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Most audio enthusiasts look for any available ways to enjoy their favorite tunes on Android device anytime and preferably for free. Despite the enormous variety of digital music stores, torrent trackers, streaming music services and YouTube-like websites, lots of people still prefer online radio. In this article we’ll briefly review the key features of top radio apps for Android.

TuneIn Radio

Let’s begin with TuneIn Radio app, that allows listening to 70000+ online radio stations plus on-demand programs from all around the world. TuneIn Radio is not only about the music, as you can enjoy live sport events, news etc. You may quick surf radio stations playing your favorite song or band at the moment and switch to them on-the-fly. Besides free TuneIn Radio, there is a premium app called TuneIn Radio Pro allowing you record anything that is played onto your Android phone or tablet device – quite impressive! There are options of background playback, recording, rewinding. You may manage all stations by music genres, artists, performers as well as adding the most loved ones into Favorites list. Easy search, intuitive bright interface, and lots of useful functions make TuneIn Radio highly appreciated.

What is the best online radio application for Android


iHeartRadio is another free digital radio service which popularity is growing up. With iHeartRadio you can enjoy about 1500 live radio stations. The “Favorites” option lets you setting up any station for auto opening right after application starts. It is possible to log in to application via Facebook or e-mail. What’s more? iHeartRadio users may use offline mode to play saved podcasts, switch over among desirable stations and songs, and make bookmarks. One more cool feature of iHeartRadio is creating personalized, custom stations that feature only your favorite bands and artists and similar ones.

Pandora® Internet Radio

Today millions of music fans are giving their sympathies to Pandora Internet Radio due to simplicity and ease of use. Telling the truth, Pandora is not a radio station in the common sense. This is a powerful music streaming service focused on personalization. It doesn’t offer lots of advanced features, but it’s free and offers the possibility to create custom “radio” stations. For instance, you input your favorite singer, genre or song and Pandora suggests music in accordance with your tastes. You may accept or decline the results having tapped a thumb up or a thumb down mark. It is possible to create about 100 stations. Common options to review make bookmarks or rate tracks are also available.

Jango Radio

Pandora has many similar features with Jango Radio (custom stations, free-of-charge basis, music recommendation etc). However, there are few differences. You may playback all tracks defining a quality level – low, medium or high. Moreover, you may review information about songs and artists, use sleep timer, and disable screen timeout. Being a free personalized radio, it is much sought after.

SKY.FM Internet Radio

Considering top Android radio apps, we can’t omit mention of Sky.FM Internet Radio designed for listening to music from the same-name web radio station. Key features include a user-friendly interface, where you can manage playback from the lock screen, 35 music channels of different genres (rock, jazz, hip-hop, urban, ethnic, pop etc.), playback quality selection and playback in background mode. Needless to mention “Favorites” feature and the ability to quick share tunes you love or listen a t the moment. Now it’s time for you to try these apps and decide which suits you most.

D. Blackthorn

D. Blackthorn

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