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Update April 16, 2012:  As I implied in the article, I did indeed give the Sorting Hat another go.  I deleted my old account and created a new one to comply with the Pottermore Terms of Service.  The result of my sorting this time around was not the same.  If you are curious to find out scroll down to the bottom of the article.

NOTE: This article contains SPOILERS regarding the Sorting Hat quiz.  Expressed below are my personal opinions on the nature of the quiz.  Do not take this as an attack on houses – all exhibit qualities I like believe it or not!

The results are in and the Sorting Hat has made its decree for nearly 30,000 Pottermore beta accounts. The quiz behind this mysterious hat taxed my brain and caused me to do some soul searching. Questions like “Which road tempts you most?” seem deceptively simple but prove otherwise the more you marinate on the possibilities. When my screen finally displayed the congratulations message for a certain Hogwarts house…it caused me to wonder. Does the Sorting Hat truly know your HEAD and your HEART?


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Your House vs. Your Heart

The particular house I was sorted into are the loyal, hardworking, and tenacious Hufflepuffs. The acceptance message gleefully states how honorable the standing of the house is and how it goes out of its way not to boast about it. Why should I not be content with a house that J.K. Rowling herself once was sorted into? [1]  What is there not to love about sporting the colors that have been heralded by heroes like Cedric Diggory or Nymphadora Tonks? Isn’t it a nice statement about my character that I am viewed as a valued friend – ever true to the end?

Well I’ll tell you the problem – this does not reflect my heart.  Sure I believe in maintaining honor among friends and to treat your fellow human being with compassion but this does not define me.  From the early beginnings of the Harry Potter series I saw my tastes, quirks, interests, etc. align with the Ravenclaws.  To possess knowledge about human nature itself, to question why things are the way they are, to constantly test my mettle in the skills I enjoy – that is who I view myself as.  Perhaps this is a vain point-of-view and self-serving because after-all I may not truly live up to the pursuits I just listed above…but it is my honest feeling about who I am as a person.

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The Questions Themselves

Was I able to show these inner qualities I believed I possess?  Yes and no.  Below I will outline how my Sorting Hat quiz went.  I will not provide all the possible answers but I will attempt to summarize the questions and answers I received in the next section.

  1. What kind of potion would you invent?
  2. What is your favorite instrument?
  3. Would you rather be…?
  4. What do you want to learn at Hogwarts?
  5. Most tempting road?
  6. Forest or river?
  7. Left or right?
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Hat Answers Scrutinized

The answers offered by each of my 7 questions (out of 150 total) were one part of the quiz that really satisfied me. While there was a question that more or less asked: “Are you clever, brave, ambitious, or kind?” (Hint: Question #1) – most offered a wide variety of options in which I could single out my personal preferences.

Take for example Question #3 “Which would you rather be…?” There were two options at hand that I believe collided with each other – the selection I made which was “trusted” and another available answer which was “praised.” While I am in no way implying that all Ravenclaws have massive egos (don’t we all), opportunities to show one’s wit and be admired for it does indeed sound like a desire that fits the house. This particular option could bode well with Slytherins too who often possess high aspirations and would like to receive credit for them. Though my gut told me this could potentially steer me into the claws of the raven mascot, I dug within and chose “trusted.”

Alright, I’m already showing my true Hufflepuff colors right? Wrong. Allow me to share a few more of my answers before I argue a possible defense for a ticket into Ravenclaw…

Credit: awyu322 (Flickr)

A second set of answers caused another clash of known house traits. Question #4 offers a myriad of Hogwarts subjects in which you select one as your favorite. There is an option however to joyfully state that you would like to “learn them all.” Once again I stuck to my guns and went based on the subject I am drawn to – which is “Transfiguration.” A Ravenclaw limiting their subjects of study does not exactly sound kosher does it? Whose to say that Ravenclaws naturally want to be an encyclopedia on anything and everything? This was a tough question to ponder but if we want to go based on the classic tenet of the house – they are the ones who believe in limitless knowledge: “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” [2]

Looks like my chances for Ravenclaw are completely dashed right? Again, I think not. Lets throw in one more question to the mix to make things even more interesting…

Each of us have beaten paths that call to us.  Pottermore does not neglect this attraction in Question #5 – in which it offers what appear to be easy going roads versus ones that are for the more daring of heart.  Naturally I avoided roads like the “dark lantern-lit alley” as it did not appeal to me and I do not possess the nerve to trek it.  There were two options however that resonated with me…those being “a wide, sunny, and grassy lane” and “an avenue of ancient buildings.”  My brain did a tug of war arguing the merits of both.  The argument in favor of the grassy lane is one of the basis for my criticisms of the quiz so I will not reveal that yet.  After hemming and hawing over the microphone as I narrated my sorting during our Pottermore audiocast – I settled for the charming sunny lane.

Enough beating around the bush – the time has come that I explain why the answers outlined above do not necessarily brand me a pleasant Puff.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

When Harry told his worried son that the Sorting Hat takes your choice into account – it was sealed in the minds of the Potter fandom that the hat will at least hear out your plea[3] As you can see in the lengthy section above (my apologies, I guess it wasn’t so much a summary after-all) – none of the queries provide a chance for you to put forth your personal choice. Now I bet you’re yelling: “Persian Poetess, that is NOT true – there is such a thing as Hat Stalls silly!”

Hat Stalls are when the Sorting Hat recognizes that a student may potentially fit in two houses and grants the student the decision of which he or she would prefer (the exception being Neville Longbottom).  While Hat Stalls were rare in the books themselves, they should not be on the quiz. Even someone showing the tiniest smidgen of another house should be given the chance to voice their choice. These hidden qualities may not exclaim themselves through this quiz but there are ways that they could – with or without Hat Stalls.

Jumping back to my answers for a second – lets take a look at Question #5’s answer again. Lets say the Sorting Hat offered a subset of answers that back my reasoning as to why I thought a sunny lane is more enchanting than a street lined with ruins. If it did – perhaps I would argue: “Old monuments can be studied all around us but how often in this day and age filled with war, toil, and suffering do we get to observe something like a bright and peaceful path?” Maybe I would even say: “As important as it is to study the past we should not necessarily dwell on what was once great – at times we must use our present knowledge to capitalize on something that already is great or potentially can be great!”

There’s no telling if those are Ravenclaw answers but at least it would allow me to elaborate my preferences rather than assume what I meant by them.  They could still restrict it to the multiple choice style format – all that I am arguing that is needed is the chance to put a deeper set of variables at play – ones that at least decode why your tastes lean a certain way.

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Final Thoughts

Pottermore’s Sorting Hat quiz is indeed sophisticated in its approach but slightly broken. If J.K. and her team could devise a way for both our head and heart to be heard – I would call this the essential Sorting Hat quiz. I am still very pleased with the effort presented in this beta version and I seek to be a proud Hufflepuff. When October comes perhaps I may try my hand again but regardless of house placement – it is our actions that define who we are most of all. Rowling’s own works have best proven that to us…

Update April 16, 2012:
Well folks it looks like I truly am a hybrid at heart. As I stated above, I started afresh and closed my shiny beta account with a sigh. Within the span of 20 minutes or less I took yet another seat under the brim of the ominous Sorting Hat. This time instead of showing the bright yellow bumblebee colors of the Hufflepuffs — my screen was splashed with Ravenclaw blue.

