Dec 022012

For the last giveaway in the 10 days of giveaways I decided to giveaway something that anybody with a PC or laptop could use.  I was tossing around ideas and came up with the Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX as the prize.


The Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX is a travel sized mouse that offers unparalleled tracking on any surface with it’s Darkfield laser tracking technology.  This mouse does not need a mousepad and will even track on glass coffee tables which you occasionally get stuck with at hotels and such.


It is one of the few portable mice in this size range that also have thumb buttons so you can jump page at a time through documents.

If you need a new mouse for you PC, Laptop or Mac then this could be a great replacement and is especially good for those who travel and need a portable mouse that can track on any surface.

Enter to Win a Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX

List Price: $59.99
Current Price: $40.59
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Justin Germino
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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
  • Michael Crowley

    I would use it for my desktop. I don’t really have a mishap story, but often the distance of connectivity from the usb receiver has been an issue.

  • atta

    I’d use it with my laptop. My touchpad is defunct.

  • William Campbell

    i’ll use it on my desktop!!

  • Kyle A.

    Use it for my laptop. My old mouse is not as responsive as it once was.

  • Janice

    i would use it with my laptop

  • Pac

    I’d use it with my desktop and have less cords to tangle up.

  • Rahul Darji

    I want it for my desktop.

  • Luisa M.

    Great for my laptop!!

    • Cathy Henatyszen

      I would use it for my laptop

  • Gman

    I want it for my minitower .

  • Rizwan Saudagar

    I will use it for my laptop.

  • fgyn

    desktop PC and no misshaps yet.

  • Andreas Niggemann

    a new mouse. Great !!

  • Nicholas Teri

    I would use this for my desktop, I am in need of a new mouse. The one I have is a piece of junk, always skipping and what not.

  • Brenda Penton

    I’d use it on my desktop

  • Akshay Ohri

    My wired mouse generally fell of the bed and it makes things more wired…. I would use it with my Laptop….

  • Rayna Miller

    I would use it with my laptop

  • Noemz

    will use this with my desktop…no major mishap story yet (so far)..

  • Vladimir Ljubetic

    my laptop. Sorry but I don’t have any fun stories

  • Colleen Cole


  • Bernice

    My wireless mouse goes missing all the time lol my baby likes to hide it on me

  • Bonnie Hewitt

    My kids love to take my wireless mouse for gaming and then give it back to me when the batteries are dead!

    • Justin Germino

      My kids mice burn through batteries often, I have a stack of rechargeable double AA’s that I leave plugged into the wall charger and use almost exclusively for wireless mice and Xbox 360 controllers.