rewarding commenters”

    great points Justin and a good round up of the difference between the two systems. Well, one is a system and the other is just a plugin but I hear what you’re saying about integrating all of your social media conversations in to one place.

    I don’t spend much time chatting on anywhere other than on my own blog (or on the commenters blogs) so I don’t need the all bells and whistles of social media mashup and I love the control that WP comments has for allowing the use of my own plugins and enhancements like ‘newsletter signup’, ‘subscribe to comments’ and other plugins that interact with the comment data (well, I am a geek that likes control!)

    LF has got some good things going for it, they seem to be doing a good job for the money they are spending but I have CommentLuv running through my veins and I can’t really help that! It’s been my journey into plugin coding and is a part of me as much as WordPress is

    • @CommentLuv Thanks Andy, I am trying to look at the future here and I see the lines between blogs and social media accounts blurring and combining into something cohesive at some point. In looking at trends for the next generation of kids (11 – 16) other than the entrepreneurs very few of them are running blogs anymore and almost all communication is being facilitated on social media outlets. I think the extension of a website to be able to bring conversations outward to social media and inward from social media is probably the only bridge between as technologies adapt and people change habits.

      I also see visual/audio communication as part of blog posts, social media being the next big wave. People will start live record audio statements into Facebook, social media, blogs just like vlogging is still gaining traction. As smartphones have video/audio capability increases people will want to use these to share more rich media communication styles into all online platforms.

      • CommentLuv

        @Dragon [email protected] fair point about the future but we’ve been seeing videocalls and videophones in scifi movies for years and we’ve even had the capability to do it for many of them but we’ve yet to see it become reality. Until we see a way to hear those new audio/video messages direct to our ears (and send without noise interference) in places like the train station or a noisy street then I don’t see that option becoming widely used (not yet anyway).

        as for the 11-16 crowd, wouldn’t they just text each other? haha

        when things in the social networking arena become truly integrated then I am pretty sure the option to broadcast to all and retrieve from all will be built in to the next generation of cloud operating systems but that’s not something I need to worry about for the time being.

        and there’s still a lot of mileage in blogs, there are tens of millions of them and some reports I was reading recently show that they are still one of the most popular methods for people to get an independent opinion on a product from a ‘real person’. Better than a ‘sponsored tweet’ or facebook page made by the company for the company (and moderated by the company) and besides, not everyone wants to have everything integrated. It’s still good to have blogs that are self contained entities and the conversation kept to the blog and not broadcasted out to the masses.

        we could go on to-ing and fro-ing ad nauseum ! It’s easy to see you’re an LF convert!

        I think there’s still room for all options and like you mentioned in the post, if social is your thang then use something geared towards that and other thangs for other thangs. There’s no doubt that whatever your choice of system, it’s good to talk! 🙂

        • @CommentLuv I agree with you that I think the default WordPress commenting system will adapt and therefore a plugin like CommentLuv to augment it may be perfect. I love CommentLuv the only major reasons I changed were to test Livefyre and when my Pottermore articles came out and I was getting hundreds of comments and over 100k pageviews in a month to those articles NONE of the commenters were leaving URL’s behind. This vast amount of people commenting with no URL being left were not even using CommentLuv. I compared the quality of conversations and interactivity with these users and found that a large amount of commenters who leverage commentluv really do just use it for the backlinks. I can name less than 50 commenters who truly engage with the CommentLuv system on this blog. Most are advertisers looking for their SEO keyword link.

        • CommentLuv

          @Dragon Blogger yes i suppose it does make a difference with the type of readers you have. if like you say, a lot of people are coming in from social then having a system to cater for that is probably a good idea.

        • @[email protected] Blogger

          “…a lot of people are coming in from social..”

          Never thought of the distinction – thanks for highlighting that point Andy.

  • Hi Justin

    Great post – fabulous conversation in the comments.

    I did try Livefyre but had a problem so I reverted back to native WordPress comment system.

