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You heard that right fans, I wanted to kick off the summer with something bigger than just a video game giveaway.  We are giving you the chance to win either an Xbox 360 console (250GB) or a Playstation 3 Console (160GB) and you get to choose which console you want to win if you are the lucky winner.

This contest is open Internationally but if you win from outside the U.S. you will instead receive cash value via PayPal instead of the console due to shipping restrictions and charges.

This awesome contest is co-sponsored by, and

So let me know which console you want to win and why, if you want you could also choose the Xbox 360 (4GB with Kinect) instead of the 250GB Xbox 360 if you prefer but as I download a lot of Xbox 360 demo’s I can tell you that having 4GB of space just wasn’t enough for me, it depends on how much you download content versus buying discs and how many you like to have installed at the same time.

Enter to Win an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3

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So let me know who wants to win either an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3!

-Dragon Blogger

Sony Playstation 3 160GB System
List Price: $299.99
Price Disclaimer
Justin Germino
Working in the IT Industry for over 13 years and specializing in web based technologies. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
Justin Germino


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Working in the IT Industry for over 13 years and specializing in web based technologies. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
  • I prefer the PlayStation 3 because i want to play God of War 3 🙂

    • Good luck, people who enter early have chance to get many more entries.

  • Armando_Holguin

    This is going to be huge for! I’ll be sure to share this with my FB page and group which are full of PlayStation Gamers that would love to get their hands on either console! I’d go for the Xbox 360 though. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity.

    • [email protected]_Holguin You are welcome, good luck to you and your friends.

  • Phoenixx138

    My Playstation console recently YLOD on me, so a PS3 is just perfect!  I’m a fan of RPGs and shooters and looking forward to playing the next Bioshock and Borderlands instalments, Bioshock Infinite and Borderlands 2. 

    • [email protected] hear the new game The Another World is supposed to be original, artistic and great.

  • CricketNerdist

    I still have my old PS2 for some reason, which why I’d jump through my floor if I won a PS3!

    • [email protected] don’t have a PS3 myself, my Wii broke for the 3rd time and I decided not to fix it.  I have just an Xbox 360 and PC gaming now, but I may get an Xbox 720 when it comes out.  My kids want a PS3, and if I may get one for the BluRay aspect at some point but it is low on the priority list.  

      • CricketNerdist

        [email protected] Blogger Yeah. I never wanted to throw my old games out because they’re too much fun (did the same with the original Playstation many years ago too). I’ve been gaming on my PC mostly, but I was thinking of getting the either of these consoles. PS3 because the PS4 looks further away than Xbox720.

  • lmd1974

    I want to win a PS3 so I can have another in my bedroom. My PS3 hard drive in the living room is almost full from downloading so many PSN and full PS3 games. I really want to play Assassin’s Creed 3, Dust 514, Black Ops 2, and Grand Theft Auto 5.

    • [email protected] luck, does PS3 have a link like Xbox where you can connect 2 systems with 2 TV’s side by side?

  • tacticsogretkol

    I want a PS3 because my girlfriend and I are moving in together  in 2 weeks and I need something to distract me when we get on each other’s nerves.

    • Lol, congrats on the milestone.  Good luck.

    • EPIC comment 😛 I hope both of you stay safe and happy all the time ! Best of Luck 🙂

    • Nasif

      Haha good one!

  • zero110100

    I would rather win a PS Vita but I would go with the 360.

    • @zero110100 If it is around the same price and you are in the U.S. I will get you a PS Vita if you prefer and win.

  • MigueelMcCommunist

    Great, a chance to win a console! As for me, I’d love to win a Xbox 360. My dad has one, and I think that it’s definitely worth it because even though I have a PS3 there are great games that I’m missing like Fez, Blue Dragon, Gears 3 and Deadlight.  It’d be great if I win, and I’d go for the 250 GB because there are a lot of really good games on the Xbox store.
    Great contest, by the way. This looks like it will get really big and important!

  • Evilteddy03

    I would like to win a PS3. I have always been interested in their exclusive games and blu-ray technology but i couldn’t afford a PS3 so that is why i would like to win one. If i win a PS3 i would like to play The Last of Us when it releases and also the Uncharted Series.

  • Hi Justin, This is a super cool give-away! I’d love to get my hands on the Xbox 360 (4GB with Kinect) – I think that would be great fun for my family! Thanks to you and your generous sponsors.

  • TheSunshyn

    I’d love to win a Playstation 3 because the Two Souls game looks incredible!. Besides, the PS3 also plays blu-rays and streams things like Netflix.

    • @TheSunshyn Yep the BluRay and free online is an edge for PS3 for sure.

  • Jasper John Cecilio

    I would love to win a ps3.This would a perfect gift for my little brother’s birthday on September.

    • @Jasper John Cecilio My birthday is in September too, good luck.

      • RonaldSmith

        [email protected] [email protected] so is mine!  We are awesome 😀

  • momsfocus

    My son loves to have PlayStation 3 160GB System as he doesnt have it. He wants to try new game

  • The Xbox 360 250GB would be the one I would want 🙂

  • PeterRogala

    I would like to win the PS3 , plenty of great game titles  available to play.Would like check it out for a bit for quality control purposes before hand and give it to my nephews step son.

  • PirateBooty

    I would love to win a PS3.  Awesome raffle.

  • MigueelMcCommunist

    Great, a chance to win a console! As for me, I’d love to win a Xbox 360. My dad had one but it died, and I think that it’s definitely worth it because there are great games that I’m missing like Fez, Blue Dragon, Gears 3 and Deadlight.  It’d be great if I win, and I’d go for the 250 GB because there are a lot of really good games on the Xbox store.
    Great contest, by the way. This looks like it will get really big and important!

