May 012013

Dragon Blogger fans, we have entered into a partnership with SponsoredGiveaways to bring to you an exclusive Laptop Giveaway Sweepstakes for our readers.  I worked with our sponsor to pick the best bang for the buck laptop at the $560 price range and we decided to offer the Lenovo Z585 as our giveaway laptop.


Now, how SponsoredGiveways works.  This Sweepstakes isn’t a Punchtab or Rafflecopter sweepstakes and is much more focused about giving attention to the advertiser or sponsor but the widget and how entries are collected are very similar. SponsoredGiveaways requires advertisers to attach the prize to the giveaway program, so the prize already is funded and guaranteed.  What this means however, is that a physical prize isn’t given away by SponsoredGiveaways instead you get an Amazon Gift Certificate via email that is the value of the Lenovo Z585 or an equivalent laptop.  Because if for some reason this particular Lenovo Z585 is not sold on Amazon anymore you would have to pick out an Acer Aspire or Toshiba Satellite or other equivalent laptop instead.  Read my full sponsored giveaways review for more details on the program if you are curious

If you are the winner and you need help picking out the laptop don’t hesitate to contact me and I will provide assistance and guidance.  This giveaway is open Internationally but remember that you are getting an Amazon gift certificate, so if you can’t shop from Amazon, then you won’t be eligible to use the prize, you could still of course do what you want with the gift certificate, sell it to someone…etc.  But you still win the Amazon Gift Certificate value of the prize even if you can’t purchase the laptop from Amazon and have it shipped to you.

The actual laptop picked out is the Lenovo Z585 15.6-Inch Laptop because I know these laptops and I have previously purchased the Lenovo Z575 for my two boys, they play Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, World of Warcraft on them with ease and without any problems.image

This Lenovo Z585 laptop sports the following specs:

  • AMD A10-4600M Accelerated Processor
  • Windows® 8
  • 15.6” backlit LED HD display (1366×768), 16:9 widescreen
  • Integrated AMD Radeon™ HD 7660G graphics
  • 6GB DDR3 memory, 1TB HDD storage
  • Bluetooth 4.0 & integrated high-speed 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Integrated DVD reader/writer
  • USB 2.0, USB 3.0 connectors & 5-in-1 card-reader
  • Integrated 720p HD webcam
  • Integrated stereo speakers supporting Dolby Home Theatre v4 audio enhancement
  • HD graphics support & HDMI output

For more information you can look at this laptop model here: Full Lenovo Z585 Info

I hand chose this as the best laptop to giveaway for my readers and I have purchased 2 Lenovo Z575 laptops before (the previous A6 model) so I was very comfortable recommending this one to giveaway for readers.  I also gave away a Lenovo Z585 for our Thanksgiving Giveaway last year.  This laptop is an all purpose laptop that works very well for business or gaming, you won’t find a better laptop for the price.

Now, before you officially enter the giveaway, please like or follow DragonBloggerTech or Follow DragonBlogger on Twitter (right sidebar) to help show your support for us offering this giveaway exclusively to our fans.

The above social media follows are requests and not official entries for the giveaway.

Enter to Win The Lenovo Z585 Laptop or Equivalent.


If you have any questions about the giveaway don’t hesitate to contact me, by leaving a comment.

Justin Germino
Working in the IT Industry for over 13 years and specializing in web based technologies. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
Justin Germino


Technology, Gaming and Wordpress blogger who runs gadget giveaways, helps others with blogging tips, monetization, earning and more!
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    • SponsoredGiveaways pays bloggers to host giveaways, think of it like BuySellAds you list your blog in the marketplace and an advertiser buys a slot on your blog, so you get a payment to host the giveaway, and you set your giveaway terms when you sign up. It is worth looking into, this is my first giveaway hosted on this platform and actually they are sponsoring it to get the word out.

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    Hey Justin, any chance you can consider Giveaway Tools? This sponsoredgiveaways thing is weird, and Punchtab which you used before sucked too. GiveawayTools is much more user friendly for the entrants, and I believe as well for the administrator. Thanks 🙂

    • I am looking at GiveawayTools and PromoSimple to test out in future, I have used Rafflecopter, Punchtab and Contest Domination previously as well. There are pros and cons for each system, SponsoredGiveaways was the system chosen for this giveaway because they are the sponsor of this prize and raising awareness for their giveaway platform. Also their platform validates the users entry unlike Rafflecopter/Giveaway Tools which you have to manually have the user click “I Did This” and giveaway owner has to manually validate the winning entry, with GiveawayTools there is no moderation or anything the giveaway host has to do, the system is fully automated. Also unlike all other platforms, Giveaway Tools is more beneficial to the winner in that the advertiser has to already put up the coupon/prize into the system, and the winner is automatically awarded the prize when they are chosen. They don’t have to wait for an advertiser to contact them and provide them the winning prize, they get it instantly and advertiser has to put it up front, this ensures that there is no possibility of an advertiser not following through on awarding a prize. None of the other platforms ensure that, and I have a web hosting giveaway for example where winners took 3 weeks to get their prizes which I wasn’t happy about.

      Punchtab I liked the viral refer entries, I got more entries with Punchtab than any other system previously, what do you say sucked about it? Also, what about GiveawayTools do you find weird or don’t like, feel free to share feedback as this is a new service/system and they are making improvements and have features planned.

      • Tamar

        Thanks. Really appreciate the insights.