    I understand that my problem has now been solved so I’m thinking of going back to Livefyre – hence my reading this post and the comments.

    Still undecided… help!

    • @wmwebdes I did convert my smaller blog a month before I installed Livefyre on DragonBlogger, when I switched to Livefyre I informed my readers that I was testing the commenting system for review and that it may not be permanent but since I liked it (this was even before guest posting) I decided to keep it. Could I switch away again for something else, of course but it would take a very compelling feature set, one that I can’t envision completely yet.

      • @Dragon Blogger

        Thanks Justin

        Most people who use Livefyre say very much what you’ve said – must be something in it.

  • Justin Mazza

    Hi Justin,

    John Chow also switched to LiveFyre this year. I am definitely switching my blog over to LiveFyre, probably tomorrow.

    • @Justin Mazza I did not know John Chow switched to Livefyre, haven’t been on his blog in ages. I know Chris Brogan uses Disqus but wonder if he would really like Livefyre if he compared the two. Reactions just don’t seem as cool as the conversations read in from Facebook pages and Twitter and you can’t reply to reactions shown on Disqus.

      • Justin Mazza

        @Dragon Blogger Self Help guru Randy Gage also just switched to LiveFyre this year. I am having trouble installing it now, I keep getting the message to confirm my account with LiveFyre. Do I need to uninstall my old commenting system plugins first.

        • @Justin Mazza No, you don’t have to remove older systems first, but you do need to have a Livefyre account already setup and you need to link it. This involves clicking on Livefyre plugin after activated and entering your Livefyre login information. This will link the blog to your Livefyre account and will take a few hours to sync all comments.

        • @Dragon [email protected] Mazza Hey Justin, have you had a chance to try a different browser? If that doesn’t work, try clearing your browser cache and cookies and give it a go. If the issue still persists, mind emailing [email protected] with details? We’ll be happy to look in to this for you.

        • @Dhara [email protected] Blogger I was already logged into LiveFyre when I uploaded the plugin and then clicked the link in my WordPress dashboard that said I have to sync LiveFyre by clicking here. Everytime I clicked the link to Go to Live Fyre it never worked.

          What I did was log out of Live Fyre, uninstall LiveFyre plugin and start fresh. After reinstalling LiveFyre and then clicking the link to sync my account with LiveFyre it worked perfectly. Thanks for both your responses.

  • You got me on Livefyre and Rafflecopter as well. Both great upgrades.

    • @joetech Glad to hear you are happy with both services.

  • Authopublisher

    Wow, what an awesome discussion going on from September. I think the interactions between Justin and Andy were pricesless. It’s beautiful to see professionals coming together and discus(s)- hehe… the future of our world.

    Dragonblogger is without a doubt the future Techcrunch and the boldness Justin had to change the atutus quo is commendable. Risky, IMHO, but commendable. Kim wieghing in was also a valuable contribution and I’m siding with her sentiments for now. Untill the two integrate, I can afford to change either, but I love the LF concept.

    Hopefully this is something to look forward to.

    • @Authopublisher You give me way too much credit, don’t know if my site will ever hit TechCrunch status. But this post is actually only a week old, this isn’t the same Livefyre review post from September. Where did you get the from September from?

      • @Dragon [email protected] It’s not September? Did I miss Christmas?

      • Authopublisher

        @Dragon [email protected] Didn’t you start testing in September? However, mark my words. Techcrunch will have some competition soon. Can you tell me, why does livefyre show me as Authopublisher and not Ivin Viljoen, as per the URL I submitted?

        • @Dragon Blogger Don’t worry, got it fixed on LiveFyre’s site.

        • @Ivin [email protected] Viljoen It updated now, looks like it is working right? I considered making my name Justin Germino instead of Dragon Blogger, I am on the fence on which one I prefer to leave as my comment name for Livefyre. Yes, I did start testing Livefyre in September.