  • RonaldSmith

    Thanks for this even more epic giveaway opportunity!  If I were to win, I’d choose the Xbox 360 over the PS3, thank you.  Good luck to everyone!

    • [email protected] just started playing Gears of War 3 on the Xbox 360 with my kid, it is quite fun though I wish there was 3 player split screen local mutiplayer.

      • RonaldSmith

        [email protected] Blogger I’ve still yet to get #3, but have 1 & 2.  My son and I usually play more kid-friendly games, like Army Men series, Super Mario Bros. etc., but he does love to watch me play more M rated titles like BF3, etc., lol.  I’m really hoping to win this 360 bundle because even tho I have a Halo 3 edition console, I can’t afford to buy a Kinect or larger HDD for it, and so this would help a ton, especially since awhile back I won a Kinect game and it’s still in the shrink wrap cuz I can’t play it, lol.

        • [email protected] have a 5 year old and 8 year old, that is why 3 years ago I bought the Wii instead of PS3 or Xbox360, but then the Xbox360 came and we mostly play Lego Indiana Jones or Disney Universe, Skylanders…etc.  Recently both kids started enjoying playing Call of Duty Black Ops and we play 3 player local split screen, with 4 or 5 regular computer opponents and work as a team.  But most of our gaming is PC still, Wizard101 is a favorite and Runes of Magic.

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger I’m primarily a PC-oriented gamer, regardless of the type of gameplay, and an old-school console player next, like NES, etc.  We do have a Wii that we use on some occasions, but with there being such few affordable games we actually like for it, it doesn’t get a lot of use.  For consoles, we use the X360 more than any other, because I also have TVersity set up as well, and we stream movies and such to the TV through the it.  We’d use it a lot more if we did have a Kinect, and a larger HDD, as those 2 key items are the only reasons we don’t use it for much else any more.
          We can’t download demos even, because 20GB doesn’t go very far at all.  I’ve even been undertaking the task of gradually getting as many PC versions of the games I have on the 360, so that I can actually play them, in better quality, and on a much faster system, thus replacing the 360 versions altogether.  My PC isn’t uber-1337, but it’s a lot more powerful than a 360, lol.  I primarily want the new 360 to replace my current one, for my fiance and son, who tend to prefer consoles for the time being (would be nice if I could afford to build each of them their own gaming PC’s and be done w/it but I can’t, lol), especially my son, who prefers the convenience factor of “click-click-play” gaming whenever he wants to.

        • [email protected], also you can Link the two systems and get some 4 player split screen action going on.  I have never tried 2 Xbox 360’s with System Link yet.

  • Paul

    I would love to win a PS3 mine broke and not had the money to buy another and I really do miss it.

    • Ironically I have yet to own a PS3, Xbox 360 is great, Kinect though has so much potential but all games are still a bit disappointing to me.

  • I would really like to have PS3 not having a game counsel in my house sucks when friends come over only having netflix to watch on the big screen. Best of luck to everyone!

    • [email protected] wish Netflix would have more and newer movie content, getting stale only adding a handful of new movies per month.  Good luck to you.

  • I would love to win a PS3 console, cause there are alot of great games out there and I wanted to play that XBOX360 doesnt have. And I dont have enough money to afford to get a PS3 console. This will be a dream come true.

    • [email protected], there are exclusives on both consoles but I also think the PS3 has better exclusive games.

  • Demirko35

    I hope I ‘ll win Play Station 3 because of my 2 kids…They want it so much but since I m not “rich” at the moment here in Norway this will be so awesome to win. Good luck for everyone and thanks to you and the sponsors of this giveaway…Greetings from norway

    • [email protected] luck, if you win $299 cash value is that enough to purchase the PS3 in Norway?

      • Demirko35

        [email protected] Blogger  hello…No unfortunatellyIt s not  enough 🙁 It s too expensive here: about 430 USD…personally It will have a bigger value to me If it was sent from USA…I ll be more than happy to pay shipment 🙂  Thanks again

        • [email protected] you win I will purchase it and ship to you if you pay shipping, I am concerned about customs and whatnot though so will have to do more research if it’s allowed.  Probably would want insurance on this package too.

  • I prefer PS3 just because the PS consoles are what I have always used.

    • [email protected] had my PlayStation 2 for 10 years (2000 – 2010) before it died, played hundreds of games and loved it.  Shadow of the Colossus was one of my favorite.

      • [email protected] Blogger Me too, mine finally died about the same time.  I wore it out playing Madden.  🙂

  • TechTerrainBlog

    I’m a Computer science student from India.
    I would love to take a break from sitting in front of my PC and enjoy the Xbox.
    Hope I’ll win. 🙂

  • TechTerrainBlog

    I’ve also posted about  this epic giveaway on my own blog,
    and on my Facebook page :

  • TechTerrainBlog

    I’ve also posted about  this epic giveaway on my own blog,
    On my Facebook page :
     And also on Twitter : @TechTerrainBlog

  • TechTerrainBlog

    I’m a Computer science student from India.
    I would love to take a break from sitting in front of my PC and enjoy the PS3.
    Hope I’ll win. 🙂
    I’ve also posted about  this epic giveaway on my own blog,
    on my Facebook page : 
    and also on Twitter :@techterrainblog 

  • briareoushex

    Love to win a PS3.
    Games would be the uncharted series

    • [email protected] luck, Uncharted 3 looked pretty darn good.

