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Anker had sent me out one of these 6 button Wireless mice to review and showcase to my readers as they know I do a thorough review and share honest feedback on the pros and cons of any tech product that I review.  The Anker Infrared Wireless Mouse is a 6 button, 2000 DPI wireless mouse that can adjust between 1000,1500 and 2000 DPI.  It has 6 buttons that are preconfigured in their actions, but this mouse is well worth the price and is a steal at $9.99.

anker wireless mouse side

The Anker Wireless Mouse Model #DS-2240 has a very comfortable feel and the thumb rest is rubber and your thumb can rest for hours on it, it has just enough ribbing to prevent thumb slippage and the size/shape of the mouse is ideal for medium and smaller hands.  It is smaller than the Precision mouse for example.  Wireless performance is very good, though found some interference when operating too close to other 2.4ghz mice in the same desk space but this is fairly normal.

There are 6 buttons, 1 controls the DPI settings 1,000/1,500/2000 and like some reviewers said the middle button is pretty much the one most would use and rarely need the higher DPI.  The other 5 buttons exist and have specific functions, they are not programmable so there is no software to program the buttons that I believe exists (Anker doesn’t even have this mouse listed on their website yet).  The two thumb buttons are your page forward and back buttons, the scroll wheel button acts like a lock which lets you have super fast slide up and down page scroll compared to just using scroll bar.

anker wireless mouse 6 button

This mouse does not have an on/off switch, instead the mouse hibernates and turns off after a period of inactivity.  However the mouse does not become active again if you move/slide it, it only re-activates when you click any button.  One reader reported that it comes alive when moved but Anker must have addressed this in a later version of the mouse.  I didn’t realize this at first and when the mouse first hibernated I thought the battery went dead because it wouldn’t turn back on by moving it.  It took a little getting used to, step away from desk, come back, click button to wake up mouse, proceed to work but it works really well and helps conserve battery life.

Overall I am super impressed with the Anker Infrared Wireless mouse and it is better in design and functionality than any cheapy or budget wireless mouse that I have used, if the price is still at $9.99 then it is an absolute must buy at that price.

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  • Chirpy

    I received this as a gift for Christmas (2013) and the only trouble I have had, otherwise it is stellar, is that the left click button doesn’t always click making it much harder to use the mouse. Does anyone else have this issue? I thought perhaps, there is gunk caught inside, but it is not clear how to open or clean the device. Help is appreciated. Thank you.

    • I have used the mouse for over a year and still use it everyday and haven’t experienced this issue. That being said you can open it up taking the cover part off carefully, again be very careful, you can pop it off at the bottom and under the button but it is more stable to do so at the bottom. I included pictures to show you how I am popping it off.

    • image show up now?

  • Justin

    Has this item been discontinued? If not, where can I purchase?