        • @Dragon Blogger Yep, just changed it. I knew I didn’t have the wrong end of this story…

          Nice. If I didn’t have so much invested in ComLuv, I would have definitely tried it. Do you think it’s a non IM/local business blog friendly? I don’t think they’ll go for it if they don’t understand it. CL is auto, LF has too many barriers for a noob don’t you think?

          I would totally go for JG, knowing DB is a brand of yours, it’s not ALL you are. You know how much success I started having when I changed my brand from AP to myself. It work better when you launch other projects.

          B.t.w, when do you think they’re going to integrate auto spellcheck?

        • @Ivin Viljoen Spell check already exists sort of with browser, misspelled words highlight in red don’t they? Also, I agree if you are vested with CommentLuv you can upset your commenters by switching. As far as switching name to Justin Germino, I probably will do that at some point. Dragon Blogger is just more catchy and raises interest 🙂

  • Guess what I just found out….the ability to reply from within email to comments? Is that even possible anywhere else?

    • @tonygreene113 I just tried, couldn’t reply to this comment via email. Livefyre doesn’t support that feature however they just updated a new version this morning and I can’t find out what changes were in it since WordPress.org is down for SOPA and Livefyre doesn’t have a blog post about latest version update and what features/fixes were in it.

      • @Dragon Blogger I saw the response in the Livefyre twitter stream this morning. Basically the tweet said it was something they were working on “atm – at the moment” to the other individual.

        I didn’t see a list of changes either..

      • @Dragon Blogger this was the tweet about the upcoming development – https://twitter.com/#!/Livefyre/statuses/159648077353984000

        • @[email protected] Blogger Hey guys, the latest plugin upgrade basically fixed some of the import issues that were effecting a bunch of sites. We haven’t released the reply by email feature yet 🙂 Be sure to follow our blog for any updates on this!

        • @Dhara Mistry Gotcha Dhara..thanks for the confirmation of ongoing development. Didn’t mean to jump the gun.

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  • Very interesting discussion, Justin.

    Sometimes I feel I have no backbone; I am so easily swayed either way.

    I do love some of the features of LF; especially now that they made some changes.

    I also hear askkim – CL is what helped us build our blog communities.

    You also saw my recent post about having to delete that many comments and the amount of bandwidth they eat up; in that respect, an external system like this is would be great…

    • @Ana | Traffic Generation askkim I found it very hard to leave CommentLuv and I originally did it as an experiment to test Livefyre and report on it to bloggers in comparison to other blogging systems. I do really like the idea of logging in 1x and being able to comment on hundreds of other blogs without having to constantly type name,website,email again and again just to leave a comment (even with form fill it is cumbersome). That being said, CommentLuv brings more commenters (there is no doubt here), but 90% of the commenters just want the backlink. You don’t get this nearly as much with Livefyre, 90% of the commenters leave a genuine comment cause there is no backlink at all, most don’t even setup a blog or website to link to.

      The commenting becomes worse the higher your blog PageRank, the higher the PR the more who try and comment for the backlink thinking it will help boost the PR of the sites they are linking to. I still see this with Livefyre a little bit because many don’t know Livefyre switched to nofollow for the links last year, but it just wasn’t as bad.

      When I was using CommentLuv (which I used for 3 years) I spent about 1 hour per day just sifting and manually marking comments as SPAM which made it into my approved or pending queue.

      With Livefyre, I spend all my comment admin time replying to comments now, and I literally only have to spam maybe 1-2 comments per day compared to 30-50 per day when I was using CommentLuv (this is across all 3 of my blogs).

  • randomrational

    but in my opinion DisqUs still beats Livefyre. The only thing livefyre does better is instant updates of comments. Disqus Myths and Why I Love It : http://tinyurl.com/7wu8azj

    • @randomrational Livefyre does a better job of reading in social media conversations from facebook than Disqus, syncs comments with WordPress database better and the support team is much more responsive on getsatisfaction.

