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UPDATE: Persian Poetess has just written a thorough analysis on the round of Sorting Hat questions she received: Pottermore Sorting Hat Questions Analyzed.

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The hours are ticking by for fans of the Harry Potter books to receive their welcome email to the Pottermore Beta. As we previously discussed – forecasting of when that may be is spreading like wildfire. To get a taste of Pottermore does not necessarily require your welcome owl to arrive yet. In fact, there have been some great details released thanks to social media and YouTube. Two clips in particular are dazzling J.K. Rowling devotees and show a snippet of the wand selection process as well as the much anticipated sorting hat process…

Wand Selection
[youtube width=”550″ height=”343″][/youtube]

The video above reveals for a brief moment two factors in regards to wand selection:

  • Your eye color.
  • What you fear most.

Once again, I am tickled how unexpected the formulas are for tailoring your Pottermore experience. It is becoming increasingly obvious that this will be far from the quintessential online personality quizzes we have become so accustom to. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the next clip that shows a journalist getting grilled by the sorting hat itself.

Sorting Hat
[youtube width=”550″ height=”343″][/youtube]

This clip imparts some unusual questions regarding your Potter persona for example:

  • How do you wish to be remembered when you die?
  • Are you partial to the river or the forest?
  • Heads or tails?

I wonder if it is possible to game the system and nail down potential houses because of this. Though it seems simple enough to attach a house to particular questions, I feel the folks at Pottermore have something trickier up their sleeve. As amazing as all this customization is, will it lead to something tangible?

Imagine if you could purchase house robes engraved with your name or a wand whittled to the exact specifications of your own. If that is too tricky, then perhaps a very finely made certificate on vellum that rolls out like a scroll or other Potter paraphernalia you could show off. It is uncertain if the Pottermore shop will ever become that custom for the user but you cannot deny how genius that would be if it was.

Many fans are hungering for the e-books understandably and cannot wait to load those up on the e-reader of their choice. Worried that your e-reader is not on the list? Fear not, according to the Pottermore Insider post You ask, we answer, any book under the sun will be at your digital finger tips:

What formats will the ebooks be available in? Will I be able to read them on my iPad/[easyazon-link asin=”B003Z97FOW”]Sony Reader[/easyazon-link]/[easyazon-link asin=”B002Y27P3M”]Kindle[/easyazon-link]…?
The Pottermore Shop is due to open in October. Our aim is to offer the ebooks in an as many formats as possible. We’ll provide more information closer to the time.

There you have it folks…Harry Potter will dot your LCD/E-ink screens very soon.  For now, those devoid of a welcome email wait on the edge of their seats – hoping to be let into the majestic gates of Pottermore.

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Mitra Faridian

Mitra Faridian

Mitra Faridian first joined the site in 2011 under the handle “Persian Poetess.” Since then she has become one of Dragonblogger’s most passionate videographers. She is a regular on the Dragonblogger YouTube channel and has produced several high quality video game and product reviews. Her gaming and entertainment taste is very eclectic and she’s always open to a fun new virtual experience. Email her at the following address: mitra [at]
Mitra Faridian
  • BloodDragon:

    Just received this from Pottermore:
    You have been selected for early entry into Pottermore!

    We’re really excited to confirm that you are one of the lucky people selected for early entry into Pottermore, ahead of when it is open-to-all in October, to help us add finishing touches!

    We will activate your account between mid-August and the end of September, so keep checking your inbox for our Welcome email. When this arrives you will be able to enter Pottermore. In the meantime, you can check the Pottermore Insider for all the latest news, updates and announcements.

    We look forward to welcoming you to Pottermore.

    • Persian Poetess

      BloodDragon glad to hear you have received the email, please do not repeatedly post the same comment on articles. If you receive a new email feel free to let us know.

    • SofieSterkendries


      How do you get selected for pottermore? I’m from belgium but I can’t find anything about getting in.. I’m a huge fan so I’m a little desperate 🙁

      • persianpoetess

        @SofieSterkendries Hello there! Unfortunately the contest to gain access to the beta ended quite some time ago. The folks at Pottermore are teasing a possible opening to the public before 2012. We’ll just have to wait and see. Feel free to ask anything else if you have anymore questions about the site.

        • hotstuff

          @[email protected] its over nooooooooooooooooooooooo i have read the books 7 times i need to get onto that website(sorry if i sound really strange)

    • hotstuff

      how did you get that???? like where do you go to get it????

  • I’m very excited about the sorting, but I’m a little concerned about the process. Questions like “heads or tails,” seem to have nothing to do with which house would best suit you. The Sorting Hat does not randomly place people into their houses, but rather it sees your heart and your character and sorts you into the house where you would do your best. Of course, I don’t expect those working for Pottermore to design an actual talking hat that can read our personalities, I just hope the questions are not as vague as some of them appear. I suppose I’ll just have to put my trust in JKR, she’s not let me down yet.

  • hotstuff

    i really want to get on . . . but i dont know where to find magic quills i have read the harry potter’s 7 times and if any one knows where to go or how to get on in very specific details please please please tell me i dont think i can wait till october!!!

  • hotstuff

    i really want to get on . . . but i dont know where to find magic quills i have read the harry potter’s 7 times and if any one knows where to go or how to get on in very specific details please please please tell me i dont think i can wait till october!!!

  • taylorebenn

    I am from Canada, any chance that my country will be able to join Pottermore when it’s released to general public? I am a try hard Potter fan and I’m worried I’ll never get a chance to experience such a phenomenal site. I have anticipated such a site for ages and I aspire to get on to Pottermore. Please let me know if I should stop dreaming or if I should simply wait,


    • persianpoetess

      @taylorebenn I believe Canadians will definitely be allowed in. If countries like France have access then surely Canada must too :). Plus I think I know some Canadian friends participating in the beta.

      • taylorebenn

        Thank you! You just made my day, I appreciate your acknowledgement to my concerns. 😀 I’m ridiculously excited right now! Thanks again.

    • hotstuff

      @taylorebenn Canadians better get like in . . . . or i really hope so