Rankings & User Feedback of Best SEO Software 2017

Are you looking for one of the best SEO software for your marketing team? Finding the right SEO tool is challenging as there are hundreds out there. If you've just started and are not sure how to select the best SEO software, the simplest approach is to check the rankings and the user feedback of [...]

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Why You Need the Best CDN Services for Your Website

Nowadays, CDN services are becoming popular, with its purpose of improving the experience of websites’ audience. They are basically about delivering content to end users. Content such as text, graphics, media files, documents, applications such as e-commerce websites, live streaming media etc. are examples of internet content served by Content Delivery Network providers. A CDN [...]

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How To Turn Your Passion Into An Online Business

Turning a passion into a business is probably every entrepreneur's dream. If you can combine the pleasure you derive from your pastimes and the ability to make hard cash, then it's probably the dream job of everyone. Make money while having fun! With the Internet, it is even easier to publicize and sell your products [...]

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Why Most Site Search Engines Don’t Work

In today's e-commerce marketplace, you won't find too many online shops without an on-site search engine. If you're running a Magento storefront, you'll find lots of Magento search extensions to add that capability to your shop. You'll also find a lot of them that don't work – at least in terms of what they ought [...]

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7 Ideas to Design an Instagram Ad for More Likes

Instagram’s success has wowed even the honchos who were skeptical about Facebook’s decision to buy the app in 2012. Today, the platform boasts over 500 million monthly active users (MAUs) and over 80 million photos are shared daily. It is not only individuals who are sharing photos on Instagram. Marketers have taken notice and most [...]

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Reasons to use TurnItIn for Plagiarism Checking

Is TurnItIn - The best plagiarism checker for all writers? The act of using another person’s thoughts, words or idea and presenting them as one’s, without ascribing them to the original author, is a serious ethical offence. This act is known as plagiarism. Consequences of Plagiarism In academia, blogging, journalism, publishing, and any other institutions that [...]

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The Benefits of Multimedia and Wireless Connectivity in Education  

  The internet has definitely been a boon for educational institutions in the past few years, enabling educators and other staff to implement more productive methods into their workflows. In the past, people could only find the information they needed by rifling through library catalogs and bookstores. Now, anybody with a computer and a reliable [...]

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Business benefits of fiber internet connectivity – Why should businesses opt for it?

When it comes to the different internet connections available for businesses, a fiber-optic internet installation is probably the best one that you can opt for as this technology has got a number of benefits which are especially related to businesses. Although this technology is relatively new, one may be left wondering whether or not the [...]

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Privacy is a Myth but Cyber Protection is the Solution

Data is the most valuable commodity in the modern digital world. Any doubts regarding this statement are quickly dispelled by Facebook’s estimated $200 billion value. Facebook has relatively few hard physical assets apart from its massive server farms that run its network and store and maintain an equally massive data trove. The company’s valuation is [...]

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  With millions and millions of web pages and websites available over the World Wide Web, making your web page get noticed requires some extra effort and strategy. The internet is a noisy and flooded platform with everyone competing to command an online presence hence to achieve high traffic to your web page; you need [...]

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Top 10 Best Technology Blogger Templates 2016

With the development of blogging technologies, bloggers are having much easier times when blogging. They have everything they need including perfect templates for their blogs. No need to create a site from scratch or develop a program. All you need to do now is find the platform that fits your needs and check out its [...]

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25+ SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2016 (Infographic)

Search engine optimization is one marketing technique that keeps on frequently changing and evolving. What worked previously may not work now and as such weeding out the outdated SEO techniques and replacing it with new SEO tactics is important, if you want to keep your site from getting penalized. Moreover, if you have optimized your [...]

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How to Write a Guest Post: 10 Important Points

When people start blogging, some of them think that writing high-quality posts is enough to become popular. However, it isn’t. Actually, no matter how many awesome posts and unique stories you’ll write, they all will be useless if only a few people will read them. That’s why it’s so important to work with the community [...]

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