  • This is the most helpful post I’ve seen thus far on CommentLuv vs LiveFyre. Thank you for sharing and thanks to all the commenters for providing their perspectives.
    I am a newbie blogger and in the process of setting up a commenting system. My SEO guy says CommentLuv will serve me well for backlinks and I understand this completely. However, my thought process is that my social media presence — now 24 months in the making — has been built on social media engagement. If this is the case, should I then use a commenting system that will cater to a social media user/mindset?
    Would love feedback on this.
    Many thanks!

    • [email protected] is the honest answer, I love using Livefyre because of the social media engagement, interaction and real time conversations.  However, for commenting on other blogs, CommentLuv provides me DoFollow backlinks and links to my latest article more accurately and better than Livefyre’s my latest conversation.  So from a blog owner standpoint, Livefyre better 100%, from a blogger who comments for backlinks then commenting on other CommentLuv blogs is more appealing.  That being said, I always comment on every Livefyre blog I come across, and I have seen tons of problems with some blogs and CommentLuv (ones where it says I have to enable javascript even though it is enabled all the time in Chrome, ones where it says you are commenting to fast when I want to just reply to a comment and not wait a full minute just to reply…etc).  I get some frustration with delays reading my feed and other such with CommentLuv and the fact I have to constantly type my name/email/url again on every form, every site vs a single sign on login experience like Livefyre is also annoying after a while.  IF you leave 30 comments in 30 minutes, having to fill out those 3 fields 30x vs just typing comment, clicking “post comment” and you will feel it too.

      • [email protected] Blogger Very helpful info! Many thanks ~ CLB

        • [email protected]@Dragon Blogger Sounds like you may have done it again, Justin.

  • One of the issues I had with commentluv, is (as you pointed out), you are almost encouraged to comment everywhere just to get links back to your own content. To me, this could become a form of spam, especially as it will encourage people to comment regardless of the articles topic or content.
    Livefyre took a bit of setting up to do, and catch up with itself, but it looks really nice and clean. I don’t feel compelled to scour the internet for other blogs to comment on and get linkbacks anymore either.  

    • [email protected] Green Not really a problem of CommentLuv per se, the strategy to comment on other blogs (especially CommentLuv blogs) for purposes of a backlink really has nothing to do with the commenting system you choose for your own blog.  I see it as 2 completely separate things, I prefer LiveFyre for my blog but still like the benefits of commenting on CommentLuv blogs and see the benefits of it.  

      • [email protected] Blogger Fair point, but this does seem to be the only way that Commentluv appears to work or benefit the user. Livefyre seems so much more open and less “Cliquey”. 

        • [email protected] Green Right I agree, CommentLuv benefits the reader/comment writer more than the blog owner (except for the fact that CommentLuv will definitely bring more comments, most of those being people who want the specific backlink).  I did see a dropoff in # of comments when switching to Livefyre for weeks, it has evened out a bit but I still don’t see many bloggers who used to comment here and boycotted after I switched to Livefyre.

        • [email protected] [email protected] Green you just verified Daniel’s cliqueness point of all the CL lovers. I don’t get any of them coming to my site anymore. Especially after removing their minute number of comments..lol. Really, how many times can you here the same thing about SEO/Backlinking?
          Now, I see how they are trying to take down the many of us that try to gt by with this blogging thing as a fulltime/part-time income stream.
          Surely not missing any of that diatribe.

        • [email protected]@Daniel Green It is hard, I feel conflicted.  As someone who wants to grow and do SEO/SERP improvements for my site, I leverage leaving comment trails on other sites that use CommentLuv like everyone else, but as a blog owner I lately have preferred the social media capability and integration with Livefyre and enjoy the interaction, live updates and medium better.  Plain and simple I comment on Livefyre blogs for the conversation, and I comment on CommentLuv blogs more for the backlink now I don’t mind conversing on CommentLuv blogs but I don’t have as much interaction potential, also lately when going to the new CommentLuv sites and replying it forces you to wait an interval before you can leave a reply which can slow you down, also I do have some sites that error saying Javascript must be enabled even though it is on my browser which prevents me from commenting on all sites.  For instance, I can’t comment on FamousBloggers.net anymore, I let Hesham know but the site never lets me comment on it anymore no matter what I try and it uses CommentLuv.

