Dec 172008

Have you ever wondered how to unlock an iphone to make it work with any Cell Phone Service Provider? I do think people should have the ability to use any phone with any service and the iPhone being the most popular and one of the most advanced cell phones on the market should be available to those locked in contracts with other service providers.

iPhone Unlocker has a great solution to unlock iphone with a program you download. If you visit their FAQ page their solution works with all iPhone models and software versions, even ones that are updated with iTunes.

There is no need to even register your iPhone on the AT&T or O2 networks, you can just buy an iPhone and unlock it and use it with any subscriber. Their software is compatible with Windows or Mac PC’s and they offer lifetime upgrades and support, so if your iPhone is patched and becomes locked again, you will never have to pay to unlock it in the future. This way you can download and update your iPhone version when you want to.

They promise no features are lost in any way when unlocking your iPhone and it is compatible in any country. Iphone Unlocker has 365 day round the clock technical support and if you are not satisfied with your iPhone or service after you have it unlocked they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you have an iPhone and don’t want to stay with your current carrier, or you are with another carrier and want to use an iPhone I recommend you give iPhone Unlocker a try.

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Justin Germino
  • People take that risk all the time when putting a crackberry OS on their blackberry which isn’t officially supported. Yes, there is always a risk, at worst case though a default OS should be able to be reset back into the phone by Apple store or AT&T I would think.

  • Ben, I wouldn’t be too afraid of using this unlocker service. It’s really easy and the small upfront costs is well worth it too be able to use your iPhone on any network. The hassle of changing networks and porting your existing number over is a lot more hard work.
    .-= Mac Jones@free iPhone3GS´s last blog ..iPhone 3g and 3GS coming to Orange in the UK =-.

  • As with anything, some sites offer tips and software at a cost, there may be a way to do it for free, but it depends on whether or not you want to use a companies product to do it or try to hack it yourself.

  • Cheapest iPhone deals

    Is there still a real need to unlock the iPhone now it is becoming available on more than 1 network in the UK? I’d be a bit worried about doing anything that may break it!

  • Allan @ iPhone on Orange

    Now the iPhone has launched on the Orange network, i am sure business will be on the op for the iPhone unlockers! I should image a lot of unwanted upgrades will suddenly appear on eBay as well.
    .-= Allan @ iPhone on Orange´s last blog ..Using The iPhone For Video =-.

  • It sounds like a terrific download, however I’m also concerned how this will effect the Iphone long term. Is the flexiblity aspect of the function worth the possibility of damaging your phone?
    .-= Neil@Car GpsTracking´s last blog ..Privacy Policy =-.

    • I hear that it works, but obviously there is always risk with manual unlocking of phones.

  • Cameron Law@how to get your free iphone 3GS

    Thanks for the tip. Will definitely be doing this in the future

  • scott@techandcover

    Thanks for the tip, been looking to unlock my iPhone 🙂

  • Don’t see what’s so dangerous with unlocking an iPhone. If you know what you’re doing, it should be no problem.

  • Marc,
    I’ve personally heard a few stories of people disabling their iPhone while trying to unlock them.
    .-= Marc@Glass Queens´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  • JD@ps3 repairs

    I had a buddy that needed his iphone unlocked once. If he would have known he could have done it this easy he would have. I think he ended up paying someone to do it for him.

  • Tom Tom

    Thank you for sharing.I get lost without a GPS these days! In the past I had a reasonable sense of direction and could use a map well but today if I’m stuck without a GPS

  • Hey Justin,

    I have never felt vary comfortable hacking or unlocking phones, even though I know people do it all the time and it probably isn’t that big of a deal.

    I just always assume, something will go wrong with the phone and I won’t be able to send it in for a replacement if it is a hacked phone.

    I have used verizon for the past 6 years and feel that they have the best service.

    So finally I can now get the iphone that I have been drooling over for years. I think verizon getting the iphone is really going to be a game changer for at&t

    • I personally have never hacked or unlocked any phone and just was content to use whatever the network offered. I also have not hacked consoles, don’t really do the mod chip or anything.

  • Hey Justin, what is that plugin you are using at the bottom of your article for the reader to easily retweet the article? I am always looking for new ways to ask my readers to share my content and I think that is more eye catching than just a tweet button.


    • No plugin, this is done with manual code inserted into the single.php from setting up Twitter Anywhere -> I read about how to do it on another blog post but the URL escapes me now.

  • Liz@Paralegal Training

    I’ve been thinking of unlocking my new Verizon iPhone, but am worried about breaking it, but this is a great post, so thanks for the heads up.

  • Jack@Free iPhone 5

    I wonder if the Apple iPhone 5 will be unlockable