Wallpaper Engine Review

So I was just browsing on Facebook on my PC, and a video post came on my news feed. It was a creepy video of zombies banging on the screen trying to get out which spooked me real hard. Also, the other thing that I noticed was that there were desktop icons on the screen. [...]

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Steam Game Giveaway: Undertale

Today's Steam game giveaway is Undertale, which if you haven't heard is an extremely popular JRPG type of game that has a plethora of positive reviews.  It seems to have become really popular in the young teen and pre-teen crowd as well, even my son went as Sans for Halloween carrying his Gaster Blaster.  Ironically [...]

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Project Ascension: A Community Made Launcher After The Paid Mods Controversy

Its been barely a few days since Steam controversy. But for those of you not in the loop, here's a short version of what happened. Basically, Steam (online game distribution platform) starting selling mods (modifications to games). Previously, these mods were community made, and freely distributed. The modders (creators) didn't charge people for downloading and [...]

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Alpha Game Review: Prison Architect

Introverion Software's 2D construction and management simulation game, Prison Architect was initially made public on September 25, 2012 as an Alpha version. The game was then crowdfunded with pre-orders, making over US$ 270,000 in two weeks. The game has rightfully earned this because after finally jumping on the band wagon, I too have been enjoying the [...]

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Indie PC Game Review: Why So Evil

This is going to be my first brief PC game review here for DragonBlogger.com, and instead of starting with a Triple A title I had the opportunity to start my game reviews (there will be more hopefully) with an indie title called "Why So Evil" which is developed by Zonitron Studios and published by Grab [...]

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Game on PC with a Ballistic Joystiq!

Welcome back, game players of all sorts, and especially PC gamers (because, quite frankly, this article is directed at you anyway)! Today, we present to you some epic PC gaming deals, from First-Person Shooters to Survival Horror, with a nice little cornucopia of other gems in between. So kick back, chillax, and get your virtual [...]

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Gary’s Mod Article #6 – Morbus

Morbus is another great Gary's Mod Game mode. In the game mode players play as either an alien or a human. While the humans must survive the alien uprising, the aliens must try to infect or kill the humans. If a human gets killed by an alien's claws they will turn into a Brood Alien [...]

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Gary’s Mod Article #4 – JailBreak

JailBreak is a Gary's Mod Gamemode which allows players to get together on a server and essentially role play a jail system where guards must stop prisoners from rebelling and to keep them following the Warden's orders. If they do not follow the Warden's rules they can be called K.O.S which is short for Kill [...]

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Gary’s Mod Article #3 – Prop Hunt!

Prop Hunt is another game mode that brings loads of people together and offers a great multiplayer experience for all to enjoy. Prop Hunt works a bit like hide and seek but virtual and with Hunters and Props! Essentially the idea is very simple however the game really is fun when playing and could easily [...]

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The Steam Autumn Sales Recap

For those who are into gaming, especially PC gaming then Steam Sales makes you excited. It's a time where players can spend money and get some amazing games for a great deal. Some deals which I have seen in this year's Steam Autumn Sale has been, Skyrim - £3, Batman Arkham City - £4, Game [...]

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Gary’s Mod Article #2 – Stop It Slender!

Welcome to the first article based on a Gary's Mod Game mode! Stop it slender is a game mode for Gary's Mod. The game mode features multiple players playing together to collect letters which are scattered around the map in various places. Players will have to use their torchlight, instinct, wits and vision to search [...]

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Don’t Starve – Can You Survive?

What is Don't Starve? Don't Starve is a game which is getting alot of attention, mainly due to its unique game play and viewpoint. Created by Klei Entertainment who are known for their game shank 2. The game puts you in the hands of a gentleman scientist called Wilson who has been mysteriously teleported into a different world. In [...]

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