Facebook Policy Changes and The Effect on Giveaways and Sweepstakes

So last week Facebook announced some clear policy changes that were provided to API developers and particularly these are about crushing Like Gates and removing “incentivized liking” of fanpages.  What this means to bloggers and sweepstakes folks is that you no longer can require someone to like a fanpage to enter a sweepstakes, and you [...]

PunchTab and Rafflecopter Updates

Since I started the switch to running my contests from Rafflecopter to PunchTab primarily I have worked with the PunchTab team to help get 3 new features implemented into the PunchTab contest service.  These additional features just added recently are: Punchtab Updates Export to CSV Now you can export the entries to a CSV file [...]

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Comparing Rafflecopter to Punchtab for Contests

As many of my readers know, we here at DragonBlogger.com have been running contests for months.  I came up with the idea back in November 2011 where I wanted to give away at least 1-2 cool things to readers as a sign of appreciation and also a means to increase my following on social media [...]