SEO Security: All You Need to Know

While a lot of businesses focus on the need to fuel their SEO, once you have managed to achieve natural and organic growth, and are appearing at the top of search results for your relevant key words, you may be at risk of attack by competitors. There are many ways in which a competitor can [...]

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7 Free Google Tools That Can Help You Produce Quality Content

You may be a wonderful writer, but online content is a much more complex task than regular writing. Regardless of your experience and knowledge of SEO and keywords, there are some areas where everyone needs assistance in order to produce content that will bring success to the website. You may order your content online on [...]

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Automated Insights for Google Analytics Simplified Webmasters Job

Offering a service that is user-friendly is the key to success in the world of online marketing. Google, the world’s most dominant search engine is well aware of the fact that web marketers, as well as, SEO professionals use Google Analytics to determine their marketing and web page optimization strategies. Therefore, just a couple of [...]

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Blogging Tip: How to Make Statcounter Statistics Public?

Statcounter is a free and fantastic website analytics service that gives you a lot more information about your blog or website visitors than say Google Analytics. While Google Analytics can be integrated with Adsense and Webmaster Tools to create a unique tracking service for bloggers and webmasters, Statcounter allows you to track and even label [...]

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Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Terms – Part 1

Beginners Guide to the common terms associated with SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Source of Traffic Drop Found and Resolved?

After analyzing site changes on the search traffic dropped when I had switched Wordpress SEO plugins, restoring All in One SEO pack resulted in site traffic returning 2 weeks later.

Dragon Blogger Traffic Stats for April 2010

April 2010 Analytics Report for shows just over 15k unique visits and 20k PageViews with over 75% coming from search engines

Google Analytics: Content Drilldown – Pivot View

It's no surprise that 4 of my top 10 pages were dominated by Google searches and related to NBC Heroes which accounts for about 35-40% of my blog traffic

Top October Searches for Dragon Blogger

Use Google Analytics to see what searches are strongest leading to your blog and capitalize on those searches, build other blog posts around the same topics

Accurately Tracking Your Blog Visitors

I want to share with my readers and that is there seems to be no 100% accurate way to track the unique visits and pageviews to your blog

Instant Access To Analytics from WordPress

I saw in WebSite Magazine an article about MailChimp's Analytic 360 plug-in for Wordpress and I decided to install it, it is one of the few wordpress plug-ins that has a full 5 star rating on and over two thousand downloads, and I can see why.  Virtually every important metric you would visit Google [...]

Designing Blogs For All Browsers

One of the most complicated things to do lately is design websites or choose blog themes and templates that render correctly in every type of browser, including: FireFox, Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari...etc. Some people write tons of extra code into the browser to format the content style sheets a [...]

Blog Statistics And Analytics For Last 30 Days

My two primary blogs and continue to grow traffic wise and become larger each month. itself has exceeded 12,000 unique visits per month according to Google analytics and averages over 300 unique visits per day.  The odd thing is I never dropped Entrecards on December 31st - January 2nd and my traffic [...]

Dragon Blogger Sets Blog Goals For November 2008

So I had set my goals for October 2008 and posted them previously, here is a reprint of my goals for October 2008 vs what I actually achieved. Keep my Blog < 1000 IzeaRank I have met this goal and in fact my blog has been in the 300 range for the entire month. Keep [...]

RankQuest ToolBar: Experimenting with a New Firefox Plug-In

So I downloaded an experimental toolbar from called "RankQuest SEO Toolbar 3.9.2" this toolbar requires you to create an account on Mozilla to download the plug-in.  I downloaded this plugin because it mentions it can give the Alexa Rank and PageRank of any page among having other SEO tools. I installed the plug-in and [...]

Dragon Blogger Sets Blog Goals For October 2008

Now that we are at October 1st 2008, it is time for me to set goals for my blog's second month of life.  I have achieved quite a bit with my first month and am going to realistically pace myself a little better for the second month. Rather than try to achieve some rediculously low [...]

Entrecard Top 20 Droppers For September 2008

In the spirit of mentioning top droppers for Entrecard, I have decided to do one post per month giving props to my fellow entrecard users who have consistantly dropped on me. Here is a list of the top 20 bloggers who dropped on my Entrecard Site for the Month of September. Thank you very much [...]

Learned a New WordPress Trick – Posting Blogs For The Future

I just learned something about wordpress that I didn't know, many of you probably knew this feature but I just learned it tonight.  Did you know you can edit the date of your post and set it to the future, like tomorrow or next week.  When you publish your blog post with a future date, [...]

Dragonblogger’s Goals and Blog Stats for the Month of September 2008

Now that it is the last day of the month I will repost my goals I had set for Sep '08 and list my stats, earned money among other information. First here were my goals for September: <1500 average weekly IZEARank <1.5 million Alexa Rank average 50+ average visits per day 20 RSS Subscribers 10 [...]