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I found out about MyLikes from Heather from our Power 50 Blogging Group.  MyLikes is another MMO (Make Money Online) service which allows advertisers to list products or services and people to sign up and promote those products and services for a set cost per click rate.  You can promote on your website or blog, or twitter and the clicks are tracked through MyLikes shortening service.

When I first signed up with my twitter account, it gave me an estimate of what my CPC and total earnings per campaign could be which was .52 cents per click and $6.26 cents estimated earnings per tweet.  I decided to test it out by promoting itself as my first tweet with the included affiliate link and will give a report in the future on how accurate this is. is very similar in many ways to the SocialSpark CPC program in that you get paid per click, not per tweet (like SponsoredTweets).  You also have the option to tweet or promote as often as you like for the life of the Advertisers campaign.

You can watch my video demonstration of MyLikes here:

The program will never automatically tweet on your account behalf unless you configure it to auto tweet, I found a setting which lets you schedule tweets for every day at a set time, but I think this is a violation of Twitters ToS and I can’t see this remaining in the program much longer.

There weren’t a huge list of advertisers to choose from when I signed up but I found a few advertisers that looked within my niche and category that I might test and promote.  This is definitely a new thing to try and if you have a particularly large reach on your twitter profile or your blog you can make some decent change I would imaging from running multiple campaigns at the same time.  Just remember not to over promote or do too many sponsored plugs your or will hurt your reputation and lose followers fast.

MyLikes isn’t just for getting paid to promote things, you can promote anything on MyLikes for free which helps build your “favorites” so that people get a feel for the types of things you like and recommend.  You will want to build an accurate list and I recommend you have at least 10-20 likes before you start doing some sponsored likes.  Make sure you don’t only have sponsored likes either, or you will reduce the effectiveness of your MyLikes account and reputation.

I show some examples of products I endorse for free, because I like them:

So if you use Ad.Ly, SponsoredTweets or any other CPC campaign to try and earn a little money with your twitter profile you mine as well sign up for and see if you can add a little bit to your earnings.

I also highly recommend you read the review of MyLikes on Wassup  Blog where the reviewer lists the reasons why they like the service and compare to other ways to make money online.  They also point out how because MyLikes shows all of the products/services you like publicly it helps keep people honest and encourages people to only promote things they actually like.  MyLikes and the advertiser can also reject if they do not approve of the way you are promoting or talking about a sponsored product.

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