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Microsoft Corporation offers the most popular Computer Operating Systems, from Windows XP to Windows 8 (in Alpha stage now). While Windows Vista was a bitter disappointment in terms of market expectations and the results delivered by the OS, Windows 7 silenced everyone by adding blazing speed to the lethal mix of features like Windows Aero Graphics, BitLocker Encryption and ReadyBoost apart from several invisible background services like Automatic Defragmentation and Windows Backup.

How to Reset Windows 7 Free Trial Activation Period

Windows 7

Perhaps the only two things deterring Windows XP users from switching to Windows 7 were:


  • The bitter experience trying out Windows Vista, which had most of the fancy features like Windows Aero Graphics and ReadyBoost, but had very poor resource management structure, making the system excruciatingly slow and heating up computers which worked fine with Windows XP.


  • The excessively high cost of Windows 7 Ultimate as compared to Windows XP

While not much can be done to dispel fears about a repeat of the Vista nightmare, other than asking people to try out Windows 7 on non-essential machines before switching over completely, the second objection can be removed in a way by extending the Free Trial period of Windows 7, when you can try out all the features for up to 360 days with minor risk-free tweaks to the system.***

Please follow these steps carefully:

Step 1 : Go to the Start Menu, by clicking on the Start Button, type “cmd” in the search box. When the Link/Button appears above, right-click on it and click on “Run as administrator”.

Step 2 : Now, in the command prompt window, type in the following command:

slmgr -rearm

and press the Enter (or Return) Key.

Step 3 : After a couple of seconds, a confirmation message window should pop up saying that the command has been successfully executed, and you need to restart the computer.

The steps listed above can be carried out 3 times, thus extending the total No-Activation Free Trial Period by 90 days, from 30 to 120 days.

If you want to continue using Windows 7 beyond these 120 days without any Activation Key, you’d have to make changes to the Windows registry, which is very risky, since a minor mistake might land you in trouble. So, follow the steps listed below very very carefully!

Step 1 : Again go to the Start Menu, and in the search box type:


and press the Enter (or Return) key.

Step 2 : Once you are inside the Windows Registry Editor Program, go to:







When you click on Software Protection Platform, you’ll see several links in the right column.

Double click on “SkipRearm” to open a popup window.

In the window, you need to change the “Value data” to “1” instead of “0”.

That’s all!

Now you can keep extending the Trial Activation period another 8 times, thus bringing the total period of No-Activation Free Trial of Windows 7 to 360 days using the above method!

In case you wish to use Windows 7 legally with a proper activation key and not just trial, you should purchase a key from the Microsoft.com Website or an authorized distributor in your city. We are only sharing methods known by several Microsoft Windows 7 users, and it is advisable not to use this Free Trial Method on essential work computers, to avoid rude shocks!


***Please note that while we have tried out every method and tweak listed above, we can take no responsibility in case of any damage to your computer by following these steps. We shall however be glad to try and help you with the problems if any.

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How to Reset Windows 7 Free Trial Activation Period
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  • Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing

    Is this legal?

    • Well let’s say it is not illegal 🙂

  • Thomas

    That is a nice handy tip I think. Sometimes you just don’t want to activate right away incase you need to reinstall.

    • Indeed! After Vista, it’s best to try new Windows OS versions well before actually purchasing a license key!

  • Josh@men’s fitness

    Is this working in all version of windows 7? I have a windows 7 professional trial on my desktop and I like to try this to extend the trial.

    • Yes! I’ve tried it with Ultimate and Home Premium.

  • The reason i don’t switch to Win7 is because i’m not in the habit of changing something that still works. Why invest if this is enough for me?
    And since Microsoft announced they’ll release a new OS every 2 years, well, why bother?

    • True. If all you need is a bit of word-processing with web browsing, Windows XP is as good as Windows 7!

      However, Office 2010 is definitely a lot better than Office 2003! Ultimately it is a matter of how much you use your computer though.

      People say adding Windows 7 like themes to Windows XP sometimes improves the overall “experience”.

      • You caught me there, i admit i use office 2010 🙂
        But office is an exception, it actually brings new and useful things with the new version.
        At the same time, win7 brings shiny things and things 0.5% of its users actually have a use for.
        I don’t really need shiny things, my win xp is set to look like win 98 right now.

        • Haha!
          I too dug up Windows 98 a year back just to re-visit the low-res graphics and used it for a few days 🙂

          I acknowledge the fact that you don’t need the shiny stuff, but if Microsoft intends to abide by its announcement, they could stop providing updates (most importantly security updates) for XP any time soon.

          If you want to beat the cost while staying secure on the internet, I’d recommend switching over to a Linux OS.

  • Wow great ! Can I update my windows if trial is extended ?

    • Yeah sure!

      As of now you can. But it might become a concern later when MS decides to prevent trial extensions.

      • You can bet you won’t be able to do this with Windows 8 Cloud Operating System where it probably stores all its configurations in the cloud where a user can’t touch it.

  • Deutschland

    This was the most affordable Windows 7 that I found that I can use to install on my Macbook Pro through Parallels 6. At first I was debating on going with the 64bit or the 32bit, because some software do not work on 64bit. I ended up going with 64bit — those non-compatible software should update, not me.

  • It’s a good tip to extend the shelf life of your Windows 7 trial, but at this point I’d personally just wait till Windows 8 comes out instead of having to upgrade twice –especially to an OS with as many issues as Windows 7.

  • Drgnfrk

    ok Help I have tried this on my Win 7 ultimate and i get A message saying ” slmgr is not a recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. so what do I do know.?

  • dz754

    not works, may be it need performed before last rearm period expired..

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  • Thanks for sharing best information.. really nice blog.. keep it up..

  • Thanks for sharing best information.. really nice blog.. keep it up..

  • ghosty