I plan to write another article regarding the Pottermore Sorting Hat addressing not the questions themselves but the amazing debate that has spanned the past several months in our hopping comments section. Astute readers have brought up some compelling points both in favor of and against the Hat. I will comb through some of the best and examine the strong rationale behind them.


  1. “Second time I went in there someone had set up an unofficial fan site where you can be sorted, they have a Sorting Hat, and I was Hufflepuff.” Source: J.K. Rowling, BBC Newsround, Fall 2000
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  • i keep on watching harry potter movies from 1 to the 7 because I always miss the three heroes. lol I guess this is a very interesting post by the way. Everything about harry potter..

  • Rob

    In the wise words of Dumbledore, “Sometimes I feel we sort to early” Don’t worry that you were not sorted into the house that you had thought you would be. Afterall, Severus Snape is one of the bravest men in the series, and he was a Slytherin.

  • boo

    Maybe you’re being nitpicky. I don’t think you’re looking at it the right wa, more like your way so you can excuse yourself into Ravenclaw. Yawn.

    • Persian Poetess

      Indeed I’m being nitpicky – I tend to overcomplicate things :P. Also I do have a lot of fire in my post but its meant to be passion. If that bores you, fine by me my friend, after all one can not always please everybody. I appreciate your input nonetheless.

  • Nic

    I believe you have over analysed this in favour to show the flaws in the sorting because you didn’t get into the house you thought.
    I, myself got into Gryffindor while I expected to go into Slytherin as I have a slight dark streak in my nature. However who best to know the house’s personalities than the creator of them?

    • Persian Poetess

      Fair points! See I think I am reflecting one of the interesting directions of the series. Neville was unhappy being a Gryffindor but turned out to be a great one. There were so many hybrids in the Potter series that easily suited the qualities of more than one house. The chance they received that we did not however is the opportunity to at least tell the Sorting Hat which we prefer. I did not say it had to listen ;).

  • Cee

    Sorry for sounding ignorant but i seriously thought there wre only 7 questions. 😀 I can’t believe I got sorted into the house I’m in (gryffindor) when I thought I was a hufflepuff, but looking back to my sorting quiz, my choices may have led me to either ravenclaw or gryffindor. like the part about “which goblet would you drink from?”, and then “moon or stars?”.
    Jo has really made a nice sorting quiz and I’m amazed by it all. whether or not we feel we belong in that house, i just like to think that that is where were meant to be in and we should just do our houses proud. 🙂

    • Persian Poetess

      The quiz itself really did intrigue me and I was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t akin to the sorting quizzes I was use to. As I said in the note at the top and the bottom I still aim to do my house proud. Ironically several of my friends are also in Hufflepuff.

  • Fireboltphoenix161

    I think you have made some really good points. I wrote a post on my tumblr about this ( You have to understand that your heart is biased by preconceived social conventions and how you’ve grown up and many other factors. The sorting quiz is very much an unconscious process like all personality tests. The vague questions such as left or right in combination with certain other questions (the potion one for example) tells a psychologist or in this case JK Rowling’s algorithms what house you best fit. Remember each house probably has some qualities that embody the same traits. And therefore what you might think is representative of Ravenclaw is more representative to Hufflepuff in JK’s eyes. I for one don’t ever recall JKR saying specifically that Ravenclaw embodies “To possess knowledge about human nature itself, to question why things are the way they are, to constantly test my mettle in the skills I enjoy” these qualities exactly. Yes, Claw’s are on the never ending pursuit for knowledge, yes they’re exploratory with logic and academics but they don’t necessarily make a claw (For the record I had similar questions to you and I was sorted into claw, if you asked me 3 years ago which house I’d go i’d have said Gryffindor but my last few years has really allowed me to grown into this part of my personality i’ve never had confidence in before. Truthfully I far more represent a claw then a gryffindor though my heart as you would say lead me differently). What you have to realise is that our personalities though on the surface are adaptable, at the psychological core they are not. IN short you are who you are and always have been that way it’s just taken you time to discover that.
    Good post. thanks 🙂

    • Persian Poetess

      Loved your comment Firebolt. I think you truly have hit the nail on the head in your assessment. Perhaps my issue is not with the sorting quiz but psychology quizzes in general. To be honest there are sides of ourselves that we do not know best. However, I do believe we ultimately are the ones who put those elements to work as our wishes and our heart sees fit…or under powerful influences.

      To me Harry’s Gryffindor/Slytherin dilemma best embodies this. His brain, talents, and traits caused the hat to argue that the house that suits him best is Slytherin. Harry made the bold choice to plead not to be sorted there.

      I find your transition between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw intriguing too. You obviously illustrate how individuals change in personality over time or do not show certain traits right away. The sorting did not account for several characters in the series who turned out unlike their house traits. Lockheart didn’t end up being too clever a Ravenclaw and Quirrell put his smarts to evil uses.

      Ultimately, this debate is one that extends far past the realm of Harry Potter and I think you are certainly one bright individual to realize that :).

  • Zoe

    I think that from reading your post and others around the web, people in general just think they are their own best judges and well, they usually don’t accept a bit of criticism from a third party, in this case being Rowling.

    Take Hermione for example, throughout the books, yeah she was brave, but her trait was her memory and intellect, I think that she was smarter than most, if not all of the students in the other houses. The same could be said about Dumbledore, both of them were Gryffindors, I just don’t think that intellect and wanting to know more are the only things that get you in Ravenclaw, I think, from your post that your perception of houses is based on those four words everyone uses in their other tests clever, brave, ambitious and kind, and that by thinking that you should have been a Ravenclaw, you are falling into a Catch-22. You are glad that the test isn’t like all the others made by fans, but you are sad you didn’t get a choice of getting in the house you wanted. =)

    Also, I haven’t gotten my welcome e-mail yet, but from the first question I hear everyone is asked, the one that you can easily tell which house is which, I think Rowling took this question’s obviousness as an opportunity for all of us to tell her which house we would prefer. If you got another house is because she saw something in you that was more Hufflepuff.

    So, yeah, I do think the Sorting hat knew you wanted to be in Ravenclaw 😉

    Personally I love Ravenclaw but I’ll be happy at whichever house, I sort of want Hufflepuff just to read about their common house, the only one we didn’t visit in the books.

  • Tiye

    I’ve heard from some people that they were given an option of choosing which house they wanted to be in. In some cases though they still didn’t get into the house they wanted to be in.
    One thing about pottermore which I don’t completely like but does stay true to the books is the house points. I love Hufflepuff, I really do but I feel that because of the house points I almost feel ashamed. I’ve heard that the house points are actually averaged out which explains how the top 20 students from each house have more points combined than the actual house points. Because Hufflepuff has a lot of students it shocks me that our house points are so low. It seems that people sorted into Hufflepuff that wanted another house have become somewhat smiteful and enjoy watching us fail. Obviously they didn’t read the welcome letter.
    Either way I hope that the Pottermore adminstrator consider many of the great recommendations I’ve been seeing after each chapter.

