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Online business is growing worldwide as never before and its perspectives are more than just promising. Everything from software and hardware to books and household equipment and even manufactured goods are sold online. There are thousands of digital stores available to buy and to sell whatever you wish. Is it possible to create a new platform for every web store? This can be really time consuming and expensive task for a developers team so only the large companies can afford developing their unique platform. In the meantime small businesses are looking for eCommerce oriented CMS. Most of them are designed with simplicity and usability in mind. Anything is easily adjustable, interchangeable and can be managed even by those who are new to design and website creation. There is a great number of such platforms, so lets consider the most popular five.

Top 5 eCommerce CMS for your Business


Magento is a professional open source eCommerce solution offering you absolute flexibility and freedom of control over your web store. The product management system allows you organize your product pages exactly the way you need it. Every aspect of a product is an attribute in Magento, from meta keywords to products images. This way you have all options to create, organize or remove attributes. Magento allows creating discount systems and customer groups. It has also all features to create and support static blogs and landing pages for marketing and other purposes.


OpenCart is another one popular solution for your digital store. It has all necessary features for convenient product management, advanced categories settings, customer groups, language and location settings. Except all standard features it has also advanced review system which is the key point of OpenCart system. Customers may leave feedback on the products as well as apply stars ratings. The review option is secured by captcha and is easily controlled from administrative panel.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is one more open source and user friendly shopping cart CMS. The platform is being developed by the team of developers, shop owners and consultants that know a lot about online business from a practical side. The administration panel has a great variety of advanced features such as localization, including currency and languages settings, reports panel with the information on purchased and viewed products, tools panel where you can make administrative adjustments and other options for you to feel free managing your online store.


VirtueMart is not a standalone eCommerce CMS like the previous ones, but it’s really an advanced add-on to use together with your Joomla and Mamboo website. Both Joomla and VirtueMart add-on are developed in PHP and interact with MySQL database. VirtueMart has all required features to create and manage a decent web store.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal eCommerce is one more add-on to manage a web store, this time for Drupal CMS. The package of modules is open source, free and flexible. It exceeds the functionality of a standalone Drupal CMS allowing to operate a web store incl. the following payment systems: PayPal, eWAY, Authorize.net and C.O.D. You can alternatively setup cooperation with other payment systems.

There are actually lots of other professional content management systems to manage your eCommerce website: PrestaShop, Digistore, Freeway Ecommerce, FatFreeCart, osCSS etc. What’s your all-time favorite one?

D. Blackthorn

D. Blackthorn

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  • dwaynekilbourne

    Which of these five do you recommend the most? What about if price is an option?

    • http://drm-removal.com/ Dmitri

      @dwaynekilbourne Magento can be slow if you’re not on a dedicated server, so I’d take OpenCart if the budget is limited. Sure, Magento has many other advantages. Thanks for your interest! :)

  • http://ziekenhuisdieet.eu/soepdieet.html soepdieet

    Virtuemart is mainly used as a simple webshop solution.
    It’s there for the simple users.

    Magento is more advanced…

  • http://exabytes.com.my/ BlackWoods

    Prestashop should be included in, more or less the same with Opencart.
    Magento require a lot of server resources and it is definitely not for starters.