        • [email protected] Blogger  This is an older comment but it still rings true that some of the iblog crowd and the Hesham site are still stuck on the whole comment backlink thing. I put more value in the social aspect of Livefyre.

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    • [email protected] like you succeeded

  • Well seems like livefyre is better then disq! 😀 

    • Disqus still has some features that Livefyre does not like email reply to comments.

  • Very interesting stuff. I am currently using Commentluv, but am thinking about switching to livefyre. I was wondering how easy it is to import your past comments on your posts to the new comment system. I remember Disqus and Commentluv almost automatically importing previous comments on your blog to the new system, is something like this in place as well on livefyre?

    • [email protected] isn’t a separate system, it just augments your existing WordPress commenting so there is nothing to import, but Livefyre and Disqus both will import all your existing comments.  I imported 19,000 existing comments in about 30 minutes with DragonBlogger.com conversion.

      • [email protected] Blogger Argh, I totally forgot about that – stupid me. Oh well, thanks for reassuring me about that. This makes the choice to change to livefyre a bit easier, but still it has its pro’s and cons. Gotta think a bit about this one!

        • [email protected] lol..what is there to think about? Get some Livefyre and bring your site to life. And stop sitting their marking off spam and hanging out on your admin panel…just sayin’

      • DanEwah

        [email protected] Blogger Waooo that is impressive, i wonder why it took me this longer to figure this out

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    I preferably use LiveFyre in my blog instead of Comment love as it ‘s more social and the commentators get to communicate/debate with each other.

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  • Never tried livefyre on my site. The default WordPress commenting system looks good with my theme, so I didn’t got any feeling to change it. 🙂 

    • [email protected] has to change it, it is purely up to the blog owner.  Livefyre happens to work well for the social media integration and live chat/commenting without needing page refreshes.

      • [email protected] [email protected] The page refreshes and “waiting for moderation” really stinks too. Being able to allow the conversation to flow freely is what should be the ultimate goal.
        “Hoping” your comment is accepted is to me a form of “censorship”, especially if your comment is an opposing view to the article.
        That’s a point that I keep in mind when commenting on sites with native comments. Usually, I won’t bother returning.

        • [email protected] If we allow the conversation to flow freely, the crap posted by many people will be shown on the blog immediately and the blog owner gets a double work to check the comments and remove the crap ones manually.

        • [email protected] thats why I like the Livefyre system, I don’t have to be stuck wading thru spam and moderating comments and all of the page refreshes.
          And being able to bring others into the thread with SocialSync is a benefit too.
          There should be more of an effort to make people aware that “blog commenting” is one of the weakest ways to build site presence.
          Matt Cutts and his staff have already downgraded the use of blog commenting for SEO value a while ago.

        • [email protected] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQfOhncTXRU

        • [email protected] is impossible to explain spammers. If spammers stop posting crap, then every blog owner will integrate facebook reply system 🙂

        • [email protected]@techblazes I agree with you, I detest sites that hold all comments for moderation even if I commented 4-5x there before, I know a few close bloggers that have their sites that way and I comment on their sites less frequently.  It’s worse when it can be 3-5 days before comments get approved, and those that never notify you when replies are done, because I never know if the comment was published, read or even replied to.  One reason I hate blogspot commenting is that there is no way to reply to commenters automatically so they know someone replied.

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    • DanEwah

       Ijeoma Uzoigwe  You should see this

    • [email protected] is still a viable option if your sole purpose is to attract people to comment (particularly other bloggers, marketers) in exchange for offering a DoFollow backlink.  I do think you get more commenters initially with CommentLuv until readers get used to Livefyre.

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  • Livefyre wins…..

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  • CommentLuv

    oops, looks like livefyre isn’t the anti spam monster it used to be!
    I just got another message sent to me from someone like “hire a virtual assistant said” because I’m subscribed to follow up comments.
    that’s happened a few times now so I had to unsubscribe.