  • Giovanna

    I’m in the same situation you are: I always feel like I’m a Ravenclaw but I was sorted into Hufflepuff too.
    Nothing against the Puffs but I think that our heart should be listened too.

  • coolchillycat

    I definitely believe they should have at least asked which house I would prefer to be or not to be in.Which house do you associate with yourself?

  • SKHansen

    You sound like a Hufflepuff to me! The exact opposite thing happened when I took the sorting quiz. I thought I was a Hufflepuff for years, but Pottermore put me in Ravenclaw. In retrospect I’m not surprised, particularly after reading more about the house. It just goes to show we aren’t very good at analyzing ourselves.

    • persianpoetess

      @SKHansen Hermione sounded like a Ravenclaw yet ended up in her preference of Gryffindor ;). I completely agree with your sentiment that we do not necessarily know ourselves inside and out. However, if there is something missing from the quiz is the chance to voice a preference somehow. If that could be done, then the quiz is as fair and concise as could possibly be.

      I just find it funny that when J.K. once was sorted into Hufflepuff she was displeased and argued: “If anyone’s meant to be Gryffindor, it’s me.” Her stance has changed since then and I hear her embrace both her sides now. I think perhaps I’m similar to her plight – I’m a hybrid, a Ravenpuff. Frankly lots of us hybrids if we get right down to it!

  • MistStar82

    Hello! Just want to tell some of you, at the end of the quiz, I received to choose between 2 houses which are Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Well, I have done a lot of Sorting Hat quizzes and I’m always a Hufflepuffs. So, when I saw that question, I pick Ravenclaw because I want to will I beat the system and to see if Sorting Hat really take account of what I think. It because I really think I’m a Hufllepuff. Suprisingly, Sorting Hat placed me into Ravenclaw! I’m suprised, happy but surprised. Guess Sorting Hat really take what I think seriously… But I’m still confused how I end up in Ravenclaw because I’m not that smart. I blew up my cauldron many times. LOL

  • MistStar82

    Hello! I just want to share my experience. My last question on Sorting Hat in Pottermore was to choose between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I have done a lot of Sorting Hat quizzes in a lot of site. Many of the quizzes said I’m a Hufflepuff. I did not see myself in Ravenclaw at all because I know if I’m a Ravenclaw, I will never can get in my common room. I will never can solve all those riddles. So I already accept the fact that I’m a Hufflepuff. So, back to the question, I pick Ravenclaw because I want to see if Sorting Hat really take account of what I think or I will be place in Hufflepuff no matter what I think. Suprisingly, Sorting Hat decided to put me in Ravenclaw! I was so surprised because I did not expected that to happen. Yes, I’m happy but I’m confused. And I’m still confused how I end up in Ravenclaw because I melted my cauldron many times. Haha.

    • persianpoetess

      @MistStar82 Yes what you experienced is known as a “hat stall” which was covered in this article. Its pretty cool you managed to get one! Heh, I don’t know how possible it is to program software to read your thoughts 😛 – I doubt they would allow regular citizens access to that technology. No worries about how many cauldrons you melt, with a little practice I’m sure you’ll get better! I ruined a batch or two of potion myself *giggles*.

  • mendokuse

    I actually experienced a hatstall as well – between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, which I thought was surprisingly accurate (though I admit I somewhat hoped for a chance to get into Slytherin). The other people I’ve met from different houses also generally seem astonishingly suited to their houses. Though the test may fail for some, I think that they’ve really thought it over and done a fairly decent job of it all, especially when compared to sorting tests on HP sites in the past.

  • marchingbandfreakM17

    Everyone is saying that they should have at least asked you what house you wanted to be in…Well, then what was the point of the test?!!? If you already know what house you think you are in and refuse to believe you would be put in any other house, don’t get angry if you aren’t put in the one you want. It was you’re choice to take the test, and you took it to see which house you would have been sorted into. I’m actually starting to get a little ticked off about how SO MANY people complain about what house there were put into…Don’t take the test if you are gonna complain about you’re answer!

    • moodvariability

      You have to take the test if you want to explore the site…there’s no “choice” in the matter unless you’d like to choose not to see all Pottermore has to offer. I was unprepared for such a test and definitely unprepared to see I was placed in Slytherin when I always thought I’d be a Ravenclaw myself (and always get Ravenclaw on other House quizzes). But I guess Slytherin is really the only other house, other than Ravenclaw, that exhibits some of the qualities I have…minus the dark side. I have absolutely zero dark side to me. But that just goes to show you how easy it is to stereotype…apparently Slytherin has nothing to do with “evil” and “dark.”

      And probably believing that I am clever and deserve to be in Ravenclaw is a Slytherin quality… 😉

    • persianpoetess

      @marchingbandfreakM17 Tell that to the students in the seried who felt the same way :P. This article isn’t a complaint its more of a critique.

      • jpermelia

        @persianpoetess You know the Hat is a rigged right? If it wasn’t rigged then their wouldn’t have been an exact number of students in each house since the start of the site and what i mean by that is right now their are exactly 150,000 members in each house give or take a few hundred. In REALITY if we had a real choice then one of the houses (Ravenclaw…) would be greatly outnumbering all the others.

        I’m guessing they had to do it this way to keep the competitive house battles fair.

        With that being said I dont believe the house I was sorted into even reflects my life or personality in the slightest. I think I was sorted based on what house needed more members at the time.

        So yes I am not going to believe anything the sorting hat on that site tells me. It’s a load of rubbish and I have always known what house I’m really in just like Harry knew.

        • persianpoetess

          @ramblinmand As I stated in the article – there are indeed flaws to the hat. I think its just a tad heavy handed to claim that its rigged. We’ll see how things pan out. I certainly feel that we need at least an opportunity to pipe up and have our “not Slytherin” moment like Harry did :P.

          I’d totally live with my sorting even better if I was given such a chance and the hat still placed me in a house I was hoping for. Still Hufflepuffs are a good bunch of folks and I might as well do them the honor that they deserve.

        • ramblinmand

          I know it sounds crazy that it’s rigged but how else do you explain that every house has been within 1,000 members of each other since the beginning of the website?

          If our answers decided what house we we’re in then their would be an uneven number of students in some houses. The “Hat” has to put players into a house that is needing more or else the point system would be flawed as well as other systems like dueling or potions.

  • lloydbank98

    I told myself I will answer honestly and won’t avoid answers that lead to being sorted in an obvious house. I have always thought myself as a Gryffindor but was sorted into Ravenclaw. I’m not dissapointed because I did not choose one “obvious” Ravenclaw answer. When I was asked – “How would you liked to be remembered in history?” Being wise, good, bold or great, I chose “Being good.” When asked – “Which would you rather be?” Liked, imitated, praised, envied, feared, trusted, I chose “Trusted.”

    With these answers I thought “Hello Hufflepuff…” but obviously the sorting hat goes deeper and is a hell of a lot more complex then we all think.

    My other questions were The goblets “gold” Black or white “White” The path “twisting path through woods” The superpower “talking to animals”. And forest and river “forest.”