  • Nasif

    Owning a PlayStation 3 is my dream. Hope I will win this time 🙂

    • [email protected] luck, I still prefer PC gaming myself but local multiplayer is cheaper on consoles.

  • By chance, if I won this giveaway, then I would rather take cash as I don’t like playing games.

    • [email protected] do you to when you take breaks from school?  What hobbies do you enjoy as leisure time?

      • [email protected] Blogger Most of my free time goes to Blogging or playing out door games. I don’t say that I completely hate video games. I play some of them in my PC 🙂

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  • Bookmarked and ready for this one. Thanks for pointing out the “dofollow” oversight with the plugin I was using on my site.

  • vhick

    I like to win PS3. I have PS2 and I always play DJ hero. I f I win cash, I will buy PS3 and buy new DJ hero controller 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Armando_Holguin

      [email protected] can continue to use the original DJ Hero Controller with the PS3. All you will need to do is update the software: DJ HERO for PS2 to DJ HERO for PS3. DJ HERO 2 is really good, but not as exciting as the first one. Good luck to you.

  • Thanks for pointing out the “dofollow” oversight with the plugin I was using on my site.

    • [email protected] you have the same dofollow issue?

      • [email protected] [email protected] thought she was copying my latest comment here…lol

  • JorgeLopez

    I would like to win the PS3. Was a Nintendo fan growing up but as i got older i needed older games and found the PS2. I’ve kept up with all the new PS3 releases and i would LOVE to actually play the games instead of just reading about them. THANX!

    • [email protected] agree, had a SNES 16 bit as the ultimate machine, then PS One came out and Toshinden and others rocked my world.  Then PS2 for Final Fantasy X was the original reason I got it.  Ironically I went the Xbox 360 route instead of PS3 myself because I was fascinated by the potential of Kinect.  Really haven’t found a Kinect game I love yet.

  • oasis789

    I’d want the PS3 because of all the exclusives like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear etc, that’s what I would play

    • [email protected] those titles geared more towards an adult audience?

      • @tonygreene113 @oasis789 Not really, Final Fantasy was always kind of pg 13 at most.

        • [email protected] [email protected]@oasis789 that’s cool. Final Fantasy always seemed a bit too much for the kids when they were younger.

        • [email protected]@oasis789 The later ones weren’t so young and I always enjoyed the story.  FF X was still my favorite since Kefka’s Domain (FF3 in the states but FFVI in Japan)

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  • AoaBobo

    thanks and good luck everybody

  • AoaBobo

    I want Ps3 as I have Xbox Kinect already, thanks

    • @AoaBobo Did you find any kinect games you really love? I found flaws in all of them so far that prevent me from really loving any kinect games.

  • AlexanderGenvarev

    I want PlayStation 3 160GB Console because I Luv it!

  • I would like a PS3 since I already have the XBOX Kinect system ..

    • AshleyCarl

      [email protected]
      I want PS of any type because me have fun with my family,

    • [email protected] you like Kinect, any games you love for Kinect?

  • AshleyCarl

    I want PS of any type because me have fun with my family,

  • frozenking

    I want PS3 because I want to make people jealous of me…..I only have an inbuilt graphic that I buyed in 2008     🙁  ……..I want this PS3

    • by inbuilt graphic I assume you mean PC or laptop with integrated graphics right?

  • BrianIMdiesel

    I’d love to win a PS3!!!

    • [email protected] luck, thanks for entering!

  • rizwandgr8

    I want PS3 bcoz it has many diff. games which are available in market . I want to play Grand Theft Auto IV the most.

    • [email protected] have never played any of the GTA series myself, not my style of game but good luck to you.

  • Bigjohn9397

    I would go for the Xbox 360.

  • Stuzz

    i would choose the PS3. I’m not a great gamer, but avid media streamer, both from my NAS and online. From what i have researched, so far the PS3 gives more flexibilty and options for doing this and dont forget the bluray player.

    • [email protected] is an excellent option, but with Smartglass I think streaming on the Xbox 360, Surface and Windows 8 PC will become very viable in the near future too.

      • Stuzz

        [email protected] Blogger I have seen a little about Smartglass. That will be interesting to see how it is received.

    • wolfkin

      [email protected] concur. I think with Surface and SmartGlass Microsoft is catching up but in terms of an convergence device the PS3 is still one of the better choices out there.

  • Sarah

    I want the playstation3 so bad because my parents are stirct and wont even bother buying menanything to play and for entertainment. We also dont have money to   waste for those sort of things . I really want it!please1

    • I didn’t put an age of entry on this contest, but I should.  In some U.S. states minors cannot enter these types of contests, since you have to have a Facebook account I am assuming at least 13+ years old.  If your name is picked as winner, I need to make sure an adult claims the prize.

  • anish274

    I would love to have PS3.I am really mad about gaming. even right now at work. I am participating for winning gaming console. You will find me almost playing game on PC. I m Not having console. Love exciting and different games like BLUR (not NFS), PROTOTYPE, CS (not COD) etc….Thanx !!! 

    • [email protected] looks good for sure.  

      • anish274

        [email protected] Blogger have u played BLUR ?

        • [email protected] have not, I typically don’t play racing games.  My preference are for Strategy, MMO, and family friendly games on Xbox 360, which is why I mostly play PC games.  The last game I played to completion on the Xbox 360 was Majin the Forsaken Kingdom which I enjoyed and Enslaved.

