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Syncpod iTunes rescuer program allows you to sync all songs from an iPod, or iPhone to your Mac iTunes library.  This will sync all songs back from the MP3 player not just the songs purchased from iTunes and is a useful application if you have a new Mac or need to recover all your songs/video’s and such off of your player back to your Mac computer.

imageSyncpod also lets you recover photos as SyncPod bypass the iTunes one way syncing limitation by empowering you to transfer iPhone or iPod touch photos back to Mac.  This is also a useful program for people looking to transfer their iTunes library from old PC to new Mac with iPhone/iPod/iPad, or move old iPod content to your new iPod or iPhone in a few clicks.

SyncPod is a good helper for you to transfer iPod songs and movies to your Mac. This smart program also allows you to transfer all music and videos to Mac at a time having your iPod and iPhone connected to Mac simultaneously. SyncPod supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone OS 4.0, iPod touch 4 upgrade to 3.0, and the new iPod nano, new iPod classic, new iPod shuffle and new iTouch.

iSkysoft the makers of Syncpod have provided me with 10 full licensed versions of Syncpod to give away to my readers in a contest here on

To enter the contest all you need to do is the following:

  • Leave a comment on whether you own a mac and you think this software can be helpful for you.
  • Retweet this article by copying/pasting the following tweet:
    Win a free copy of SyncPod for Mac OS, great tool for recovering iTunes library -> #dbsyncpod

Who owns a mac and wants to have a great piece of software for restoring their iTunes library or transferring the library from Windows to your Mac?

-Dragon Blogger

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Justin Germino
  • Dana @ Cell Phone Info

    Indeed, this is a useful application and you offers a great contest here. Unfortunately, I do not use the Mac so will not enjoy this contest.

  • I own a Mac and have already had occasion where this application would have been useful.

  • The Syncpod iTunes rescuer looks like a great program to have. I am getting a mac in about a week and I would love to enter this contest for a chance to win the software.

  • Hey Justin, I don’t have a Mac but my daughter does and this would have come in handy a couple of weeks ago.

    She was in town for her friends baby shower and we wanted to offload some music from my PC onto her Mac so that she could make a CD for her friend.

    We figured out that we could use my iPod Nano as a transfer device, which I didn’t like 🙁

    Anyway it sounds like this will make the process much simpler next time.

    Thanks for the offer!

    • Yeah, unfortunately I am trying to give away free software licenses and there aren’t as many owners of a Mac who have found this contest as I would have liked. Still hoping to have some people take some licenses off my hand.

  • James@Mary Poppins Broadway Tickets

    I’m suprised there are are so few Mac users, though I myself don’t have a Mac. I had a look at the iSkySoft site that make the Syncpod software and they have a number of cool media apps including a ringtone maker.