    I read my Ravenclaw welcome note and I could see myself in each paragraph about the claw’s personality. It also said how Gryffindors tend to boast and be a bit of a “show off” – which I’m the total opposite (more of a silent keep to myself and help others type).

    Although the wand quiz would probably also come into account as I chose “Intelligence” in that one so that might of put my foot in the door for Ravenclaw! Proud to be blue and bronze either way!!!

  • lloydbank98

    I went into the quiz telling myself that I will answer honestly and not just avoiding answers that lead to being put in an obvious house. I have always thought myself as a Gryffindor but was sorted into Ravenclaw. I’m not dissapointed because I did not choose one “obvious” Ravenclaw answer. When I was asked – “How would you liked to be remembered in history?” (Being wise, being good, being bold, being great) I chose “Being good.” When asked – “Which would you rather be?” (Liked, imitated, praised, envied, feared, trusted) I chose “Trusted.”

    With these answers I was thinking to myself “Hello Hufflepuff…” but obviously the sorting hat goes deeper and is a hell of a lot more complex then we all think.

    My other questions were different goblets… I chose gold. Black or white… I chose white. The path question I said the twisting path through woods. The what superpower would you have I chose talking to animals. And forest and river I chose forest.

    While reading my Ravenclaw welcome note I could see myself in every descriptive paragraph about the claw’s personality. It also said how Gryffindors tend to boast and be a bit of a “show off” – which I’m the total opposite (more of a silent keep to myself and help others type).

    • Anna_Karenina

      [email protected] true…I’m a Gryffindor and I don’t like showing off at all. I’m also pretty shy and introverted. But Neville Longbottom was also a timid person till the time came for him to show his true bravery (“It takes even more courage to stand uo to your friends” – remember?)

  • lloydbank98

    Oh and P.S.

    I don’t think there should be an clear question asking your prefence. (The other questions are actually asking that as some people most definately choose the obvious answer that goes with their desired house – JK already has known that this would happen… Hence the 200 different questions, the clear questions, the cloudy questions and the random questions that we can’t even explain!) Harry Potter is JK. No one would have ever heard of a “Sorting Hat” without her, she knows how its done people she made it up. I am not questioning or doubting her pottermore sorting quiz.

    Although the wand quiz would probably also come into account as I chose “Intelligence” in that one so that might of put my foot in the door for Ravenclaw! Proud to be blue and bronze either way!!!

    • persianpoetess

      @lloydbank98 Thanks for sharing your sorting experience with us. Its funny how we come in expecting certain results and get surprised when we realise the actual outcome. Enjoy Ravenclaw house, you certainly sound like an asset to them :)!

  • serenehope

    Your heart is telling you that you believe you identify with a house based on a book that follows the story’s of only a handful of characters. People in the real world are a lot more colorful and less stereotypical than the characters portrayed in the book. By what we have seen in the book our hearts believe that all ravenclaws are brainy, all slytherins are evil, all gryffindors are courageous and all hufflepuffs are loyal and these are represented by about 3 different characters per house. In reality no one’s character is that black and white. Sure we may be more predisposed to act a certain way but just because you are more brainy than others does not make you any less a hufflepuff or just because we are loyal doesnt necessarily mean we can not be a slytherin. Perhaps the sorting hat with its general questions actually go a lot deeper into ourselves and sees something less apparent about us. Or perhaps the sorting quiz is more true to what JK believes the houses to be in her mind. Lets remember again, harry potter is a 7 book story there is more to the houses than what is written in these books and in the end we truly do not know the houses at all as much as we think we do. In the end however, what are the personalities of the houses of pottermore anyway? The pottermore houses are what you make of them. These houses are not represented by malfoy, harry, cho, cedric or neville. These houses are being represented by real people such as you and I. Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor are only just names. We will meet a lot of colorful people and I can guarantee that you will meet your fair share of dicks, nerds, softees and apathetic people in all the houses.

  • maaikemachine

    I don’t get why peoply complain about wich house they are in. There is a reason you’re sorted in that house. I’m not sorted yet. And I feel like I should be in Slytherin. I don’t get why people still think there are stereotypes to the houses. Didn’t you guys pay any attention to the movies? Every house has it’s good side. Hufflepuff isn’t stupid. Slytherin isn’t evil. Ravenclaw aren’t nerds. And Gryffindor aren’t the best wizards. I don’t care wich house I get to call my ‘home’ I’ll be proud no matter what. There is a reason why I’m sorted there. So stop complaining. The student at hogwarts didn’t get to choose either. Some of them even doubt if they where sorted in the right house. I used to think Slytherin was all bad and I wanted to be in Gryffindor, but now I’m older and watched the movies over and over again I started to realize Slytherin isn’t that bad. They do things for their own benefits but I don’t think this is a bad quality. I see myself in all of the houses. I am cunning and do things for my own benefits, I always want to know everything and I love to learn about things that intrest me, even though I can use people and let them fall really easy I’m always there for my real friends I would never let them fall and I will stand up for them forever. And I would go trough fire for them. All I wanted to say was don’t complain about your house, you should be proud (:

    • Anna_Karenina

      [email protected], Slughorn  was a Slytherin and I liked the guy…he’s concrete proof that your house doesn’t dictate your personality. You can be a good Slytherin, a clever Hufflepuff( Cedric Diggory), a not-so-nerdy Ravenclaw (Luna) or a timid Gryffindor (see: Neville Longbottom or Wormtail). I guess it all comes down to what qualities you yourself value, and being fundamentally good or evil has little to do with it.

  • LelannAzalee

    The body of the statements you provided institutes its derision for the involvement of particular choice. You say your answers sounded one way, when in reality they do point in the direction of your given house. Hufflepuffs are to be very much admired. Great characters came from the house and if you see yourself in only one light then you are clearly giving it a one-dimensional report as compared to a well-rounded answer. Yes, I know I sound like a Ravenclaw… and I am. But I also very much relate to Hufflepuffs. When it comes to loyalty and friendship. Should I be sorted into Slytherin, the house that seems nothing like me, I’d have arguable means to repeat the complaints you are stating. But seeing as how your answers do lie in the direction of your given house, I see no reason for you to be so disrupted over it. Firstly, it is just a game and that is it. Does the world of Witches and Wizards in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter truly exist? No, it does not. Hogwarts is a place of imaginary literature. Does that mean we should not enjoy it and play along with this sense of make believe? No. We can have as much fun as we want and luxuriate in this fantastic world. But please do don’t take it too seriously.

    Yes, I see how now you are starting to embrace it like Jo Rowling did herself with being a hybrid of two houses. Good! We should also make statements being beta testers that allow Pottermore to improve upon before it opens up widely. But just remember still to embrace the Hufflepuff in you, and strive to be one of the best Hufflepuffs if you feel like an over achieving Ravenclaw. Remember this is very similar to how Cedric Diggory sounded in The Goblet of Fire, he had all the Hufflepuff traits, but he also had a lot of the other 3 houses traits. That is how he ended up a Tri-Wizard, when many other Hogwarts students from the other more competitive houses entered as well. So wear the Yellow and Black and love it, is my best advice to you!

