YouTube SEO: how to rank your videos higher in search

YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing platforms out there, which makes it the perfect place for generating traffic from good content. However, creating high quality content is not enough anymore, because now videos need to be optimized to reach a certain viewer base. The reason why your videos may not be getting a [...]

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The Little Secret To Become A YouTube Star Is Out Now    

You cannot underestimate the Midas touch of the social media platforms to make any start-up entrepreneurs shine bright. But, why your business videos are not meriting those whopping ‘1 million’ view tags, while clips evidently quite inferior to yours getting it?  Now how can you be rest assured that the ‘views’ they boast of, are [...]

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Growing Influence of Instagram on Web Design

Instagram is a social network that is based on sharing photos. It continues to be popular with hundreds of millions of active users. This has resulted in numerous brands opting to utilize the network. The social media platform offers a number of business tools and more web designers have been integrating Instagram in their designs. [...]

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4 Tips to Ace it in Instagram for Business

The contemporary business landscape is highly volatile. There are so many trends emerging and as a business owner, you have to stay abreast of all these changes. One of the most impressive changes that have happened in business marketing is the integration of social media in marketing. Among the social media networks, Instagram has emerged [...]

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6 Things you need to know to start a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is your way to communicate with audience and spread knowledge and entertainment. Creating a YouTube channel is not a complex process, but it needs passion and interest to manage your channel and to produce attractive content. To create attractive content that worth to be followed, liked and shared you have to [...]

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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2017

A lot of changes have been affecting YouTube lately, especially over these past few months. After the PewDiePie debacle when advertisers started leaving YouTube, many top YouTubers have also started noticing changes in the algorithms behind YouTube itself. The old secrets no longer work and growing a YouTube channel is now more challenging than ever. [...]

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Instagram 101: An Introduction to the Photo-Sharing App

Instagram is a social media platform with over 500 million users—with new members joining every day—that consists basically of photos and videos. Much like Facebook, who bought Systrom and Krieger’s app back in 2012, you have a profile and a news feed that users can scroll through. When you upload a photo or video on [...]

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4 Ways To Boost Your Social Outreach as a Blogger and Freelance Writer

The right amount of presence on social media networks can be highly important to bloggers and freelance writers. It can serve two purposes: first, promote their services and blogs; and second, show off their expertise. It will help them to establish themselves as authorities in their areas of expertise, and a long line of followers [...]

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Foscam C1 Lite and FI9800P IP Camera Reviews

I was given the Foscam C1 Lite and Foscam FI9800P to Review, and might I say, these are two fair cameras for the price but both have their pro's and con's and the cloud service and software itself turned out to be one of the biggest hangups that I had with the product. Review of [...]

Instagram Hashtag Printing- The Greatest Marketing Tool of the Era  

Clicking pictures have been in trend for long but what has changed is the quality of photos. Recently, there has been a pretty cool development that gives the online social media profiles a boost. The new “Instaprint hashtag” is something that will revolutionize the era of photography and will also make for a great marketing tool.

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Not Getting Discouraged on YouTube

  YouTube is one of those mediums where it’s super easy to get discouraged and super rewarding when you don’t. You spend a lot of time making a video, think it will change the world, expect immediate attention, release it on YouTube and are discouraged when nobody watches it. It’s actually pretty easy to get [...]

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Social Media and Its Effects on Student’s Writing

Social media is a large component of the lives that we are living today. With the increased use of social media as a communication platform, one would wonder how it is affecting our communication skills even more importantly, how it is affecting the young generation and students in particular. The use of social media is [...]

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AutoGrammer for Managing Instagram Accounts from Your PC

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Schedule Instagram Posts for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Instagram is big and constantly growing, this happens to be one of the social media channels that brands are looking at more and even asking me to establish more of a presence on Instagram [...]

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10 Super Quick Blog Marketing Tips

Gaining success with your blog is all about working smartly on it. Granted, time spent online is  best spent implementing and executing your strategy to do exactly that, that's why we'll keep this one short. Looking for super quick blog marketing tips? Check out the following. Internal Linking Always think about how you can provide [...]

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Top 6 Methods to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

When it comes to optimizing your website there are a thousands of techniques that you can use for enhancing it. But what are the techniques that are actually helpful and are doing really well for optimizing your Social Media Marketing. Well after surveying 182 social media marketers we came up with the six best strategies [...]

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Using MessageHub to Manage Social Conversations

So recently I have started testing the MessageHub application as an iOS application (which you can find on iTunes here) to help manage social media communications across multiple networks in one place. At the time of testing and reviewing this app Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were the only applications support for integration. I am quite [...]

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7 Ways Social Media Can Improve your Business Earnings

While making money off social media or ramping up your ROI from social media isn’t exactly as direct as the title suggests, there’s a lot that happens on social media and businesses have a direct, vested interest in what social media can do for them. Social media isn’t exactly a bustling marketplace. It’s not like [...]

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