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Social gaming applies to games that are played with the help of social interaction. The concept behind social gaming is to carry out gaming competitions among the group, rather than playing it in solitude. Social gaming has been given more air by social media such as Facebook and others. The hype concerning social gaming has always been high and many experts believed it to be a commercial success. Although taking a flying start Social Gaming could not deliver what it promised and hence is on the decline into a big failure in my opinion. The very hype that had been created around Social gaming also seems to have destroyed the fun of it.

Social gaming has mostly brought more tears to market forecasters than happiness. (Saying same thing 3x) People had huge expectation from the social gaming as it endorsed many advertisements and the marketing on social media. However, these marketing campaigns did not seem to help the cause and social gaming collapsed in the market invariably. Many social gaming companies have buried themselves because of their overexpansion and lack of anticipation of the decline. An example of a gaming company that has laid off its 500+employees because of a failure in social gaming is Zynga.

Zynga, a living example of social gaming failure

The Social game developer, Zynga has laid off over 500 employees, which is taken as a sign of big failure. This downsizing of employees has triggered due to the mass failure of their social gaming platform and specifically the lack of growth which is required for any publicly traded company. The hype that had been created around social gaming encouraged companies to spend their resources in the production of these games. However, it did not pay off and as a result; As a result of the recent drop in earnings, Zynga closed its Los Angeles, New York and Dallas offices. The employees that have been laid off, constitute 19 percent of the total workforce of the company.

This news was received through a tweet by an official of Zynga, who announced that 55 people had been affected by it. As a result of this showdown, Zynga has committed itself to the development of mobile games as of now. Social gaming sector has been shut from the company. The CEO of Zynga announced that the laying off has been made due to the reduction in costs of game development. This reduction is expected to help the development of mobile games and turn them into a pleasant experience, unlike social gaming.

The reduction in the number of employees is a step that has been taken in order to save Zynga from going bankrupt. The company attributes its failure to the social gaming campaign that it undertook a bad bet that was placed and it has cost the company a fortune.


The Zynga incident has created buzz in the market over the future of Social gaming. It has proved that the hype and popularity revolving around social gaming has not done any justice to the market. The future of social gaming has now gone for a toss. However, we will have to wait and see how social gaming will fare in the future market.

The gaming industry is highly unstable with so many players and companies right now, social gaming in itself may be just a fad, though multiplayer and connecting with others occasionally to game do you think social gaming as a platform in the likes that Zynga and others will succeed in the long term or is this just the beginning of the end?

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