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Tablet Express has partnered with Dragon Blogger on a MEGA giveaway event that simply dwarfs all other giveaways we have run.  This giveaway which is called the Android Tablet and Drone Mega giveaway will be a giveaway that spans from today until July 4th 2016 and a winner gets chosen each week to win a prize which will either be an Android Tablet or a Drone (drones are given away on July 4th).  Entrants will be cumulative so if you enter now, and you aren’t chosen on 3/27 all of your entries are still in the pool the entire time, so the more entries you get the greater your odds of winning.  Winner will be notified on each day and has 48 hours to claim the prize or another winner will be chosen.

Enter the Android Tablet and Drone Mega Giveaway Now!

Tablet Express Tablet and Drone Mega Giveaway

Here is the prize schedule for this Android Tablet and Drone Mega Giveaway reprinted from widget above.

Note due to a limitation of I can’t announce winners while giveaway is running, it requires all winners to be chosen to do announcement in widget, so have to print them manually.  All winners will be officially announced in widget as well when the entire giveaway ends.


  • On 3/27/2016 Brian Kautz from MI won the Y88X PLUS Android Tablet and chose the Black Model.
  • On 4/10, Timothy Montoya from CO won the Y88X Kids Android Tablet (Red).
  • On 4/24, Lynn Grap from WI won the M8 Android Tablet plus case.
  • On 5/8,  Carol J Eicher from CA won the Dragon Touch A1X PLUS Android Tablet plus case
  • On 5/22, Jessica Tartaglia from Rhode Island won the Kingpad V10 Android Tablet
  • On 6/5/2016 Sam Dawson from Texas won the Dragon Touch M10X Android Tablet
  • On 6/19/2016, Bill Born from OH won the Dragon Touch E97 Android Tablet
  • On 7/4 the following Grand Prize Winners were chosen:

Anna Pry from NC – Dragon Touch X10 Android Tablet
Holly Huff from IL – Dragon Touch E97 Android Tablet
Hideki Yamada from MN – Dragon Touch M10X Android Tablet
Diana Jimenez from SC – Kingpad V10 Android Tablet
Michael Perkins from AZ – Dragon Touch M8 Android Tablet
Mark Graham from CA – AKASO drone K88 Bundle
Luis Borjon from TX – AKASO drone X5C
Jim Bryant from TX – AKASO drone X8C


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  • Saurabh Wadhwa

    Who won the 24th April draw ?? Dragon Touch M8 Android Tablet plus case?? Please gift me:P

    • Winner just claimed last night, so just updated. Lynn Grap was the winner of 4/24, next winner will be drawn on 5/8.

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    • I pushed the 6/5 winner up there, 6/19 winner hasn’t claimed yet. I was posting winners on the fanpage as well as our winners wall.

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    Would had been amazing if I won. Still, I got a tech website to read every night. 🙂

  • All winners have been contacted, check your emails. I will announce all winners once they all have confirmed and claimed prizes.

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