The Technology Behind FIFA 18

Another year, another FIFA game, and as always the hype begins early. EA have made some tremendous technological leaps over the last few games in the series and we are now getting a glimpse of EA’s first truly next gen FIFA game which will only be appearing on the newest, most powerful consoles; the Xbox [...]

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Relation Between Games and Studies [INFOGRAPHIC]

Contrary to the common perception that games are a waste of time, this infographic explains that games can be very helpful in the educational system. There are different reasons why games are useful for the creativity of the children and for the improvement of the learning process in general. The paramount reason behind the argument [...]

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Total War™: WARHAMMER®II Announced

LONDON, March 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced the next game in the best-selling Total War: WARHAMMER trilogy. Total War: WARHAMMER II will be the second release in an ongoing partnership between globally-acclaimed developer Creative Assembly™ and Games Workshop®, creators of the world-renowned Warhammer® Fantasy Battles tabletop wargame and miniatures. Total [...]

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Why should you develop games in HTML5?

If you’re interested in developing games that are deployable across many devices, HTML5 should be your number one consideration. Adobe Flash is no longer the de-facto engine running the web, and in fact, Google has frowned on Flash landing pages (which were oh so popular in days of old) for quite some time. And while [...]

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Top 5 Console Games of 2016

Hello everyone! In this article I will be going over the top console games from the past year. Hopefully these will give you some good ideas on what to buy for the gamer of the house. The games I've chosen are not in any particular order and I chose them based on overall scores, sales [...]

Could Crackdown 3 be the next title to lose its Xbox exclusivity?

The recent E3 and Gamescom conferences were greeted with mass euphoria from the gaming community who attended, or watched via various social media feeds, in the hope of receiving news of upcoming titles that would define the future of gaming. Game developers certainly did not disappoint, with a wide range of games, including some that [...]

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Fight Fans Spoilt for Choice with Games

Whether it's the Octagon of the UFC or the four-sided ring of the WWE, there has been some fantastic action for those who enjoy mixed martial arts or professional wrestling so far in 2015. And it isn't just in real life where fight fans have been spoilt for choice this year, with both the UFC [...]

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Frostburn Studios is the New Game Developer for Heroes of Newerth

KALAMAZOO, Mich., May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Frostburn Studios, a subsidiary of Garena Online, announced today that it will be the new official game developer for Heroes of Newerth (HoN), the popular online multiplayer game. With over 30 million registered gamers, the current HoN development team will be seamlessly integrated into Frostburn Studios, to ensure [...]

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Sparta War of Empires a Brief Review

An ancient city, a modern game The city of Sparta, over which the legendary Menelaus and Helen ruled, was famed in ancient times for its warlike ways. Today, a game based on this ancient society — specifically, on the Greco-Persian Wars of the 400s B.C.E. — can be played on Sparta Official site: First, [...]

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Dragoncast Episode 20: The Progression of Video Games

On this episode of The Dragoncast Geoff and Brian welcome Brian's own father-in-law, Brian Camden, on the show to talk about how far we have come in the way of video games and gaming. The guys talk about how they feel that gamers nowadays are spoiled by all the incredible graphics in games as well [...]

Dragon Blogger Don’t Starve Together Let’s Play Series

Geoff and Brian from the DragonBlogger team have 3 sessions of Don't Starve Together on 3 separate days, watch the fun and the commentary is the best part.  On video two the team starts over due to Geoff being incapacitated, Episode 3 has them surviving past the 3rd day. Hope you had [...]

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