    • persianpoetess

      Yes, pretty much what you have outlined here so astutely is my attitude towards it. I’m not outraged at the result, far from it! My candor leans toward passion. I think the heat of it confuses people and causes them to think I’m trying to be a Negative Nancy about it. You should read my other reviews. I’m often labelled as a marshmallow critic by fellow English majors.

      However, there comes a point when something dear to your heart surfaces and you can’t help but let your fervent opinions flow. They are indeed biases no doubt but I feel compelled to be honest and express them rather than stunt them.

      I truly appreciate your even-headed approach to the matter and you certainly make a case when it comes to the classic example of Cedric Diggory. I will stick to my guns though and live as a Ravenclaw in heart. In practice I guess I exude the other houses just as much. Its quite apparent how each of the houses serve as a facet of human nature as a whole. They do not define us but all are simply a part of us.

      • LelannAzalee

        Nicely said.

  • nerdoftherings

    I had always thought that I was a Ravenclaw, or possibly even Hufflepuff. Every other quiz I had taken gave me the answer of Ravenclaw. But when I took this one I got Slytherin. I was surprised and confused. I didn’t think I was like a Slytherin at all. But once I did my research on several different websites, I realized that I really am a Slytherin. In fact, I turned out to be more like a Slytherin than anything else. I think this quiz really is quite accurate and I do think it can tell what’s in your heart.

    • Ellie


      I think that many people want to get into certain houses based on their experiences reading the Harry Potter novels, and delude themselves into thinking that they want to be a Gryffindor, for example, because that was where Harry was places, rather than Slytherin, as it is portrayed, through the eyes of a boy who has had bad experiences with some Slytherins, as the evil and bad house.

      I agree with nerdoftherings in thinking that J.K Rowling’s sorting quiz helps to uncover what house is really in your heart, rather than what you think that you already know about house preferences.

  • jenfromfinland

    The problem of unsatisfied people comes from our own prejudices. We have grown with the books, as children we tend to think quite black and white and those stereotypes have influenced our opinion of our true house. I too used to think I was definately a Ravenclaw. I am smart, always has been a bit of a nerd. The clumsy and shy one would have always tought of him or herself as a Hufflepuff. Same goes for Slytherin ( a bit gloomy persons who know their dark sides) and Gryffindor (who leaned more into believing in goodness and braveness). Even though now we now that houses aren’t so black and white we still have our own opinions based on the time we thought that our personalities haven’t changed from that.

    This is why I don’t think it would be a great idea to let people “influence” and hope for a certain house. We do our own choices, and they tell more from us than calculating whether this or this would be Ravenclawish. That’s the problem in majority of Sorting Hats out there. “What’s your favorite colour out of following: red, green, blue or yellow?” No wonder we have been getting the houses we believe we belong to.

    As I told before, I also used to think I was definately a Ravenclaw. The last result I could have expected was the Slytherin, in which I now proudly belong. I know my dark side, I have fought it on my own and I have this great ambitious future ahead of me. The fact that I wasn’t sorted into the “expected” house only made me believe deeper, this quizz was not affected by my own expectations.

    PS. First the Hufflepuffs were leading. Of course they want to make the houses even, but that should be easy. most of us are mixtures with elements from all the houses. I don’t think anyone can truly be totally Slytherin or Gryffindor. If we are both, then why not put into the house with less people?

    • persianpoetess

      @jenfromfinland Yes, I completely agree with your take on the matter. I was baffled as to why a chance to put forth a personal preference wasn’t there when there is a crucial scene in the book dedicated to Harry saying, “not Slytherin, not Slytherin.” The fact of the matter is Harry is most certainly part Slytherin but he identified more with his Gryffindor side. That was my Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw dilemma. Sure, I suppose I have a pleasant demeanor but my prejudices lead me to admire the values of Ravenclaw. Ah well, it was still interesting looking into what each question possibly inferred :).

      • EchoGoblet11

        @[email protected]

        If you are close enough between two houses, it will offer you a choice. My last question was basically “Ravenclaw or Slytherin?”

    • EchoGoblet11

      While I understand your argument concerning preconcieved notions coloring our opinions of which house we belong to, I would argue that our experience with Pottermore is supposed to mirror those of the characters. Each has some sort of preference for a house before they arrive. Harry, who doesn’t know much about the houses just knows he doesn’t want Slytherin. Hermione, who has researched the matter, wants Gryffindor, even though most would agree she belongs in Ravenclaw. Draco and Ron both want to be part of their families’ respective houses.

      Obviously Neville is an example of how one’s personal preference might not win in the end, however, to completely ignore it simply becasue we might be slightly biased unfairly denies us the full experience of the sorting.

      • EchoGoblet11

        That being said, if your score is close enough, it will ask your preference. My last question was basically, “Ravenclaw or Slytherin?” I just believe that it should be taken into account earlier for everyone, not just those who are close enough between two houses to need a tiebreaker.

  • stormlight

    I did not get any of the questions you did. Everyone has always told me I’m a Hufflepuff and Jo even sorted me as such. The questions are written by Jo and are accurate in discovering your inner self I think. They caused me to really dig deep and question everything about myself. I suggest talk it again in April and think about how youd actually answer the questions instead of “analysing” as you go along trying to figure it the system. And to the one that says its rigged, no its not rigged. In fact Hufflepuffs are well under populated. I spoke to someone that got in on day 1 of testing and she told me ravenclaws and hufflepuffs dominated by a lot. It took a while for the other houses to have more so that tells me its not rigged. Do you honestly Jo would have done that? no

  • Not Slytherin

    Like you, I was trying to get into Ravenclaw.  Unlike you, I was put in Slytherin.  The one damn house I did not want to get put in.  I’m not a Slytherin.  I’m not ambitious or selfish and I would not do anything to get what I want.  Intelligent?  Yes.  Brave?  Sure.  Loyal?  You bet.  Ambitious?  Nope.  Based on my personality, I can see getting sorted into any of the other three, but not Slytherin.  
    The problem is most of the questions were just really vague and stupid.  I got asked “River or Forest?”.  What?!  What the hell is that supposed to prove?  What if I like both?  I was also asked what I feared the most and was given a list of options.  The problem was that I didn’t particularly fear any of the things on the list.  I chose heights, not because I’m afraid of heights, but because I had to choose one of them.  Like you, I was asked what I was looking forward to learning the most.   I was going to choose ‘Transfiguration’ when I saw it on the list, but then I saw ‘Learn Everything about Magic’ and chose it.  That seemed very Ravenclaw to me, but after getting sorted, I wondered if that was the greedy Slytherin answer.  I was also asked if I liked Black or White.  What a loaded question!  I prefer black.  I always have.  My instinct said ‘If you choose black, you’ll get Slytherin!  Choose white!”, but I decided to be honest and chose black.  Does that make me evil?  Does that mean I love the Dark Arts?  No, but that’s the problem with multiple choice questions.  They are black and white.  
    I was hoping the last question would something that, either vaguely or directly, asked you what house you prefered, if any.  I didn’t get any question like that.  I just got a bunch of vague and stupid questions that didn’t seem to have anything to do with anything.  “Would you rather go to a beach, a forest, or a castle?”  What the hell is that supposed to prove?  I like all three, but I had to choose one.  It’s stupid.   In the first Harry Potter video game, when you got sorted, each question had four answers that were color coded so you could persuade the Hat to put you in a specific House if you wanted, or you could answer the questions however you wanted and let the Hat decide.  These questions were just so vague, I didn’t even have an honest answer for many of them.  I just had to pick something. 
    Anyway, I was so crestfallen that I got put in Slytherin that I just quit.  I have no desire to carry on with Pottermore if everything I do gets points for the one House I don’t like.   I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like this.  I really don’t understand why they didn’t give you some direct choice in the matter.  The real bitch of it is that you can’t go back and redo the Sorting.  You can’t even make a different account unless you get a new IP address.  It’s very disappointing.