  • agon

    xbox 360! im agon

  • Stuzz

    Is it just me or has the Rafflecopter widget actually taken off.

    • [email protected], just noticed that.  Working on it, give me a few seconds.

    • [email protected], widget is back.  I was testing a new plugin on my lunch break a few hours ago and didn’t realize there was a plugin conflict with Rafflecopter.

      • Stuzz

        [email protected] Blogger Thanks for that. Just thought it may have been just me.

  • Both is the right answer 🙂 each device has its own advantages and disadvantages that i would never decide on what to buy 🙂

  • I want the Playstation3 for sure and really bad at the same’s really painful to see that if you are from outside the US you get only the money on them..Due to the really high prices here i would be able to buy only like half of each one for that money 🙁

    • I have the option to ship it to you if I can and you pay shipping cost, if it is cheaper and still allows you to get one vs taking the Paypal cash and still not being able to buy it.

  • Its got to be ps3 for me!

  • betobuster435

    I’d like to win the 250GB Xbox 360. Though I already own one, It would be a great gift for my friend who doesn’t own an Xbox 360. He’s been watching quite a few Skyrim videos on youtube lately, and I know how much he’d enjoy playing it. Then there’s also the fact that we haven’t been able to get together as often as we used to, so it’d be nice to be able to talk to him while we play games over Xbox Live.

    • [email protected] friend who would win an Xbox 360 and give it to me is like “best friend ever!”

  • staulcub

    I’d like to win one for my son. I’d let him choose which one he wants.

    • [email protected] luck, would be an awesome present.  If I were a parent, I may put it in a closet, gift wrap it and use it as an Xmas present myself 🙂

      • [email protected] should say if I were a parent who won the prize, I am a parent 🙂

  • CherryRasulka

    I would like the PS3 since I already own a 360

    • [email protected] know, I would own both.

  • RonaldSmith

    The blogengage article times out, leaving us unable to retweet it for more entries 🙁

    • [email protected] BlogEngage is having issues, the site owner posted about it an hour or so ago and is looking into it.  As those steps can only be done 1x, instead of 1x per day just check back tomorrow or later and it should be cleared.

      • RonaldSmith

        [email protected] Blogger Cool beans, thanks for letting me know 🙂

      • [email protected] [email protected] for staying on top of this.

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] You’re welcome.  I check it multiple times a day to see when it’s back to operational, lol.  Btw, the blogengage article is now accessible again 🙂

  • I would like to win Xbox 360 Kinect for my wife as she always dream to get a space to exercise in our house. And it will be Dance Central 3!

    • The Kinect does a good job with the Dance Games, Mitra reviewed the previous one for our site last year.  I still wish the boxing games would be more accurate recording punches, imagine the workout from a really accurate tracking MMA or Boxing game, you would be sweating bullets in no time.

  • BenJackson

    I want to win a PS3 because I already have an Xbox 360  🙂     I’d like to play that Starhawk game.  It looks cool.
    Also Little Big Planet.

  • dystop1a

    Wow, exciting contest. I want an XBox 360.  Hey, If I put this on blog how do I get the credits:). @Kid Omega, @Kid Kubark

    • [email protected] Look at the widget entry for “Co-Host the contest” it has instructions on what you have to do, and when published you can click “claim” and get the 10 entries.  I validate all blog posts entered to make sure you are hosting widget and have backlinks to our sponsors in your post, so make sure you have instructions completed accurately.

      • dystop1a

        [email protected] Blogger Thanks. I’ll put this in a while.

  • kujen92

    I want to win the Xbox 360 because mine is the older model that is very noisy and gets really hot. I really want the slim model for those reasons! It also has a much larger hard drive and comes with Fable 3 which I would love to play, because I played the first 2.

    • [email protected] luck to you.

  • alsvegas

    i would like the ps3, we are so far behind we still only have a game cube :/

    • [email protected] luck, Ironically GameCube, Original Xbox and PlayStation 3 are the only real consoles I have not owned yet.  Since SNES I owned nearly every console including Sega Genesis, PS 1, PS 2, Xbox 360, Xbox, Saturn, Wii, Dreamcast…etc.  

  • Over 6,000 entries in the Xbox 360 or PS3 giveaway contest.  Did I mention that you can also choose a PS Vita if you win?

    • RonaldSmith

      [email protected] Blogger In this one comment you just did, lol.  I’d still go for a 360 though.  Whilst the PS3 is tempting, sort of, the Vita doesn’t interest me at all.  Since you’re making that a viable option as well, any chance you’d also allow the winner to pick a Wii or a 3DS XL?  lolIdeally I’d love to win (somehow, somewhere) the new Halo 4 special edition bundle, but I doubt that will happen.

      • [email protected] title would be too long (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS Giveaway 🙂  But yeah, you can pick any console system you want that is $299 or less, this was my budget for the winning prize and what I brought in with co-sponsors with my split.  Some special edition consoles are cheaper, but some are more.  Truth is, when winner is chosen and tells me the system, I was going to buy the best version I can get within the price range or give them a range of options.  Like 4GB Xbox w/ Kinect or 250GB version..etc.

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger Sounds great, now if only I can manage to win this now, lol.  One more question.  Say the winner is in the USA and they want a console that costs a higher amount than your budget is set to, would they be ok to receive the budgeted amount in say, a PayPal payment/credit, so they could apply it to their own funds and purchase the more expensive one that way?  I’m chock full of hypotheticals tonight, sorry.  I’m also seriously hopeful, lol.

