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I have been paying around $150 per month for my current cell phone plan for over a year, so it didn’t need to take 10 Good Reasons for me realize I was paying to much and getting too little in return.  When I first saw that Net10 offers an unlimited plan for $50 a month which includes Unlimited talk, in and outbound text messages, and data I started reading the fine print to see if there were other limits or hidden gotcha’s.

I could find nothing in the fine print that made me thing the contract wasn’t exactly what you would expect when you see the word unlimited.  There were no bandwidth caps, no hidden charges, nor anything else.  They provide more minutes in a month than there actually are in a month and each minute of data usage counts as a talk minute.

Is your cell contract about to come up?  Take a moment and see the Light by reading what Net10 offers, there is no contract, no credit checks and all the great android based phones or Nokia phones you want are available to choose from.  There is even a special International Neighbors Program which gives you a separate phone number for Canada and Mexico so your friends and relatives can call you at numbers local to their country if they reside in our neighboring states.

In addition to their $50 per month Unlimited Plan, Net10 offers an Easy Minutes Plus plan where you pay $15 and get 200 minutes.  This plan has no monthly billing and your unused minutes roll each month.  Net10 allows you to switch back and forth between plans without any fee’s, so if you think you will only use a few hours of talk one month, drop your plan down for the month and raise it the next month to save yourself some extra money.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should consider using Net10 as your next Cell Phone provider:

Net10 is so confident you will love their cell phone plan they asked for real NET10 customer testimonials and started compiling them all over YouTube.

Net10 has more information and encourages readers to join NET10 on Twitter or Net10 on Facebook.

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