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If there is any Smartphone that has broken infinite records in the market so far, it is Samsung Galaxy S4. There are no doubts in claiming this phone as the most anticipated device this year. Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy 4 phone, it has received rave reviews from experts and users alike. Many industry experts believe that Galaxy S4 has been the best phone produced by the South Korean phone maker to date.

The popularity of this acclaimed phone can be judged by the fact that around 10 million units were sold in the first week of the release of this phone. This is a remarkable figure when it comes to the sales of smartphones, thanks to the unparalleled marketing and the portentous features of this device. Here are some of the unique features that help Galaxy S4 stand at the top of the smartphone market:

1. Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 Technology

Gorilla Glass is not a new technology in the market and it had seen the day of light with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but it has been upgraded in the new Galaxy S4. This new phone uses Gorilla glass 3 technology which is a revolution in the smartphone world. This technology greatly prevents the phone from suffering damage which might occur due to rough handing. This technology has always been highlighted in the marketing campaigns of Samsung Galaxy S4 and it stays as one of the best features of this phone.

2. Super Amoled 5 inch display screen

The screen of this phone is equipped with Super AMOLED technology which elevates the picture quality of the device to ridiculously sharp levels. The screen size of 5 inches is also a rare advantage in this phone as there is a huge demand of big screens in the market. The magnificent screen of the Galaxy S4 is coupled with a pixel density of 441 ppi, which is extra-ordinary as compared to the other devices available in the market. This is a far better PPI (pixels per inch) than Apple’s Retina technology.

3. Eye tracking technology

Another revolution in the smartphone world is Eye Tracking Technology. Eye-Tracking Technology incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy S4 has already received accolades from critics and other tech sites. Users are enjoying its pleasant experience as well. Using this technology, the user can scroll the pages with the movement of your eye ball. This is some innovation by the South Korean phone maker and being able to scroll pages and flip just by flicking your eye saves time. This technology has proved to be a big USP of the Galaxy S4 and continues to play a big role in the market success of this device.

4. Stunning Snapper

The popularity of Samsung Galaxy S4 is also majorly due to its incredible camera capacity. The resolution of 13 megapixels is good enough to snap exhilarating pictures. The front camera of 4 megapixels is also apt for video conferencing. The camera features drama shots, dual shots and much more. A user can do much more than just clicking pictures, using this phone and once again Samsung continues to try and deliver features that are top of the line.

5. Air Gesture

Arguably the most acclaimed feature of Galaxy S4, Air Gesture can be used to reject or answer any calls as a result of a hand wave back and forth. It also can be used for scrolling through emails, pages and a variety of other purposes as well and means less finger touching of the screen for some basic functions.



All these features mentioned above are the brand ambassadors of this phone and elevate its marketability to a great extent. There would be simply no doubt in claiming the number one spot for Samsung Galaxy S4 in the market for its unparalleled features and popularity. It has yet to reach the total sales numbers of the Samsung Galaxy S3 however which some people still think hits the sweet spot.

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