        • [email protected] not, some of my contest sponsorship came in the form of credit that is applied.  So it costs me more to paypal the cash, also if I was going to make it a cash giveaway (it wouldn’t generate the same type of interest).  However, because this contest I don’t buy the prize until someone wins, unlike other contests where I already have the prize and merely ship it to the winner I am flexible.  This is because the winner may end up not getting the prize and doing something else with the money, I won’t get a photo of the winner holding the prize to showcase to my Facebook fans to show my contests are real and people do win and the winner may not end up actually getting a prize at all. 

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger Great response, thank you for that.  Definitely understandable, and hopefully now if someone else was wondering that exact thing, their answer is right there before them 🙂  Much appreciated.

  • toothfairycyber

    Wish to win PS3 because the kiddo told me that’s his fave gaming system and I think you can use it for connecting to Netflix so that is a bonus!

  • I already have a PS3 but I think having a xbox is better than that. PS3 is good but not better than xbox 360. 

    • [email protected] Chip What do you think makes the Xbox 360 better? Curious about your opinion.

  • Nelsonlxuei


  • pinoysugarplum

    xbox 360 because i enjoyed playing bowling with it with family

  • I hope I win the PS3, I have Xbox 360 already, but many of my family have PS3 and play online, I would like to play with them too!

    • [email protected] luck, thanks for entering.

  • edelbrock81

    I would love to win the xbox but since you opened it up to include the ps vita I think I would have to go that way. Thanks

  • Jcces44

    I’d love to win a PS3 because I already own an Xbox! PLUS THE ONLINE IS FREE 😀

    • [email protected] free online is definitely one big plus of the PS3, I don’t even pay for Xbox Live on my Xbox 360.

  • ShayneRogers

    I want an Xbox for my sister’s fiance

  • CocoAlcontinHugo

    I’d love to win the XBox! <3

  • joretta

    Xbox 250GB Console
    I havev been wanting this for a long time

  • GervieMacahia

    Id love to win a PS3 or PSP Vita

    • [email protected] luck, thanks for entering.

  • toothfairycyber

    Hmmm now I am confused I may have to change my mind if I win and choose Xbox 360? Depends I guess if I decide to gift it for a Birthday gift or keep it for me.  Fairies can change their mind…like women do…right? Keeping my wings crossed!

    • [email protected] can choose at time of winning if you are the winner.

  • IrisDimero

    This giveaway is epic.

  • Xbox 360 (4GB with Kinect)

  • IrisDimero

    PS3. i want to play Final Fantasy XIII, Resident Evil 6, and Tomb Raider.

  • janrad131

    If i win i will be taking Paypal instead of receiving the console.

  • Ana Lara

    I hope to win  the Xbox 360 because I enjoy playing together! We are a big family and this console let us play as  multiplayers 

    • Ana Lara

      I forget games: Hero Band, Resident Evil, Dante’s Inferno, etc

    • I agree local split screen is great, though many games are still only 2 player local split screen and I wish they would all be up to 4 player split screen.

  • Tracie H

    this is a tough choice, my son wants the xbox 360 but my hubby wants the ps3. i guess a coin toss would be in order lol

    • [email protected] H Yep, there are definitely pros and cons to both consoles, so good luck deciding if you win.  Either way both will likely enjoy either one.

  • archangelreb

    PS3 because I have a 360 and Uncharted 3 would be the game.

    • [email protected] for me too..hoping the BLU-RAY is worth it.

      • [email protected]@archangelreb I still don’t own a Bluray, cause I figured if I was going to get one, it would be a PS3 instead of a stand alone BluRay.

  • i want ps3 too :))

  • SelectZen

    I would love either but I am in Europe so afraid it would be paypal money for me 🙂

    • [email protected] does being in Europe have to do with getting either one?

      • RonaldSmith

        [email protected] Shipping from the US to the UK is very expensive, and outside of the budget range that’s been set.

        • [email protected] ok..

    • [email protected] did state that if winner was willing to pay shipping cost, I would ship it (provided not restricted by customs) but typically it is easier to Paypal the value if the winner is International.

  • i have sony 46hx920 led tv, is ps3 proper for this tv?

    • [email protected] idea, that doesn’t look like standard US TV resolutions (480i, 720p, 1080p…etc) are you International?  If so you would win Paypal cash instead.

  • ShellyAnn

    I would love to win the XBOX 360!  I am old-school! The first game I would want is Gauntlet! After that would be something for the guys in the household…. numerous racing games abound!

    • [email protected] made a new Gauntlet game?  I will have to check that out, I did play Gauntlet Legends way back when.

      • ShellyAnn

        [email protected] Blogger I was mistaken :(:(:(…… someone needs to go ahead and produce one for the 360. I love that game. It is for the original version of XBox. So I will have to settle for the Resident Evil series… 

        • [email protected] you like Gauntlet like games, Skylanders is similar style but only 2 player local.  I do wish there was an updated Gauntlet Legends HD for Xbox 360 though, another option maybe is Dungeon Siege 3, but the simplicity of Gauntlet is classic.  I still hear the “Wizard is it, Valkyrie is it” in my mind occasionally from the original.

        • ShellyAnn

          [email protected] Blogger Yes we had it for the XBox but I am afraid we wore it out. I guess we should shop for another one. I will check out your suggestions. Thanks for the info!

  • lunaysol

    xbox 😀 and for games, just dance :DDDDDD loved it!

    • [email protected] does make for some good rhythm and dancing games.

  • detriot95

    i would love to win the Ps3 and get call of duty MW3  and Uncharted too.

