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I have had numerous people ask me on SocialSpark some basic start up questions that I decided to create another article talking about SocialSpark.  You can read my tips for using SocialSpark to get more detailed information, but here are some beginner basics to know right off the bat.

The reason why I promote SocialSpark so heavily is because it is the single top highest earning platform for my blogs earning me almost $2,000 alone in the last two years.  I use this in combination with other companies that pay bloggers and reached over $4000 in blog earnings over the past twenty months or so.

SocialSpark is one of the few programs where you can earn decent amounts if you have a high blog traffic but still have a low pagerank.  Though I will admit that advertiser opps come in bursts (lots in one month, yet few in another) and that it needs more advertisers purchasing into the system to really allow bloggers to earn a good second income from their blogs.

So here are my beginner tips for SocialSpark and you can apply these for other online earning companies as well (some are not as strict, but you should follow the same rules for consistency).

Read more for my tips on starting with SocialSpark that you can apply when doing sponsored content for any company that pays bloggers.

Wait Period

Most blog earning companies have a “age requirement” and your blog needs to be 90 days old to join SocialSpark and must have at least 10 posts (though I recommend having at least 30 before taking paid opps).  If you want to avoid the wait period you can sign onto services like PayPerPost, Sponzai which don’t have a wait period.

Register your blog to SocialSpark the moment your blog is 90 days old as it can take about 14 days for SocialSpark to approve your blog.  If you don’t hear back from them in 14 days, open a support ticket and ask about the status of your blog approval.

Taking Paid Opps

Remember you aren’t just “making money” by doing paid opps, you are committing yourself to promoting an advertisers content and your reputation is on the line.  Only take opps that you are comfortable promoting and always write your best and do your best endorsement of a product, don’ t ever do a half-assed job when promoting a SocialSpark opp.  SocialSpark does not do “Link Only” opps and all opps are genuine reviews or promotions so you must remember that the advertiser looks at each post and you want them to like what they see so you may be hired for future assignments.  Also don’t discount the blog traffic, I have one SocialSpark opp of mine alone that gets over 4000 visits per month according to Google Analytics, so this one SocialSpark paid opp accounts for about 15% of my blog traffic.

  • When doing a paid opp from SocialSpark remember to include the top disclosure and bottom disclosure button, remember to include links exactly as they are listed in your opp.
  • No AdSense is allowed in sponsored posts (you must remove any adsense blocks from your sponsored posts or your opp will be rejected and your time and effort wasted.  You cannot embed AdSense blocks in your “single.php” if you are using SocialSpark because of this, this is why I highly recommend the AdSense All in One and YPN! plugin which allows you to turn off AdSense on specific posts.  Apply this rule to all sponsored opps even if other companies don’t reject you, you want to showcase the advertisers content and by putting an AdSense block in the middle of a sponsored post the advertiser is competing with your AdSense which may even promote a competing product or service.
  • No paid content back to back, this is a surefire way to lose your hard earned work and money.  If you do two paid content articles back to back regardless of whether they are PayPerPost, SocialSpark, ReviewMe…etc you will be rejected with no option to edit and resubmit.  Do not ever put sponsored content back to back on your blog.  Always make sure you have 1 filler post between all sponsored posts or you will lose money and be frustrated.  Apply this rule to all of your paid blogging platforms for consistency and respect sake, if you do paid content so often that it is back to back then you are just bombarding your readers with sponsored content and can hurt your reputation as well.  (The only exception to this rule is paid keyword links) to put a paid link in only does not count as sponsored content and does not conflict as long as the article itself isn’t a fully sponsored article.
  • Choose between PayU2Blog or IZEA for your blogs.  I used to love PayU2Blog and I still think it is a great blogging service, I made about $60 – $100 per month from a blog with only 30 visits per day and a PageRank of 0.  The problem is that PayU2Blog forbids you from using any IZEA company services including SocialSpark, Sponzai, PayPerPost, InPostLinks and any other mention of these services, if you so much as say IZEA on your blog you could be banned from the system.  This is the reason why I don’t use the service anymore and they won’t even speak to me since I mentioned I was banned from their system.  I had made $777 dollars my first year blogging with PayU2Blog so don’t rule it out, just know you have to devote one blog to them alone if you use their program and I know many bloggers who still use PayU2Blog.

Pay Out

SocialSpark pays out 30 days after the sponsored post is published, so even if the post took 2 weeks to be approved you would be paid 30 days from the date the post was published.  You can track all your sponsored opps by going into your My Taken Sponsored Opps in your Blogger Dashboard.

When your payouts reach $50 then you can click the “Cash Out” button and you will receive the money directly deposited into your PayPal the same day you click “Cash Out”.  Usually this is within a few minutes and is a simple process.  I do not recommend cashing out if you have “pending funds” that equal less than $50 dollars however, or else you will only delay how long it takes to get the rest of your pending money.  I usually only cash out when my balance is over $100 and I have more than $50 in pending funds.