    • [email protected] am seeing it on the rise as well, it isn’t bots doing it but hired commenters who bypass the system.  Still though, in running WPCypher.com I have this blog setup for CLP and it gets 3x as many spam comments with 1000 visits per month that I have to moderate, as this blog with 50,000 visits per month with Livefyre.  The thing about Livefyre that CLP can’t do is that any reader can flag comments as spam, and they will be moderated and removed.  I allow my community to help moderate my site, I have seen some of my loyals flag comments for me, and help keep my site clean.  I have my flag rules set so that 2 marks and comment is removed, I can rescue if it was a legit comment but so far it has positive benefits.  Still that initial notification email when a spam comment comes in is annoying.CLP is getting better each time you release fixes however, I was just waiting until Livefyre 3 commenting system is in place and may consider switching back to CLP at some point again here. 

    • [email protected] also want to point out that that “hire a virtual assistant” did make it through 1st impermium pass, but never showed up on the article, it must have been caught by the 2nd pass.  I think @livefyre shouldn’t send email updates about comments until after the 2nd Impermium pass completes.

      • CommentLuv

        [email protected] [email protected] I agree mate with your points. The number of spam is definitely down on regular wordpress comments systems but I think a large part of that is that there are tens of thousands times more wordpress systems so spammers target them because they are more likely to ‘hit’ a compatible system with their spambot or mechanical turk instructions.
        kind of like the “Macs don’t get viruses” argument. They actually do but it’s so much easier to target PC’s because they are ubiquitous and much more likely for you to get results if you release a PC virus rather than a mac one. – same for linux viruses – they exist but why make something that targets 5% of the home pc market when you can write for the 95% ?
        when/if livefyre can be seen on as many comment systems as wordpress comments then I thinks it’s only a matter of time before the spam becomes a problem and it’ll be a catchup game.
        that’s what is happening with GASP premium, I have to keep tweaking it to combat the dedicated. What is that dialogue in “The Line of Fire” film? , “you can’t stop someone who is willing to exchange his life to kill the 9resid3nt”  (obfuscated to prevent echelon FB1 agents from breaking down my door!)
        ..and I agree that it should definitely not be sent out to subscribed to comments people until it has pass ALL spam tests.
        come to think of it.. I got this reply notification by email AFTER I unsubscribed to follow up comments! maybe it’s not quite ‘live’-fyre but ‘delayed’-fyre
        lol, sorry, couldn’t resist! 😛
        it obviously works for you on your blog @Dragon Blogger so all power to you! I’m here if you need anything!

        • [email protected]@livefyre There are 2 types of subscribe, “Conversations” is following all comments in the thread, but then there is replies only, you probably turned off following the conversation, but still have your receive email for replies still enabled.  I agree, all commenting systems can eventually be thwarted because as long as there are people willing to leave comments for .02 – .05 cents a comment on services like microworker.com there will be manual humans who can defeat spam bots, I think in the end having readers being able to flag comments as spam/offensive and letting the readers help moderate the comments (like YouTube and other social networks do) is the only way to effectively deal with it.
          If you make spam blocking so severe it encumbers normal readers, you lose comments that would be valid and you mine as well just disable commenting for your blog 🙂

  • hahaha I agree with you CommentLuv looks like livefyre isn’t enough to triggerm spam., it is very important to monitor comments before approved it, i think disqus should update there way of approving, lots of spam happens due to auto approve, thanks.

    • thetylerhayes

      [email protected] Mak Any specific suggestions on how we can improve that system?
      Also, do you have any data around lots of spam happening due to auto-approving of comments? It’d be helpful to pass on to our team. Thanks!

  • How I can make everything nofollow on Livefyre ? i cant see option in setting…

    • [email protected] un Gnomo There isn’t a way to make the links posted in the conversations nofollow, but you can turn off “my recent conversation” so the only links that would be dofollow are ones actually posted manually into the comment itself.  The bio links are nofollow by default.

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