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Structuring the design of your website with the desired navigation pattern is just one part of the whole picture. Since beginning, even web designers and web masters have made numerous design mistakes.  Bloggers when they own self hosted blogs are prone to these mistakes as well because most bloggers are concerned only with the content but not as much the layout and accessibility of their sites.  These design mistakes will simply cause your website’s performance to slow down and make your users and visitors annoyed. Ultimately, this can potentially cause users to leave your website in frustration and not return.

Common Web Design Mistakes

It is always possible that you may find errors in your design structure which may annoy the user, but there are some tools which can help prevent them. Some of the design mistakes are simply around content, others are around images.  An example for instance is to avoid animated stuff like gif images, lots of music, and audio files that plays automatically when someone loads the web page, or pop-ups, animated banners etc. Here we will tackle some of the web design mistakes that should be avoided you design your website or blog.

No Proofreading to Remove Errors

To project the right image, you need to make sure that the content is presentable before publication. Writing and managing the content is very essential not only for the growth of your website or blog but also but to grow your readership base. If you are a publisher, you should spend a sufficient amount of time checking the spelling and grammatical mistakes in your publications before publishing them online as you would if you were sending a publication to print. It never hurts to preview your page and double check reading it from the point of view of a user to make sure not only mistakes are corrected but that you are articulating your message in an easy to understand way. Remember that the content represents your business. It shows how professional you are in your field. Choose the right kind of language that suits your readers and write succinct content without grammatical mistakes. Otherwise, it can put your credibility on stake and cost you customers or readership.

For flawless content, you don’t need to hire any editor or a proofreader. In fact, you can easily do it by yourself. Several free tools are available on the internet. OpenOffice is one of the most convenient one that could help you with proof reading.  Though most web browser have more than sufficient spell checkers.  You can also use this readability checker to help proof your content before you publish it: http://www.online-utility.org/english/readability_test_and_improve.jsp

Website Accessibility Issues

The Internet consists of a very diverse range of users. Some have a disabilities. If your website is not accessible to them, you could be potentially loosing a huge amount of clients.  The Americans with Disabilities act has guidelines for content and web developers which can help them create their content, according to the needs of different kind of users, and make it accessible to them. For example, there is a software tool for blind people, which reads out the text for them; as there isn’t any advanced technological intelligence, yet, that could help translate images into text, a web designer should be very careful while putting the ‘alt’ attributes in image tags. Or else, you could easily be neglecting your potential users.  For more information start with this resource about Web Accessibility.

Using JavaScript Excessively

Another web designing and development concept that might put annoy or drive off your users is adding excessive JavaScript in your website. Although, JavaScript is a great language that makes form validation easier and gives a dynamic effect to your website, if the user has not turned on the JavaScript, he or she would not be able to access your content. The inappropriate use of java scripting can affect your ranking in search engine as well. Even though it offers an enhanced functionality to your site, it can slow down the performance of your site. Search Engines follow the traditional HTML links; thus, the content surrounded within Java scripting would not be searched out and will not be indexed in search engines.  For bloggers the same is true for excessive PHP scripts for your WordPress blog which can add load time or excessively adding plugins and social media buttons each which tend to have their own JavaScript code.

No Proper SEO for Better Ranking

For ranking high in search engines, SEO techniques are essential. But as a web developer you also need to understand not to overload your website with keywords (also known as keyword stuffing). You should also adopt other SEO techniques to bring your website to the top of search engines. One way to do it is by constantly producing products, services and content of great quality, producing content on other sites which provides reference links back to your own sites (Guest Blogging) and more.  Remember to SEO optimize all of your images with ALT tags and make sure the image files consist of 2-3 keywords in the file name instead of IMG0001.jpg for example as well.

Web Frameworks

The easiest way to work on and manage your web site is by taking care of it since the beginning.  In the long run, developing new ideas and designs which take performance, readability, usability and accessibility into account will provide benefits to your readers and customers.   Websites can get relatively unmanageable when they get huge with the passage of time and are left with old archaic practices or design implementations. For example, let’s say that your website is composed of thousands of static pages and you want to have some changes done. For this to happen, you will then need to check, thoroughly, each of the thousands of pages to make the changes manually. If you have a web developer to write a solution code for you, you can easily make the change automatic.

You can choose to hire a designer to assist you, but I also recommend you take a look at a free website maker like freewebsite.us where the easy to use interface will make this creative venture much easier for you if you are designing a new business website.  Or you can look into a CMS system like WordPress as well.


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