    • lumosity

      You also have to consider that in the books the number of students in each year of each house is equal. This means that the sorting hat will put someone on the borderline into whichever house they had more of a tendency towards. Even only a slight tendency. The point of the hat is to sort the students into houses somewhat evenly. Only people with exactly 50-50 for two houses would get to choose. What happened with Harry was very rare. For most people personal preference would not and should not matter at all. Most people can thrive in a number of houses.
      There are two sides to every coin. I got placed into Slytherin as well, which I do think I belong in even though I am a loyal friend, brave, smart, and principled.
      My Slytherin tendencies are numerous and have nothing to do with ambition or cruelty. I have always done well in school without having to try. I put in minimal effort, charm my way into extensions, and pull it all together at the last minute as well or (usually) better than others who are studious and hardworking. However, if there is a concrete tangible goal, I throw myself into work with intensity. I’m a perfectionist which informs my procrastination. If I can’t do something better than others, I don’t want to do it at all. In university I would turn in essays late and accept a penalty rather than to turn in anything that weren’t A quality. (Usually professors wouldn’t even give a penalty. You just had to have the balls to walk in like it’s no big deal you’re a day late.) Compared to a more “Ravenclaw” personality, I was not ambitious in school even though I did very well and went to a top tier university. I don’t consider myself to be especially ambitious, but I do have quite lofty expectations for myself.
      However, nothing annoys me more than incompetence. I prefer doing things myself to get them done correctly. Nothing makes me more annoyed than listening to another person’s ignorant or uninformed arguments. I often google things right then and there in the middle of an argument because I care about the truth (rather than being right). I don’t care to argue for the sake of arguing, which I think a Griffindor or even Ravenclaw would.  I always research and form my own opinions. These can be negatives of course but in reality, I’m mellow until the point someone says something laughably stupid. I first try to explain things nicely, but if the person is especially obstinate, uninformed, and bigoted, I get mad. My friends consider me a levelheaded ‘voice-of-reason’ and always come to me for advice–especially about their love lives or interpersonal conflicts. I’ve always been complimented on how patient and calm I am, which I believe can also be Slytherin qualities. House qualities do overlap to a huge degree, especially when you really read house descriptions.
      None of this has to do with being mean or screwing other people over. I would never make up lies about another person to benefit at their expense. I never talk about people behind their backs. If I have a problem, I say it to the person’s face. However, I do think my intense goal-driven personality suits me more for Slytherin.
      TLDR; I just think people have so many negative stereotypes about each house and that affects people more than the actual qualities of the house. The point is that many people can thrive in any number of houses and only a few are their house through-and-through. I recommend this post

      • Anna_Karenina

        Like you, I too possess some of these qualities, except I’m not annoyed by incompetence or imperfection, and I’m not as driven. I am, however, shrewd and ambitious, and like you, even if I put in a little effort at the last minute, I can produce reasonably good work. So I could have been in Slytherin, since ignorant people annoy me and I’m a master procrastinator, but I think I ended up in Gryffindor because for me, my friends and family are dearer than my own life, and I have been known to help and defend people who are complete strangers to me if I think they have been wronged. I don’t want to brag, but i am pretty fearless – I once told my teacher (in my calmest voice) that her favouring students who were better at math and science was just unacceptable, and that I didn’t like her narrow-minded thinking that anything other than math and science was “useless” and students who didn’t like math or weren’t good at it were also “unworthy”. I would have gotten expelled if my mom and a few other teachers hadn’t defended me. But the threat of expulsion hadn’t even scared me. To top it all off, the student I was defending wasn’t a friend of mine (I actually didn’t like her all that much and I still don’t like her) but she was being wronged in this instance, so I just put aside my personal feelings to do what I thought was right. Would I do it again? Absolutely. And I also once beat up a guy who bullied my older brother – despite him being 7 years older and 8 inches taller and atleast fifty kilos heavier. That guy didn’t trouble me or my brother again.
        All in all, I think I’m a Gryffindor at heart, though I do possess Slytherin and Ravenclaw qualities (except maybe I have more Ravenclaw in me that’s why the Sorting Hat never gave me Slytherin). But I would have liked being in Slytherin, too. BTW, my Pottermore username is QueenAsphodel26354.

    • HappySlytherin

      @Not Slytherin Listen to the way you describe Slytherin: ambitious, greedy, selfish, evil, willing to do anything to get what they want. That is not how the sorting hat sees Slytherin. Slytherins are driven, they value honor and are serious about debt and repayment, they are cunning, and yes they are ambitious, but you use it like a naughty word. Could it be that you are purposely ignoring those traits about you that are slytherin because you see it as the house where the evil, selfish and mean people go?

  • Hatstall

    This is a great piece, but Hatstalls do exist on Pottermore! I know because I got a Hatstall. At the end of the quiz I got an extra question that simply said “Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?” (I chose Ravenclaw if you were wondering)
    I wasn’t surprised as in nearly every online sorting quiz I have done, I’ve either been Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or a tie between them.

    • Anna

      Lucky you…so the Hat does take your choice into account I guess.

  • Beta User

    I’m pretty sure JKR had given meaning to every vague question there is such as ‘Heads or Tails’, ‘Black or White’. I bet there’s a deeper meaning to each answer we give thus getting us to the house we truly belong in.  Some questions are associated with the elements Water(Slytherin), Earth(Hufflepuff), Fire(Gryffindor), and Air(Ravenclaw).
    At first I thought this was all bogus how only a few questions could determine who you are. I mean, what if I was given another set of question? Would I be sorted in to another house instead? So I decided  to do a little experiment  and had taken the test four times, giving me sets of different questions every time (I did answer all of them honestly). 
    Most of my answers are associated with Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw but you know what? I was sorted into Slytherin not once. but all four tries.
    Maybe I truly belong there. I’m one of them. One of the elite.

    • Potterfan

      I also took the test four times, but instead I got three different answers. First, Slytherin; second, Gryffindor; third, Gryffindor; fourth, Hufflepuff. This is concerning that based on the questions (which I answered all honestly) the house will change a lot. This also bothers me because now I don’t know which one I would really be sorted into. Should I go with the original sort? or the house that came up more often? The funny thing is if I asked any of my friends, I bet they’d all say I’m a Ravenclaw. Sigh… 

    • HappySlytherin

      @Beta User I think both you and the OP are making the assumption that there is a 1 to 1 correlation between each answer and 1 house. But i’m 90% certain that almost all answers are correlated to 2 or 3 houses. It’s strange to say “is is a hufflepuff-y answer” because it could be h and g or a question could be designed to rule a house out. And obviously the variations in questions leads me to believe that e test is much more complex than most people are giving it credit for being.

