Oct 042008

First off, I have only been blogging for about 40 days now and I have heard other people rant about the Google Pagerank instability and having been “hit” by Google Pagerank.  I don’t believe how yesterday and for the last two weeks my blogs was a PR2 and then today bam I am now slammed with a PR0.  I didn’t convert my site from http://dragonblogger.com to http://www.dragonblogger.com, my backlinks, and all external links are growing and not shrinking.

My IZEARank is <400, my Alexa rank is 300,000 3 month average and <150,000 1 week average.  So what gives, how does something like this happen?

The bad thing is now my blog won’t qualify for many of the opps that require PR2 or above, so my blog goals just got a lot harder to achieve.

So, go ahead my fellow bloggers, rant here about your Google Pagerank story.  Who else has been burned?

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino


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Justin Germino
  • Google has a lot of critics with regards to its Pagerank system. I wrote 4 posts in a series about how they bounced my pagerank around. I will say that since these were written, I’ve heard they stopped penalizing paid links, but that is just hearsay:


  • This last update has been the most unstable I’ve ever seen. I watch the PR on my sites change almost daily during the last week. A brand new blog got a PR 3 across the board–even the freaking contact page. My 2 y/o blog went down to a PR3 and suddenly is now back to PR4. I gate Hoogle 😛

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  • Well, I agree regarding how unstable it was.
    I help my friend to publish his new blog, and voila .. he boosted to PR2 in less than 2 months.

    Only with less than 10posts existed, gosh that was too easy. Can you believe how much I’ve tried to get mine on a higher level?

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  • poeple who takes up sonsored posts from socialspark have been sued lately by google. may be ur also a part of it!

    • That is complete nonsense, show me an article or evidence that Google would sue users of a sponsored post system. IZEA has had numerous communications with Google themselves and I doubt in anyway they are in violation of anything in Google ToS since SocialSpark NoFollow’s all sponsored links.