Muting Sound For Specific Applications In Windows Vista

Have you ever surfed the internet while listening to your mp3’s on your WinAmp or iTunes music and all of a sudden your music was competing with background sound on a website? A loud audio or movie played in your FireFox or Internet Explorer causing your ears to metaphorically bleed? I discovered an awesome feature in Windows Vista that I didn’t even know existed. You have the ability to mute or lower the volume on an application specific basis.

So you can disable the volume completely for just your internet browser, yet leave it on for your music player so you never have to worry about web sites blasting your ears unexpectedly again.

Here is how you do this in Windows Vista:


Double click on your sound icon in your task tray.

Click on the “Mixer” link.


Once you have the mixer window open you can specifically click the mute button or lower the volume for the open application of your choice. Note you have to have the application already open for it to display on the mixer.

This helps me do my internet surfing without worry of loud background noise blaring over my music while I am browsing, I hope this helps you as well.

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino


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Justin Germino
Justin Germino