Blogging for profit is a very competitive business and you are competing against tens of thousands of other bloggers all looking and competing for the same advertisers, you must make sure your work is high quality and stands out and that you comply with some basic rules to avoid making some critical mistakes early on.  Such mistakes have probably cost me over $200 over the past two years in rejected opps from simple mishaps like forgetting to turn off AdSense or putting two sponsored posts back to back.

-Dragon Blogger

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  • The first post I wrote I forgot to turn off AdSense within the post. SocialSpark is really good about mentioning these things and giving you the opportunity to correct them.

    I did get 5 good opps. in April and made more than enough to cash out (just over $70) which I thought was really great. I am disappointed there weren’t a lot of good opps. for May, but remembered from your earlier posts that opps. are feast of famine. I definitely like SocialSpark better than Sponzai, although I’ve used them as well.
    .-= Anne Bender´s last blog ..Win $100 in Groceries: You Choose the Store =-.

    • Yep, it is really dry some months and then active others. Advertisers come in waves, no clear consistency. Sponzai hasn’t been doing much for me, I have been seeing more offers for ReviewMe, SponsoredReviews and PayPerPost lately, but none give me as many opps as SocialSpark on a good month.

  • A friend was telling me about SocialSpark. This is a cool website.

  • [email protected]

    Social Spark sounds like a good program to look into. I often wondered how bloggers make money, aside from ad-sense. I assume you blog has to be well established beyond the 90 days to get offers from companies.

    • Yes and No, if your site launches quickly and you get a lot of traffic and visits (like over 100 visits per day) you can qualify for some SocialSpark opps right at acceptance. Note that you will start seeing decent opps when you hit about 75 – 150 unique visits per day, it is hard to qualify for opps unless your realrank is below 2500 which is based on site traffic. Though you can qualify for opps if you have a good PageRank but low traffic.

  • Thanks for sharing these tips.

    i am also with Social Spark but I nevr did earn from them.
    .-= [email protected] tonight´s last blog ..Melanie Brown on Dance Your Ass Off =-.

  • Craig Cook

    I am working towards getting my blog accepted with SocialSpark. I actually was around when it first launched but at a time when blogging wasn’t a priority. Once I get over a little WP Plugin gone bad fix … I will be back on track. Thanks for a refresher!

    With all the monitizing “opportunities” out there does anyone suggest picking one company, like izea, and doing it great? Or doing a bunch of things okay?

    • Good question, you don’t have to pick one company only. You can use IZEA services (payperpost, socialspark, sponzai, sponsoredtweets, wereward, inPostLinks) and still use SponsoredReviews, ReviewMe, Blogsvertise as I do. It is only PayU2Blog that I am aware of which prohibits using IZEA if you use them. Read my Make Money Online page which shows all the program which work best for me. I don’t think you should stick with one service only because all have dry spells and SocialSpark sometimes goes weeks without a new advertiser and other times with 10 new advertisers in one week.

  • Thanks for the information. I just recently had my blog approved and today I accepted my first opportunity. It was for a contest. However, later after I was looking at the website, I noticed that their contest closed a couple of days ago. So, if I do not complete this task because it is after the deadline, am I penalized somehow? I can’t seem to find any info on what happens if you don’t complete a task. I am assuming that if I write this post but that the contest is over, that I am not paid-correct? Thanks for these tips!!
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..Trilingual Hiphop =-.

    • If you take an assignment you can cancel it at any time, just go into the opp and select the “Cancel” button at the bottom where you would normally submit for review. This will release your lock on the opp and open it back up. There is also no penalty if you fail to submit your opp on time other than losing the opp.

  • Huh! I love it when I discover new opportunities like this. As of right now, I’m still small time when it comes to blogging. But it becomes pretty important for developing some financial cushioning while you try to get your own blog financially strong enough to support itself. Multiple Streams of Income in another method, so to speak.

    As of right now, I mostly do social media gigs with a couple clients. The pay isn’t too great, but I can’t complain; I’d be sifting through social media as a whole anyway. *chuckles.*

    I’m tempted to have a gander at socialspark though. I wonder if they have much in the way of fantasy/sci-fi anything?

  • Why are there so many opps where I’m not qualified?

    • Your site is very new it would appear, it has no PageRank yet and your traffic is minimal at this time. Try building a following and writing 30-60 quality articles that you can promote and bring in some traffic. Your blog needs to be 90 days old and have at least some traffic before it will start qualifying for opps.

  • dude .. you are saying that no adsense must be kept in social spark for 30 days … but i see adsense ad in your post that has not completed 30 days .. the link is http://www.dragonblogger.com/find-or-wipe-missing-phone-with-sprint-total-equipment-protection/

    you have publised on 22 August, 2011 and today ( 12 sep,2011 ) i saw adsense ad on which as not completed 30 days …will you be paid for that ??? is it legal ??

    • why there is no reply to the above comment ????

    • SocialSpark got rid of the AdSense not allowed issue with 2.0, now Advertiser approves post directly and you can have AdSense ads inside SocialSpark opps without issue.

  • oh .. great dude …. thanks for your reply … all the best …