Jul 272011
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Earlier I had posted a tutorial on how you can split a single channel (left or right) audio into both left and right using VLC media player:

Correct Single Channel Audio Problem Using VLC Player

In response to that post, several readers had pointed out that the main reason they use VLC media Player is that it can boost the sound level to 400% (and increase or amplification of 300%). So, I decided to share some more information about another awesome free media player: GOMPlayer. GOMPlayer is an open-source media player that can handle almost any filetype. In case the format you are using can’t be decoded internally, you will be shown a message to download the required plugin automatically. For over 3 months, I’ve used GOMPlayer almost exclusively, since it uses less memory and processor resources apart from playing more smoothly than VLC Player.

Download Link for GOMPlayer

Below, I’ve illustrated a simple one-time procedure to significantly boost the audio output using GOMPlayer.




  • Step 1


Right-Click within GOMPlayer window and select Audio > Audio Settings


Open GOMPlayer and Press “Shift”+”P”

  • Step 2


Go to the Audio Tab and Disable Equalizer.

Enable Normalizer.

Enable Boost and Set Level to Maximum.

  • Step 3


Go to AC3 Tab

Select Play AC-3 audio (ATSC A/52 Stream) with built-in codec.

Select the following channel: 6 Channel Speakers – 3F + 2R + LFE (5.1CH) from the dropdown menu.

Disable Dynamic Range Compression (DRC).
If however the sound output becomes too high-pitched, you may use this option to deaden the highest and lowest volume of the sound.

Enable Expand Audio Channel.
This will expand the sound output from a single center channel to both left and right in case you are using a media file with a single channel audio.

That’s all!

Please share your experiences using GOMPlayer with us :)

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Samir Saurav Majhi
Samir is a Technology Blogger with several years of blogging experience in the areas of Computer Software, Web Browsing Tips, Windows 7, Blogging and Freelance Writing Tips. His major interests include Theoretical Physics, Genetics, Neurology and Philosophy.
  • http://readingdojo.com Joseph

    I never actually tied GOMPlayer being a long time VLC player supporter but it’s worth reviewing. Thanks for letting me know about this player.

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      I hadn’t even heard of GOMPlayer for the first 19 years of my life! But when I finally tried it, VLC seemed like a poorer cousin :P

  • http://vacuum-cleaners-guide.org Amanda Gordon@Vacuum Cleaners

    You have covered an excellent feature that most people are not aware of. I use this feature all the time – but in VLC media player. On some videos, real player gives a higher volume (without any adjustments) than either VLC or windows media player. I used to curse whenever this happens as I like the VLC interface better. It took me a long time to figure out that the audio settings can be changed.

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      The problem with most computer users is that unless they need to play MKV/RM files etc. they don’t try anything beyond Windows Media Player/Windows Media Center. Since it offers very few manually alterable settings, it doesn’t occur to them that the playback could actually be improved!

  • http://broccoli-soup.com/ Jamal@broccoli soup

    I have downloaded it and it is 7.21 MB.Now I will explore its features. I am regular user of Real player.

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      Real Player is good too. But if you are looking for a resource efficient yet versatile as well as free and open source media player, there is no real competition to GOMPlayer right now!

  • detuinteres

    I get so annoyed when the volume won’t turn up properly and this is a perfect solution to my problems. Great download, thanks for sharing

    • http://www.indihow.com/ Samir

      Glad to know you liked it :)

  • terry

    I think this helps a lot.. let me compare it with the performance of the other players.. thanks for sharing this.. if it’s better then I think I’ll be using the GOM player after..

  • http://www.auto-power-girl.com Carla

    It’s my first time when I hear about GOMPlayer and reading the comments above made me to give it a try. Thank you and hope it’ll worth.

  • ncrohith

    thaks yaar. the only problem i found was with low sound. think it’s solved..

  • hairygeezer

    Hi and many thanks for the tip. been using this Gom player,as my main media player, for a couple of years now. I was initially impressed by its play all ability and then discovered all the keyboard and mouse shortcuts, like adjusting audio sync, brightness and contrast all in realtime while its playing. only recently finding some files too quiet for our failing hearing lol. many thanks to Gretech.

  • Infobug

    Can we use DSPs or any other option to enhance the audio in gom player. Recently I switched to Foobar and Jriver because of their superior audio quality and huge support of audio enhancements specially DSPs. Even these two players can handle WASAPI. I like gom player because of its simplicity, but seriously looking for these changes.

  • naani

    I love Gom Player. the main reason is full screen stretched. and easy shortcuts using arrows. seek, volume.