    • [email protected] is supposed to be awesome, I liked COD Black Ops and would be looking forward to Black Ops 2 more than MW3 myself.

      • detriot95

        [email protected] Blogger yeah cant wait for black ops 2 LOL!!! 😀

  • beerrun

    PS3 for the Last of Us

    • [email protected] luck, if I were a contestant I probably would choose PS3 as well if I didn’t own one already.

  • pax

    PS Vita. I have a Ps3 and would love to be able to hook everything together. I want the new white Assassins Creed one that is coming out in October. 🙂

    • [email protected] interesting how it will be set in the Revolutionary War period, hope it’s good.  Thanks for entering.

      • pax

        [email protected] Blogger I am just hoping that he jumps better. I haven’t played the new one that is out yet. The first one irritated me so bad that I had to quit playing it. 

  • EdwinK

    I’d like the PS3, but since i’m in Canada, i’d have to go with the cash =)

  • I dont see that big of difference between psn and xbox live. Playing COD on both system seems to be the same thing. No big dfference except for one you have to pay. Not trying to be a fanboy but Ps3 exclusives like MGS, Uncharted, Resistance and GOW are games that stand out and shine. Halo is outdated by COD so whats left Gears of War and other exclusive I dont hear people talk about. 3d seems to be the next big thing so I see a bright future for Ps3 as more exclusives are on the way also. I dont see 360 lasting another 2 years until the next xbox comes out. My opinion, I like quality games over quantity. Ps3 exclusive are amazing….

    • I agree with you about the PS3 advantage, yet the Xbox 360 clearly found a large audience and stole thunder from Sony.  Kinect doesn’t seem to provide the seamless motion control I have been looking for, Halo 4 and the new Fable games coming out later this year though I think have plenty of interest and are Xbox 360 only.

  • ChrisKinnamon

    I’m with the Xbox 360. I still give lots of props to PS3. I’m looking forward to the second COD Black ops. And Tom Clancys Future Soldier. 

  • desaria87

    I want to win the xbox because i want to give it for my brothers bday present

    • [email protected] be a great birthday gift, good luck to you.

  • JosephDarwinCelsoCo

    I want to win the PS3 so I can join my friends and play with them online!

    • [email protected] luck, I love the free online network of PS3

  • amybuddy45

    I would love to win the son wants  to play Minecraft and can’t wait until the new Halo4 comes out in November.

    • [email protected] have heard more and more kids are getting hooked on Minecraft especially in the 9 – 13yo crowd lately.

      • amybuddy45

        @Dragon Blogger @amybuddy45 My sons are 10 and almost 9 and they love Minecraft..they play it on the iPad but our Xbox is not wifi so they want a new one real bad.

  • VannaNum

    Anyone is just fine 🙂 and definitely waiting for resident evil to come out !!

  • i Would love to play a game on my own XBOX 360

  • ar_yahya

    Hope I win

  • ifarooq20

    Hope I win this one! Will go with the PS3 as there are many ps3 exclusives and not to forget that the online gaming of ps3 is good too… 😀

    • [email protected], the free online is really a big plus for PS3

  • Xbox 360 – it has more gaming value for me – more of my friends have Xbox than PS3

    • [email protected]’t it be great if players of the same game from any console could play with each other online?  I know the PC and Xbox 360 can do that with some games, but don’t think it works with PS3.

      • @Dragon Blogger Yes, that would be very cool, but I don’t think we will see cross-console gaming anytime soon.

  • ChrisConley1

    The PS3 carries more niche JRPG’s, so I side with them.  

    • [email protected], I did play FFXII on the Xbox 360 myself but in general PS3 has more titles in that genre and make sense.  

  • AbdulMateen

    Xbox 360,always dreamed of having one

    • [email protected] luck, thanks for entering.

  • HenryGollant

    Hard choice to make. My 3 60 is a bit old now. It could be victim of the RROD at any time. But still working. So, I’m gonna choose The Sony Monoltih : PlayStation 3 !

  • Ronald Smith

    I’ve been entering every possible day, lol.

  • Dragonblogger

    Looks like Rafflecopter has an outage, hope it’s back up soon.

  • Ronald Smith

    Just like what was it, a month ago almost? Grr.

  • KiddosandPups

    DO you have any idea how much my three boys would love it if I won this for them?  I would be the hero of the year!  🙂

  • KiddosandPups

    Do you have any idea how much my three boys would love it if I won this for them?  I would be the hero of the year!  🙂

    • [email protected] luck

  • AntaraelDulacre

    Nice giveaway =)

  • AntaraelDulacre

    Would take the PS3 because of awesome RPGs on there =)

  • RonaldSmith

    You know what really sucks?  Walking into the electronics department at your local Walmart, seeing a brand-spanking-new Star Wars edition 360 Kinect bundle, and not having anywhere near the cash to get it.  I’m so glad the rest of my day was better than that moment, lol.

    • [email protected] consoles are costly, with an Google Nexus 7″ tablet costing only $199 which is $100 cheaper than a PS3 it is no wonder they are facing stiff competition from mobile devices.

      • RonaldSmith

        [email protected] Blogger I know, I swear they do it just to make us who can’t afford them feel bad about ourselves, lol.  That thing is so beautiful though XD  The R2-D2 360 console and white Kinect module, the C-3PO controller, plus it’s the high-end console too and comes with Star Wars Kinect too.  Additionally, it has custom drive tray opening and closing R2-D2 sounds and custom lighting too.  *shakes fist at marketing people*  XD  I know that unit’s too high out of the range you’ve available, but was just venting a little about how beautiful that thing was and I couldn’t afford to get it.  Grr, argh, lol.