        As far as Giveaway Tools, yeah, I used to hate it, but what turned me onto it is the “all at once” functionality – I can see and enter what I want and the whole widget expands. I asked Rafflecopter for the same. They told me nicely to F off. in fact, they subsequently ignored me when I tried to explain the rationale. Those guys are just bad business. It’s crazy that they are charging bloggers for the use of their tool in the premium version, and they haven’t changed a single thing in their widget in 4 months.

        PunchTab is annoying in that you have to unfollow and refollow to get the entry to count. Also, like SponsoredGiveaways, you can’t see the entries in one shot – you have to go through this annoying step-by-step. There’s no need for that and it’s a nuisance.

        Giveaway Tools already tells me if I am following someone on Facebook or Twitter, so I count those entries when I go through the widget. I like that. I don’t have to validate, since they know who I am.

        Either way, I understand that they are sponsoring this and perhaps this wasn’t the right place to make this suggestion. Glad you are open to the idea of trying something new though 🙂

        • Again though, some people, especially those with a lot of advertisers/co-sponsors may not want to use a system that expands to 3000px long skyscraper to show all entries at once, it can be more elegant to display them in pages, thing about mobile users entering as well where they have limited screen real estate too. It is a fine balance, also SponsoredGiveaways is the only platform where you list your blog in it’s marketplace and advertisers pay you to host giveaways on your site. This means you are not having to chase down and find sponsors yourself, it is like an ad platform for giveaways instead. None of the other systems offer that, so you can see how SponsoredGiveaways offers something above the other platforms, not maybe in the entry methods or style, but in the whole package it is a pretty viable and attractive platform.

        • Tamar

          Actually, Giveaway Tools gives you the option to auto expand or not. I like them all at once, because it saves *a lot* of extra unnecessary clicking. In terms of elegance, I get aesthetics, but usability should be considered too. To me, having a little small compact unit is a dealbreaker. I tout Giveaway Tools because it is the only (!) widget that does this. It’s that much of a big deal for me as the end user.

          Just a note – a lot of these giveaway platforms cater to the blogger/admin of the giveaway. They could care less about the user experience from the side of the entrant. When I had a call with Greg at Rafflecopter (yeah, once upon a time, I tried to help them out. Now, because my last and most important request is not important to him, he can’t give me the decency of any responses), he said to me specifically that they never get feedback from the other side. That’s why I try to offer feedback. 🙂

          I like the marketplace idea. It’s great for a blogger. I wish them the best.

        • I enter a lot of giveaways myself, Punchtab I actually like as a user, I like the “do option” or just skip, I enter a lot of them from the Punchtab mobile app. I don’t like the unfollow/refollow of course, and like that there is some validation from other platforms. Memory of the ID you used when you have to enter your Twitter name is essential for convenience too.

          I do like that in GiveawayTools you can group entries into sections, instead of each being called out, you can group several and then award entries when they all are completed and set custom entries for the entry type, something Punchtab doesn’t have.

          Still, SponsoredGiveaways will soon have mailing list integration and other features for advertisers, but you are right most giveaway programs are more about the benefit of advertisers and host, not the convenience of the user entering, I have had many requested changes made in Punchtab based on reader feedback, including showing the total # of entries you have when you reach more than 1k entries as a reader who enters.

          We can discuss giveaways and platforms more offline if you want to email me [email protected], I want this post and this giveaway to feature SponsoredGiveaways, if you have specific feedback about this tool and what you would like to see share it here as well, the ability to display all entries in a single expanding widget is one option, I think they could offer that and make the host choose how to display the giveaway.

        • Tamar

          Re: Punchtab – You like having to unfollow and refollow for an entry to count? Doesn’t that sound counter intuitive? They, too, also suck with support – when telling them about issues such as the above, they ignore you. I can’t get behind a company like that.

          Yeah, you can feel free to delete this thread. I really didn’t mean to “attack” the sponsor and this definitely wasn’t the best place for that. Sorry about that. 🙂

        • Do you know on the Punchtab iOS app you don’t have to unfollow, since it ties into iOS which knows your Twitter/Facebook it gives you credit automatically, it only has you do that on the website hosting the Punchtab. Also many require the unfollow/refollow the reason is if you don’t authenticate with Twitter it is agnostic to your actual Twitter ID, the system doesn’t know which Twitter ID you are using, so therefore can’t auto validate. Unless you sign into the giveaway system with Facebook it wouldn’t know you were a subscriber to an account there either, it is the login via Facebook which lets it know that you are already a fan and gives you credit. Now, Punchtab doesn’t ever record the Twitter account and provide to host, but SponsoredGiveaways does track the Twitter account and provide to the host of the contest (or advertiser in reports I think). I know that Giveaway Tools since they have to enter their name requires it.

          But here is the kicker, I would prefer the unfollow/refollow because it VALIDATES automatically. If you just let them click “I DID THIS” and they put in a Twitter user, you are forced to check and confirm they actually did this, I had 10,000+ fake entries in Rafflecopter for my iPad 3 giveaway last year because people marked “I Did This” without actually doing the entries. Combine this with the fact that you can’t look up other fanpages followers, and you can’t validate your sponsors Facebook like entries. This is why a system which does the validation automatically as part of fhe entry is more beneficial than one that requires “I did this” and lets you enter which account/name you followed/liked as. SponsoredGiveaways does a little of both, you check I Did This, but it also tracks and validates.

        • Tamar

          No one I know uses the iOS app 🙂 Giveaway Tools validates too. It’s usually right.

    • Giveaway Tools is one of the ugliest looking platforms by default unless you pay for the premium plan however, though the premium plan isn’t that pricey.

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