  • Tied To Clouds

    I too found myself put into Hufflepuff, which came as quite a surprise, and while you do make some valid points, I find myself questioning them.
    I was asked only three of the questions that you were, which leads me to argue that, the questions do go further than just the ‘yes or no’. If one question is answered in a certain way, it may have an effect on which question is asked next.
    For example, I was shown three paths, one leading right, to a castle, on straight ahead, into a forest, and a third, leading left, towards the ocean. I chose the ocean.
    I was then asked a similar question, another choice of paths. Again, I chose the ocean, as none of the new options appealed to me, either.
    My first choice of paths showed that I would rather walk to an ocean than a castle, or a forest. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the ocean is my favourite place in the world. So it then asks if I would change my choice, if I was offered different paths. 
    I may have chosen the ocean over a castle, because history doesn’t interest me, or because I find the view of the sunlit water breathtaking. It doesn’t know which, so it asks another question, to find the more likely reason.
    My point is, that when you say that the had didn’t allow you to elaborate your preferences before moving on to another question, while it didn’t ask you directly, could the next question have been digging into your answer, and compare the answers, in order to find the most likely reason for your answer?

  • PuffyPoen

    You realise that the fact that you “went with your gut” and didn’t pick the ones you thought were “Ravenclaw-y” is the perfect indication of the loyalty to your values and steadfast honesty … of a Hufflepuff?
    You’re making a lot of assumptions without any real evidence. Just stop and enjoy the awesomeness of being a Hufflepuff!

  • Jo

    To be honest I think that a lot of people defending JKR don’t realize that she is a person capable of biases (coughcoughGryffindorcough), not knowing toooooo much about psychology (she said that she could tell who was in what house, all were gryffindor except the ONE person wearing BLACK o m g they were SLYTHERIN hahahaha please), & also… capable of mistakes. I think she needs to earn her praise, & many fans are raising many good critiques of her shoddy test.

    • Wes

      the quiz biases come from readers, not JKR herself. We must remember that the books were originally written for children and children, by and large, are very cut and dry when it comes to taking sides; they wanna be the good guys or the bad guys. All the heroes are in Gryffindor so that’s where young ones want to go. Its not until after years of potterfandom that we study and start to identify with other houses. Pottermore and its sorting quiz are thus designed with children in mind. If you look at the house populations they are all relatively even, but there are more Slytherins and Gryffindors than anything The fact is the four houses share a great deal in common with another, and a person who thinks they belong in one house may be ignoring those same virtues in another house, as well as virtues within themselves that make said house a better pick. I’m not a psychology expert or a computer programmer, but I have done my House homework and the quiz to me seems perfectly legit considering the biases that naturally come with the sorting: a whole lot of children and less-than-obsessive fans wanting G and S, and a small but significant number of people convinced they’re R’s or H’s. The quiz had to have been built with certain biases to insure that there weren’t massive population discrepancies between houses. IF you don’t think you were sorted properly, then by all means cancel your account and try again. personally I think it defeats the purpose of the sorting (and joining the site at all) but odds are good if your ego is big enough to assume you know more about the workings of the houses than the WOMAN WHO CREATED THEM, that ego probably got in the way and you could use a re-sorting anyway.

      • persianpoetess

        Yes indeed all our egos and personal feelings come into play.  I did not view JKR’s test as “shoddy” as the commenter you are responding to suggested.  I see it as broken.  The fact of the matter is we have literally no way to utter those same fateful words Harry said aloud.  It is a testament to JKR herself actually that fans like myself or the ones here in the comments have come to love certain houses.  Naturally we may not all be the obvious posterchildren for our favorites but something in our personality or traits we exhibit drew us to them.
        Can we say JKR knows our heart/personalities as well as the world she created?  I think both you and I would agree that would be a bit of a stretch.  Still, I really value the exchanges we are getting so far in this comment section from both sides and as I mentioned above, I’ll definitely be putting together the interesting arguments that have been shared so far in the next article.

      • Potterfan

        I don’t think people deleting their accounts and resorting is having a big ego. These people do not think they know the houses better than JKR, but they know their own personalities better than she does. I took the Pottermore sorting hat quiz today and was shocked to be sorted into Slytherin. I was shocked by this because I am considered a smart person, bold, and a loyal friend. But cunning? Not exactly. I, like other Potter fans, did other fake online sorting hat tests and always got Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and occasionally Hufflepuff. I worried that I wouldn’t get into the house I thought I belonged in (Gryffindor), thinking that it might put me in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff (I didn’t even consider that I’d get sorted into Slytherin). Going back to what you said about making new accounts, I did make another account to see if I would get a different answer. I answered these questions honestly, not wanting to just get into the house I wanted but the one I belonged in. I wasn’t surprised to see that I did get sorted into a different house, Gryffindor. Relieved by this change, i still questioned which one I belonged to, so I made a third account and was once again placed in Gryffindor. I don’t think the quiz is completely fair, because some questions help to better place than others. My friend told me he got asked about what house he wanted or thought he belonged in, whereas the first time I took it, I got asked heads or tails? However I do praise JKR for the questions she asked because they go deeper, and make it harder for people to cheat in attempts to get into the house they want. 

        • Anna

          A true Harry Potter fan would never cheat to get into a House (even if he/she was a Slytherin at heart).

      • Anna

        Actually, Gryffindor does have the most members, but there is some difference now.House members so far:
        Gryffindor: 614,618 members
        Hufflepuff: 595,505 members
        Slytherin: 587,238 members
        Ravenclaw: 556,913 members
        If Pottermore/JKR favoured Slytherin, then they would have been neck and neck with Gryffindor in terms of members, but they’re behind Hufflepuff. So maybe the number similarity only lasted till the beta.

  • persianpoetess

    Hey folks this is the author of the article.  I ended up closing my old account and creating a new one in order to comply with the Pottermore Terms of Service.  I was sorted this time in…Ravenclaw…the house of my heart.  My feelings were then indeed correct that I am easily a hybrid as are many others who take this quiz.  If the trigger mechanism for hatstalls could be made more sensitive I believe that would be a great way to take people’s preferences and heart into account.  I will do a new article soon addressing the well thought out arguments presented here in favor of and against the Pottermore Sorting Hat system.

  • HypsyGirl

    I think that There should have been a question like ‘Which house is the least likely for you in your eyes,” Because then the test could have contained more choice, and not just chance

    • persianpoetess

      The chance variable seems predominant in this test.  While I couldn’t be more pleased to be sporting Ravenclaw colors, whose to say if I attempted the test again that I wouldn’t end up in Gryffindor or Slytherin or Hufflepuff oncemore?  I have heard of several cases where people who attempted a resorting have been sorted all over the spectrum.  It seems that depending on the nature of the questions you receive you may at the moment have answers that align more deeply with a certain house.

