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Telecommunication demands have certainly changed throughout the past year and top manufacturers remain ahead of the curve.  Wireless headset experts at The Headset Shop have witnessed a complete turn around in the unified communications industry as new features and technology are updated almost daily.  The new year marked drastic change industry wide but experts say the changes were necessary in order to keep up with current business communication demands in today’s working world.  The way the world communicates has evolved to mobile and VoIP platforms using the internet for reliable voice transmissions.  Key features to look forward to in 2013:

Three In One Connectivity -  Manufactures such as Plantronics and Jabra have engineered ways to use a single telephone headset for all common communications devices.  As we move forward with UC products consumers are starting to notice that most systems now inter-connect with desk phone, computer and Bluetooth devices.

Increased Wireless Mobility -  The use of DECT 6.0 Technology has enabled new systems to reach roaming ranges that surpass 400 feet which is nearly double the industry standard of just a year ago.

Stereo Sound Innovation -  Integrated stereo call quality ensures the best audio performance but also delivers ultimate sound innovation for listening to music and even gaming on personal computers.

With all of this new technology recently surfacing it is highly recommended to select a system that is designed to meet your user requirements to ensure longevity and superior performance.  Below are the top three wireless office headsets released for the 2013 new year guaranteed to meet any user requirement.

1.  Plantronics Savi W740 -  One of the first released that inter-connects to telephone, USB computer and Bluetooth mobiles creating a convenient cordless solution for all devices.  Automatically answer incoming calls easily toggling between your favorite devices with a touch of a button.  Mobility up to 350 feet from your work space creates safer ergonomics while increasing productivity in the office.  Recommended system for the more versatile user.

2.  Plantronics CS540 -  Introducing the elite convertible wearing style featuring both over the ear and headband designs is ideal for those that are unsure which they prefer.  Connecting to business phones only this system is specifically designed for the more traditional call center employee.  Excellent entry level solution delivering the highest standard in wireless communications with noise cancelling, recommended for extreme work environments.

3.  Jabra Pro 9470 -  First ever cordless headset to introduce a full LCD touch screen display for navigating between mobile, phone and computer.  Designed for advanced users interested in a more luxurious approach to office communications with convertible wearing design featuring soft leather ear cushion.  Truly state of the art system offering superior call quality, increased roaming up to 450 feet and digital encryption for safer telecommunications.  Providing elite technology for power users designed for longevity and built with integrity.

Ronnie Toustra

Ronnie Toustra

Expert blogger exposing telephone headset industry wide changes and the evolution of wireless office headsets at The Headset Shop.
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  • Anneliz Hannan

    This could not have been more timely as I was lost at what type of headset to use for Google+ hangouts on air. Thanks for the information. The Jabra Pro 9470 looks like the way I should go. (I’m looking for agreement on that statement ;)

  • Tino

    The Jabra Pro 9470 is an excellent choice depending on your user requirements. For three in one connectivity for telephone, computer & Bluetooth select the Jabra or Plantronics Savi W740, the Pro will include a LCD touch screen “one of a kind” feature, hope this helps.