Why Use MailChimp?


There are several mailing list programs on the web, but DragonBlogger.com chose MailChimp as my email list provider for several reasons.


MailChimp Starts Free

Mailchimp recently upgraded and now offers 1,000 subscribers and up to 6,000 emails per month for free.  This is enough that you can start building your subscriber lists now and won’t even have to pay to maintain it until after your network is already large enough that you can effectively monetize it.

MailChimp Competitively Priced

You will find that if you compare MailChimp, iContact, Aweber that all programs are very comparatively priced.  You won’t find a price advantage over another mailing service over Mailchimp prices.

Custom HTML and Rich Text Email Templates

MailChimp has a bunch of HTML email templates or lets you create your own, brand with custom header, CSS, colors…etc.

Here is a sample template of my own HTML newsletters:


MailChimp Puts Faces to Emails

Integrating with SocialPro and Gravatar, MailChimp will put your subscriber list as people images so you can put a face to your subscribers.



Detailed Email Campaign Reports

MailChimp provides some excellent report analytics showing you how your email campaigns are received.  You will see exactly who is being reached, which users are opening and get detailed stats from all your email campaigns.



MailChimp gives you auto responders to add incentives to get users to sign up for your mailing list, link to eJunkie downloads or custom offerings so that you can increase your opt-in rates.

Integrates with Social Media

Email newsletters have social media integration, dynamically add Facebook Like buttons, Twitter Retweet, Google Buzz and more directly into your email campaigns to increase the chances of your email newsletter going viral and reaching a larger audience and drawing in more email subscribers.


If you don’t have a mailing list yet for your company or blog, then now is the time to sign up and start building one.  MailChimp offers you the tools to not only effectively manage and track your mailing subscription lists, but offers features and tools to allow you to build the best email campaigns!

You can also send your email campaigns across your Twitter, Facebook and other Social Networks so users can visit your newsletter page and have the option to sign up right then and there!.


-Dragon Blogger

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