Movie Review: Pixar’s UP (2010)

Before I start the review of the film itself, I want to tell everyone that the animated short "Partly Cloudy" that precedes the film is in itself an amazing masterpiece that is probably one of the best ever created. It is so original, creative and imaginative, yet instills laughter, sadness and has a wonderful feel [...]

Dragon Blogger Review of Nights in Rodanthe

Here is a non-comedy romantic film about two people whose lives have nearly fallen apart and hope for love long since dwindled. They meet by accident and an almost unimaginable romance blooms making the two feel like teenage lovebirds. Richard Gere plays Dr. Paul Flanner a doctor troubled by a surgery gone awry and losing [...]

Dragon Blogger Review of Far North

Far North is a movie about survival. Two women living alone on the run surviving in the deadly frozen climate in the far north. One woman declared cursed at birth from the village shaman, she finds love only for her whole village to be slaughtered by soldiers and she forced to flee taking the last [...]

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Dragon Blogger Review of Babylon A.D.

I am a big Vin Diesel fan and have enjoyed many of his films, especially the Pitch Black series. The movie Babylon A.D. from the trailers appeared to be a Blade Runner-esque type movie set in a gritty future where humans had to fend for themselves and governments had broken down. I hadn't heard much [...]