Feb 072013

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While just two years old, Pinterest is already clearing 100 million unique visits every single month. Even more interesting is a 2012 referral report from Shareaholic that found that Pinterest was driving more than 3.5% of the referral traffic they monitored – that’s more than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus added together.

A good Pinterest presence and strategy allows retailers to showcase their products, engage with customers and make offsite connections on Twitter and Facebook. To get the most out of Pinterest, make sure your content is properly optimized for Pinterest search and shareability.

Pinterest Optimization: Images

First, make sure your images are eye-catching and shareable. You want them to stand out and incite action. While great-looking images are the most important things to have, there are a few little tweaks that can make a big difference.

  • Create your own images for unique content.
  • Keep your images in the golden spot between 400 and 550 pixels in width and below 5000 pixels in height.
  • Use a file name that includes your key phrase; “cool science lab cabinets” is better than “SLC2.”
  • Create different, varied boards with keywords included in the board names.

Words and Descriptions

While Pinterest is an image site, some areas require words like your profile, descriptions and comments. Don’t neglect these areas just because you’re focusing on images.

  • Use short descriptions to avoid irritating users and disrupting their boards. Use a caption that’s short, keyword-rich and descriptive.
  • Add other info in the comments. For instance, prices, keywords and full descriptions can be placed here.
  • Complete your whole profile. You want to make it simple for users to find your business if they like your brand or a specific product. Include your location, your brand name and a keyword-rich description.

Social Engagement

Pinterest is not just a platform for you to hock your wares. It’s a social community, and you’ll get the best results by treating it that way, interacting with others and being a useful member.

  • Make sure to edit your pins to include a link to your site.
  • Re-pin from many different users, sites and other sources.
  • Engage with other users so you don’t come off as an advertiser rather than a social media contact.
  • Make sure you have Pin It and Follow buttons in relevant places on your main website.
  • Don’t forget to have a personality and individual style.

Adrienne Erin is a blogger at Pongra. When she’s not blogging about tech and social media, you might find her practicing her French, whipping up some recipes she found on Pinterest, or obsessing over vintage postcards and stamps. Follow her on Twitter: @adrienneerin
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    Excellent advice. Thank you.

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    I just opened up an account and I had no idea where to start thanks for this I never thought about the size of the pic