  • Good luck to everyone here that enters the contest. Thanks to all that have taken the time to come on our site and read our articles. I’m curious as to why everyone wants either a PS3 or an Xbox 360?

    • ShellyAnn

      [email protected] would like the XBox360 because we already have an XBox and we are accustomed to it…plus that is what everyone else in the family has so if my hubby wanted to link up and play with the family he could. 

  • Noman Fayez

    I want to win !!

  • KristinaSummers

    I wouldlowing entry is from my teenage son James: like to win the PS3 because I would like to consider myself a avid gamer, but do not have the finances to do so. I currently own 2 systems one of which is a play station1 and the other being a playstation 2 both of which are out of date. I wish to someday create a career in the video game arts so it is essential that I stay up to date. Since I’m accustomed to the play station I would rather have a PS3 over a Xbox 360. Thank you for offering me this chance and for creating such an amazing contest.

  • ddeamorin79

    i would like a xbox 360 250 gb if I were to win and good luck to one and all !

  • WarlordPayne

    I’d like the Playstation 3 to replace my old one that broke.

  • I just became a contest host @Dragonblogger I have a question: Will there be a single winner or two winners?

    • [email protected]@Dragonblogger This contest has 1 winner for the prize, they choose either an Xbox360 or PlayStation 3. But if the contest host has the winning entry, they get a $25 cash prize bonus for hosting the winner.

      • [email protected] Blogger  Thanks for clearing Justin

  • brelki

    I want to win the xbox, as I already have a ps3 and play it all the time.  I have been VERY interested in the kinect games and Halo.

    • [email protected], I personally found Kinect to be hit and miss with the games, there is so much potential but the accuracy and detection are lacking in a lot of games, it needs to be better.  Still, some games like Power Up Heroes and my son loved Puss N Boots on Kinect.  Curious to see how shooters will be on Kinect, I haven’t played one yet.

      • brelki

         @Dragon Blogger Yeah, I imagine it’s a lot like the Move.  My hubby and I own a quite a few Move games, and some are far better than others. Had much higher hopes for Sorcery. 🙁  

  • MicahSmith

    i want to win the playstation i want to see how the games differ than playing on the wii with the kinect

  • enchanting_luv

    i’d like to win the playstation. i’ve always wanted to play the god of war games as well as many others.

    •  @enchanting_luv I played the original on PS2, but haven’t played any since.

      • enchanting_luv

         @Dragon Blogger i hear they’re pretty awesome games.

  • Brynn20

    I have always wanted an xbox!

  • omegadoom1

    I want to win the Playstation 3, because it’s the only console that I don’t own.  I want to play FPS games.  Thanks!

    • Austieb7

      I would want the ps3 because I’ve always wanted one and I was told that you can get so much more out of a playstation.

  • MichaelBlanco1

    i want to win because i want to own one

  • PDuthoy

    I would like the XBox, because I want to get the Star Wars Kinect game.

    •  @PDuthoy I hear Star Wars Kinect has a fun Rancor mode.

  • Dilip rajendran

    I wish to win Xbox 250GB Console, and i want to play Mass Effect 3 and Max Payne 3.

    • I heard many good things about Max Payne 3, I only played the first two on the PC though never a console.

  • fortzabarbu

    I’m wishing for the xbox,to play with my lil sister:>

  • fortzabarbu

    I’m wishing for the xbox,to play with my lil sister:>

    •  @fortzabarbu Good luck

      • fortzabarbu

         @Dragon Blogger thanks a lot…:>

  • bogdan_cozma

    I’m wishing for the xbox 360, to play forza motorsport

  • Sindroam

    I’d like to win the PS3 to be able to save my 60gb.

  • Kelly King

    I want to win the Xbox because thats my sons favorite and I like to play Mortal Kombat

    •  @Kelly King Mortal Combat too violent for my 5 and 8 year olds, but they played the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and that was really fun!

      • fortzabarbu

         @Dragon Blogger  @Kelly King naruto ninja storm is good for young kids
        :Din my opinion

  • We reached 15 thousand entries in the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 Giveaway contest today!

  • I wanna win to upgrade from my 4GB

  • Robcarnisnot

    i want to win the 250gb xbox 360 because my current gaming system is a ps2.

  • Nikhil DSouza

    I wanna win the 250gb Xbox 360 because I do not have any gaming system at the moment.

  • shan320m

    I would love to win the playstation because it plays blurays and I would like to upgrade from my current ps2. I would love to play the new COD 

    •  @shan320m I loved my PS2 and played it for 9 years.

  • JillHayes

    I would love to win the Xbox because I’d like to use it with the Kinect and get some dance games because I love to dance and that would not feel like exercise to me but would be a great cardio workout. Thank you for the chance.

    •  @JillHayes The dance games in particular are fairly good, Dance Central 2 and the soon to be released Dance Central 3 look promising.

  • HarshitFrancisscanKhanna

    i would like to win any one of them because all are good and i don’t have any gaming console…….

    •  @HarshitFrancisscanKhanna Good luck, my kids don’t know what it’s like to not have a gaming console in the house, they are spoiled so I feel for you.

  • aurora_u


  • aurora_u

    I’d love to win the Playstation 3, to be able to play awesome games like Journey(!) and Little Big Planet but also to get a bluray player that doesn’t take up any extra space.

  • Josie1

    would love the playstation for my hubby. He has been begging for one!

    •  @Josie1 Good luck, thanks for entering the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 giveaway contest.

