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In experimenting and looking for ways to have fun and explore twitter, I stumbled across a web application called Twittervision. This application mixes the Google Maps API with the Twitter API to show tweets in real time across the globe and display their originating location on a map. This is a fun way to watch tweets from around the world. Since mostly when you see tweets on twitter, or tweetdeck you don’t know what location they are coming from without going into the profile of the user.

You can watch which topics are on the minds of people in Africa, or The Middle East, and keep track of which events are being talked about worldwide. Personally I was having fun just watching tweets pop up from all over the globe and just fascinated how worldwide twitter is and this really shows it.

Twittervision Default View (Click for Larger Picture)
Twittervision Default View

If a 2D map is not your cup of tea, or for a real globe visual you can also click the 3D view and see an incredible globe of the earth in full 3D showing the daylight / nightime sides of the planet. The earth will rotate showing you each tweet and what location the tweet originated from.

Twittervision 3D View
Twittervision 3D View

I like the 3D view but since it rotates the globe for each and every tweet, it is easier to track and read tweets from the 2D view. It is still fun to watch and a great website to visit and check out if you have not looked at it before.

  • Update: I found if you login to twitter vision on bottom left, you can click settings and configure twittervision to only show the tweets of your friends and followers:

Twittervision Settings

  • Update 05/26/2009 –

It would appear that Twittervision has reduced some of their original functionality, you cannot personalize the site anymore, and I can’t seem to get a 3D view of the globe like I could back when I did this review. It is still in Beta so new functionality might be added/removed on a regular basis.

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Justin Germino
  • I would blog this, but is there any way to filter the tweets. I’m kind of an elitist. Most tweets are dreck and life is too short. You are a very special person if I follow you, more likely I’ve seen some evidence of intelligence in your tweets.

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  • I don’t know if I’m blind, but I can’t find the thing you said at the bottom left where I can change preferences.

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    • They seemed to have changed it and removed those features, even though you can go to twittervision/user/login you can login, but aren’t presented with the options anymore.

  • I wonder why. Hopefully they’re working on it.

    Conrads last blog post..Vodacom Internet Offerings – 3G Modems – Part 5 of 7