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You will have no doubt seen that many WordPress bloggers are starting to use Popup Domination lately.  You may wonder if this is just some marketing tool or the next “affiliate product” that people are pushing but few people actually see results from.

I will disclose to you what Popup Domination has done for my site and then if you feel it is worth it, I would invite you to purchase the product from one of my banners and try it for yourself.  The product has a 60 day money back guarantee, where if you don’t like it you get a 100% full refund of your money.  I myself purchased Popup Domination on August 3rd 2008 and received 92 email subscribers in 30 days as a result of the Popup Domination plugin.  I was only averaging about 3-4 email subscribers per week or about 20 per month prior to installing the plugin, so whereas the banner says increase Opt-ins by 304%, I actually increased my subscriptions by over 400% within the first month of using the Popup Domination WordPress plugin.

First, lets look at some of the basics on mailing subscription lists.

Why Build a Mailing List?

One of my biggest mistakes when starting my blog years ago was waiting almost two years to start list building, building a mailing list can give you an audience that expands your reach.  Instead of relying on someone to come to you, you are directly marketing to people who already made the effort to sign up because they were interested in what you may have to offer.

You can use a mailing list to send out newsletters, contests, provide special deals, promote products…etc. and mailing lists when expanded and used effectively can provide a substantial source of revenue over your blog site alone.  The best part is that they intertwine in that your site leads to your mailing list and your mailing list updates should link back to your site.

Even if your site is brand new, you want to start building a mailing list at the beginning, let it grow over time.  You don’t want to wait until your site already has tens of thousands of visitors to just start a mailing list.  Use it to just send out passive newsletters at first without trying to pitch or selling a product, and just let it grow until it can become large enough to become a revenue source.

Why Choose Popup Domination

I have tried other freeware WordPress plugins, and I would promote a free plugin if I could have found one with the same value and flexibility as Popup Domination.  This plugin simply does the job better than every other plugin I have tried, even paid ones from competitors.

You simply install the Popup Domination WordPress plugin, add in the code for your AWeber, MailChimp or other subscription list service.  Select the display type and write some custom verbiage and bullet points on why someone should join your mailing list.



It takes less than 10 minutes to install/configure and run the plugin, and you start seeing mailing list subscriptions right away.  If your site gets a lot of traffic you may start seeing mailing list subscriptions within hours or minutes.

Popup Domination Results

Popup Domination has helped me increase my mailing subscription list from less than 112 in May 2010 (which took a year to reach that amount) to over 230 subscribers in less than 45 days when I put the plugin on my blog in August 2010.


I have an email rule that collects all my subscriptions via Popup Domination and sends them to a local folder in Thunderbird and I see my subscriptions building rapidly.


Honestly, the Popup Domination Lightbox is building my list with my site only getting around 25,000 pageviews and 15-20k unique visits per month, you would see even greater opt in rates with more traffic.

Don’t Wait!

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to build your email subscriber list, and don’t dismiss the Popup Lightbox as being something that will reduce the number of readers to your site.  You will get traffic and you will get subscriptions, but you have to send quality email newsletters or distributions to your subscribers to keep them engaged and loyal.

I encourage you to give Popup Domination a try for your WordPress blog, there are few WordPress plugins I endorse so heavily and this one is worth every penny at $47.00!

When you purchase the Popup Domination WordPress Plugin, use the following settings to help reduce the disruption to your casual and loyal blog readers:


I recommend setting it to delay at least 3 seconds so a reader has a chance to at least start reading some content before being distracted by the popup lightbox.  I also recommend you set the plugin so the cookie doesn’t show for 14 days if a user has already seen the plugin.  The recommended is 7 days, but remember you are targeting mostly people who arrive on your site by Google search, so you don’t need your casual readers to be prompted every 7 days or less.

So what are you waiting for?

Purchase Popup Domination for your WordPress blog now, and grow your mailing subscription lists which are highly valuable sources of revenue for those who know how to monetize them effectively.

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