SponsoredReviews Updates Post Types

SponsoredReviews a very successful company that helps bring advertisers and bloggers together releases an update for some post types and disclosure types.

Bloggers Must Disclose Paid Reviews

Bloggers can be liable for up to an $11,000 fine for being caught promoting a product without disclosure that they were paid to endorse the product.

Dragon Blogger Sets Blog Goals For November 2008

So I had set my goals for October 2008 and posted them previously, here is a reprint of my goals for October 2008 vs what I actually achieved. Keep my Blog < 1000 IzeaRank I have met this goal and in fact my blog has been in the 300 range for the entire month. Keep [...]

What you need to know about paid posts and nofollow links

I have been doing a ton of research on SEO Optimization and how to restore my Google PageRank and avoid having my PageRank whacked in the future. I want to point out that this link tracks a conversation between SEO Scoop, Matt Cutts from Google, and other bloggers who were all penalized from having paid [...]

My First Blogging Payday from PayU2Blog

Today I received my first paypal payment from blogging and I was very excited to see the transfer in my paypal account this morning.  I want to tell everyone that anyone can make some money blogging if you have a little time, dedication and patience.  Writing skills help, but I have seen blogs that still [...]

Dragon Blogger Sets Blog Goals For October 2008

Now that we are at October 1st 2008, it is time for me to set goals for my blog's second month of life.  I have achieved quite a bit with my first month and am going to realistically pace myself a little better for the second month. Rather than try to achieve some rediculously low [...]

Entrecard Top 20 Droppers For September 2008

In the spirit of mentioning top droppers for Entrecard, I have decided to do one post per month giving props to my fellow entrecard users who have consistantly dropped on me. Here is a list of the top 20 bloggers who dropped on my Entrecard Site for the Month of September. Thank you very much [...]

Learned a New WordPress Trick – Posting Blogs For The Future

I just learned something about wordpress that I didn't know, many of you probably knew this feature but I just learned it tonight.  Did you know you can edit the date of your post and set it to the future, like tomorrow or next week.  When you publish your blog post with a future date, [...]

Dragonblogger’s Goals and Blog Stats for the Month of September 2008

Now that it is the last day of the month I will repost my goals I had set for Sep '08 and list my stats, earned money among other information. First here were my goals for September: <1500 average weekly IZEARank <1.5 million Alexa Rank average 50+ average visits per day 20 RSS Subscribers 10 [...]

A Dragon Blogger Tip For Blogging – You Can’t Please Everybody

My original purpose for creating a blog was to learn more about the blog scene and to make a second income stream without having to leave the house.  I needed another source of income where I could work from home while my kids were in bed.  I didn't want to waste 1/2 of my income [...]

Dragon Blogger Makes Some Money Blogging

This post is to let all my fellow blogger's out there that anyone who puts some effort and hard work into your blog can bring in some income.  My blog first started on August 21st 2008, and currently I have a total of $34.75 earned that are in pending status.  $27.50 of this is from [...]