      • RavenclawAngeline

        [email protected]’m not sure how much one’s quiz answers are even taken in to account when the sorting takes place.  I know that your results definitely depend somewhat on the answer input but I researched a few things to find some suspicious information.  Apparently very close to 25% of pottermore users are sorted into each house, most likely to insure that the house cup contest in as fair as possible.  I know that I am one of the most “Ravenclaw” of all of the people I know, yet I was sorted into Slytherin…I just thought I would share this

  • Guest1111111www

    good analysis, I love the internet it has explanations to even the most smallest niche website  

  • Elizabeth

    With my first account, I got Gryffindor, which I was happy with and feel they got correct.  I decided to make a second to see if I would end up in a different house, but there were different questions and I ended up in Slytherin.  I’m happy with both of those 🙂  I’m SeekerJinx19231 by the way.  

    • Anna_Karenina

      Hey! I’m QueenAsphodel26354…hope to see you in the common room!

  • Mikki

    I made four accounts total trying to get into Ravenclaw 🙂
    The first two times I got Slytherin because I was answering from half of myself.
    Then I got frustrated and clicked random buttons, and got Gryffindor.
    And then, I answered the ones I knew were me and got Ravenclaw 🙂
    So I guess I’m a Slytherin/Claw… I would have been satisfied with Slytherin but I already went to WWoHP and got all kinds of Ravenclaw stuff so it would suck if I was in a different house 🙂

    • Anna

      I answered 7 times and the 1st time, I answered randomly, and got Hufflepuff.2nd, 3rd and 6th – I tried my best to answer the questions which I understood as honestly as I could, and got Gryffindor.
      4th, 5th and 7th – Again, made an honest attempt to answer, but I feel I could understand all questions this time.
      So I guess I am a Ravenclaw/Gryffindor at heart…thank heaven Hufflepuff was a fluke because I’ve been known to lack humlilty at times, and am like the 2nd laziest person on the planet (after my brother).

  • Cha

    What should you answer to get into Ravenclaw? Please reply! And no judging please ☺

    • HappySlytherin

      @Cha I dont think anyone can tell you that. It totally depends on what questions you are asked and in what combinations.

    • Purgis

      Ravenclaw-ish 😉
      No but seriously, I don’t know? Anything that’s related to learning, wisdom, and smarts gives Ravenclaw points, I think.

  • HappySlytherin

    I belive that mostly the people who get sorted “wrong” are the same people who go into the test trying not to get sorted wrong. If you are preoccupied with second guessing every question and morbidly trying to figure out what one to pick, even if you ignore the one you “think” you should pick and go for the original, you are still over complicating the process. You are second guessing your own actions and the test is meant to measure your instincts, not the logic of how instincts work.

  • RavenclawAngeline

    I’m not sure how much one’s quiz answers are even taken in to account when the sorting takes place.  I know that your results definitely depend somewhat on the answer input but I researched a few things to find some suspicious information.  Apparently very close to 25% of pottermore users are sorted in to each house, most likely to insure that the house cup contest in as fair as possible.  I know that I am one of the most “Ravenclaw” of all of the people I know, yet I was sorted into Slytherin…I just thought I would share this.  

  • Anna

    I took the sorting hat quiz a total of 7 times and here are my results:
    Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw.
    I deleted 6 accounts and I currently use the first Gryffindor account (QueenAsphodel26354), but I guess I would be a Gryffindor/Ravenclaw Hatstall…which is just fine because blue is my favorite color and Gryffindor is, well, Gryffindor. I would have used Hufflepuff if they hadn’t been LAST of all houses by about seven million points on last count, despite having the 2nd largest number of sorted students.

    • kyyyler

      They only have the second-most students because when people are sorted into Hufflepuff, they do precisely what you did: they make new accounts to get a more favorable house. But they, unlike you, do not delete their spare Hufflepuff accounts. That’s why the Hufflepuff population is so large–true numbers likely leave Hufflepuff dead last in population.
      As for me, I think people should just stop whining. As a self-sorted, pre-Pottermore Hufflepuff, I believe that the lovely, little honey-badgers are great. Just like Slytherins aren’t always evil, Hufflepuffs aren’t always losers. J.K. Rowling, herself, is a Hufflepuff.

      • Anna_Karenina

        [email protected] thought of keeping my Hufflepuff account at first, reasoning that the house can’t be that bad, then I looked in the common room and read a little more about the house, and I decided that I truly do NOT belong there…I had answered the questions randomly the first time, thus getting Hufflepuff. While I have nothing against the house personally, and I have many friends in Hufflepuff, I just do not have most of the qualities Hufflepuff values, nor do I think I could acquire them in time. I would have been dead chuffed to be sorted with the badgers, except I am the laziest person on earth and I sometimes act conceited…however hard I try to improve on it, leopards don’t really change spots, do they? I think Slytherin also would have suited me because I’m pretty ambitious and shrewd….but I’m happy with my house. And I also deleted my account because, as you said, it’s just not fair to Hufflepuff – people keeping their accounts but not trying to earn points for the house is just not acceptable to me. So I deleted it.

  • Wild_Bunny

    it would be wonderful if the test could go a little bit deeper in those questions…I took the test 5 times, and in two of them the sorting hat asked me if I wanted to go to hufflepuff or to slytherin!! ambitious and kind? it sounds an interesting combination…but i was also sorted 2 x to ravenclaw.
    Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Slytherin
    im confused haha… “c´mom sorting hat, tell me where to go!!”
    my friends tells me that i belong to slytherin because of my dark tastes . i like slytherin, though i dont think i could ever agree with some of their aims. for me life is much more then be famous, rich or powerful. that might be my hufflepuff side speaking for myself.

  • Wild_Bunny

    oh, and btw…i love all houses. i loved to be sorted to ravenclaw in my first test. i just cant see where i would fit better…

  • Pad

    Have you thought about creating another account to be sorted into Ravenclaw?
    I answered all the questions honestly and thought I’d be sorted into Hufflepuff, but ended up in Ravenclaw… which I was mildly surprised by, but happy nonetheless. I’d love to have you as my fellow house member!! 🙂

    • tori

      what did you put to be in ravenclaw :S

  • Maggot

    I think it would’ve been really cool if they let you submit a form or something and then had someone working on the site to sort people. You could get your result the next day… So it wasn’t so general.
    People would probably volunteer…. Even if they didn’t, god knows JKR has the money to hire them.

  • Sophie

    Hi Like you, I just got sorted into Hufflepuffs even though I know I would fit right in at Ravenclaw. I guess your very act of writing a whole analysis on a game (no offence but that’s what pottermore is at its best) is self-explanatory as to why you want and probably should go into Ravenclaw. The fact that I searched for people’s analysis instead of showing my own probably suggests that I am a very lazy Ravenclaw…

    p.s. I’ve been reading about the MBTI these two days. I’m pretty sure Ravenclaw is filled with INTPs like me lol.

  • Marina

    How do u sign up?

  • Serinity

    Yeah. If you think that Pottermore placed you incorrectly, I think you’re probably right. You know yourself better than an 8 question quiz.