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I have been looking for an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin for a while now and just didn’t actively go through the motions of finding and testing all related plugins until recently. I came across the one plugin that was exactly what I was looking for called Amazon Reloaded for WordPress which is an amazing plugin which allows you to search the Amazon affiliate catalog and insert Images or Links that include your Amazon Affiliate ID directly from your WordPress Add New Post Screen.

With this plug-in you no longer need to have a separate tab or browser open to search and scour Amazon Affiliate to find the products and code you are looking for, you can simply write your article and directly insert the product you want to showcase into your post all from within your same blog post.

The first thing you do is install the Amazon Reloaded for WordPress Plugin onto your WordPress Site
Then click on the Amazon Reloaded under your WordPress Settings section.

You will then need to login or register for an Amazon Web Services account. You will need to sign up and retrieve your Amazon Web Services Access Key ID and Secret Access Key from the Amazon Web Services.

In addition you will have to enter your Amazon Affiliate ID into the plugin and I highly suggest you have 1 Amazon Affiliate ID for each blog or website you use the Amazon Affiliate (this is so you can track which websites are successfully converting clicks to sales and will help you later on).

Once you have your Amazon Reloaded settings configured then click the “Save and Test Credentials” button to confirm that your inputs are successfully working.

Now you are ready to start inserting Amazon Affiliate Products into your WordPress posts effortlessly.

Click on Add New post and start writing as you would normally, when you are at a point where you want to insert an Amazon Affiliate Link or Image you simply scroll down to your Amazon Reloaded Module that is inside your WordPress Post Editor. Simply search for the product you are looking for and you will see a list of results. You can click “Blended” to search all categories, or you can filter down and only search specific product categories.

You can select what size image you want to embed in your post but remember to check mark “Link Image” if you want the image to also link to the Amazon.com sales page and include your Affiliate ID or it will be an Image without a link.  In addition you can directly add a Text Link to the Amazon Product page with your affiliate ID.  Once you click “Send Link to Editor” you can then edit the text to even alter the text link to match what you want the link to say.


There is no doubt about it fellow bloggers, if you are a WordPress user and you embed Amazon Affiliate links or images into your existing WordPress posts the Amazon Reloaded for WordPress plugin will save you time when building those affiliate links and help you find and embed the affiliate code without ever having to leave your WordPress editor.  The best thing is that it doesn’t embed any of the <IFRAME> code which  breaks when you click on your “Visual” editor tab.  The bad thing is it won’t show the “price” with the image like it does when you embed the IFRAME code.

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
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  • Shiva | Web Magazine

    Wow this plugin is truly cool. I have till now only come across plugins which do this same job but are Premium and really costly. I think this one is great since it is free as well also provides some great function. But the thing is that Amazon provides very less share to its associates

  • Moon [email protected] Income

    The plugin sounds pretty cool and looks easy to use. I’ll have to check it out.

  • I don’t know, I have a system for Amazon links that works well using two browser windows, I’m not sure this plugin will save much time. Like so many things it just seems to make the blog more complicated when it can be done easily as it is. Also I have to check both Amazon USA and Amazon UK for some posts which, again, I can do quite quickly but this plugin doesn’t seem to help me with.

    • [email protected] sharing not selling

      Its do saving your time for sure. Especially if you live in a country just like me, when internet speed is not too fast. By using this plugin, you can set up your affiliate ID once, and then you can concentrate in searching product. Just try it first.

  • [email protected] sharing not selling

    Really useful and must-have plugin for amazon affiliater who use wordpress platform to market their amazon affiliate products.
    Is there any plugin just like this one but for another affiliate?

  • I do like the sound of this, I always found it a chore to pop to and fro from my blog to Amazon for links etc, so this is indeed useful, I’ll have to give it a shot myself 😉

  • Jacob Bilden

    Very nice. i was looking for an Amazon pulgin for a while now, thanks for making my life a lot easer.

  • Bookmarked – I’m definitely thinking of creating Amazon Affiliate links sometime soon: I have all sorts of books I’d like people to read. I was actually looking around for someone to talk about how a good plugin for this sort of thing would work.

    Thanks so much!

  • Excellent plugin. Thank you for creating it and sharing it.

    I got the same error message folks above mentioned and yet the plugin appears to working fine–I’m able to look-up items on Amazon and insert into posts. To make sure it was not succeeding as a fluke, I also disabled my access key at AWS and tried to use the plugin. It failed as expected indicating to me that the plugin is successfully communicating with Amazon when the key is enabled.

  • Glad I was reading through my tweets lol. Just saw your tweet about this and came directly here, now that I’m actually writing blog posts again instead of just adding tv shows, this plugin could come in really handy. In-fact I wonder what other cool plugins like this are out there that I’m missing, and need (other than the standard comluv, dofollow, keywordluv ones lol).

    My questions though, do readers actually click through on these type links? I have an Amazon Affiliate account, but have never really tried it out 100%. I’ve mainly stuck with Commission Junction, Adsense and Adbrite until now, but I read somewhere you should branch out with your different affiliate companies, so maybe this will be a new direction for me….. Thanks for posting! 🙂

    • I make between $10 and $30 from Amazon Affiliate last 3 months selling between 3 and 11 products per month average, and I don’t push it only list the occasional banner in 1 out of 10 articles maybe.