  • NerdyGirl88

    I want an xbox 360…. I miss Halo Reach!! 

    •  @NerdyGirl88 Halo 4 is due out in a few months too!

      • NerdyGirl88

         @Dragon Blogger Halo Reach was the first FPS game I ever played… lol I’m not very good at it either but it was super fun! 😀

  • Go Playstation… XboX is horrible because it´s microsoft 🙁

    •  @joostharmsen I don’t think Microsoft didn’t anything wrong with Xbox 360, the Kinect is innovative.  But the PlayStation 3 is better from my perspective thanks to built in Blu-Ray and free online play.

  • MatteoCasiraghi

    I want a playstation 3 for playing “The last of Us” and maybe “The last Guardian”…

    •  @MatteoCasiraghi Ironic that I don’t have a PS3 myself yet, but I also think The Last of Us looks really cool!

  • DuceacDaniel

    I hope it’s ok if i comment here. I insanely want a PS3. i hope i can win it. I’m an extremely big fan of PS3 gaming. I really want to play Assasin Creed, God of War, GTA, and a lot of games on this console. So i really, really hope i can win it, because i’m so obsessed of it. So PLEASE give me a PS3 🙁

  • DuceacDaniel

    I insanely want a PS3. i hope i can win it. I’m an extremely big fan of PS3 gaming. I really want to play Assasin Creed, God of War, GTA, and a lot of games on this console. So i really, really hope i can win it, because i’m so obsessed of it. So PLEASE give me a PS3 🙁

    •  @DuceacDaniel Make sure you collect as many entries as possible to increase your odds of winning, but it is random and there are over 16,000 entries right now.

      • DuceacDaniel

         @Dragon Blogger OK! But i have a question: now i have 35 entries and when i comment it says i have 5 pts 🙁

        •  @DuceacDaniel What does it say when you look at widget how many entries / total?  I can check the system, but it records them only if you mark them completed, the points in the Livefyre system have nothing to do with the contest, those are Livefyre points for commenting.  Look at the Rafflecopter widget to track your points and you have to mark the entry completed in the Rafflecopter widget to get credit.

  • DuceacDaniel

    I always wanted a PS3 but i don’t have money for it :((

    •  @DuceacDaniel I hear that, I don’t have a PS3 yet myself and want one eventually (or maybe just wait until PS4?)

  • pax

    I am thinking I need an Xbox so that I can play Halo with my daughter

  • PrateekPandey

    I want the ps 3 as i want to play the high graphicsgames. this wold be first gaming console ever..

  • PrateekPandey

    The people who have entered the contest earlier have a better chance to win  as their points must be quite high so people who are entering towards the end have fairly low chance .. 

    •  @PrateekPandey Yes, the people who retweet everyday for the last 40 days or so have more entries, however, if you do all the entries (including blog post) then they only have 40-50 more entries at most, in my last iPad 3 giveaway, the winning entry was somebody who only had 10 entries out of 100+ possible!

  • I wanted to win any of the above gadgets. Will play lots of action packed games if ever. But since I live outside the US, I am still good with the cash value of it.

  • Becca

    I want the playstation3, so I can play call of duty!

  • ana3mic

    Awesome, I’d so love to win one of those!

    •  @ana3mic Good luck, which system would you prefer if you won?

  • I like this post man and would love to win the playstation 3. I am bored of playing playstation 2.

    • So many great games on the PS2, Shadow of the Colossus was one of my favorite.

  • DeannaKelandryReza

    I want a PS3! I definitely need a system for college and there is nothing better then a sony gaming system. That and I really want to play The Last of Us.

  • awesome i would like to win it 

  • abhibalani

    Once again I am trying luck in this, Justin!  Well, it looks very difficult from the total number of entries. But who knows….

    •  @abhibalani Thanks for giving another contest a shot, there is always a winner no matter the long shot the odds are worth playing, after all what does it cost to enter?

  • techieblogger

    First time taking part in Dragon blogger contest.  Fingers Crossed 😀

    •  @techieblogger Thanks for entering and good luck, the odds are tough but someone will be lucky!

  • Whoa! 20K entries is a big hit Justin! But let’s see what my luck brings in for me! Cheers

    • Good luck and stay tuned we have TONS of more giveaways coming.

  • I want the Xbox 250GB Console.

  • xbox 360 please

  • slugbug55

    My XBOX 360 is one of the older ones which was prone to failure, so I wouldn’t mind winning a new one.

  • Xbox is more popular I guess. But when it comes to gaming competitions, Playstation is the preferred choice.

  • Just wanna win the xbox.

  • ZeroLight

    The XBOX!!

  • cosminpunk

    I would want to have the play station 3. I never had a gaming system because I can’t afford it, but now i have a chance to get my hands on one of them

  • I have an xbox but another one for the second TV would be nice. So would the PS3 and its blue ray player..decisions,decisions.

    •  @benwaynet Right, plus you could “link” the two Xboxes and play side by side 4 way local multiplayer on games which is AWESOME, I have yet to try this.

  • I would want to awin an XBOX 360 

  • Jonny459

    I would want to win an Xbox 360, so I could play Halo 4 when it comes out.

    • Yes, this does look like it will be a great game, good luck.

  • Koridawn

    I would like to win an Xbox 360, so that I can purchase a Kinect and work out with my new console.

    •  @Koridawn I have done some Kinect Sports and the boxing game really makes my arms sore, it doesn’t recognize quick motions but you definitely can break a sweat especially with the dancing games.

  • Panzerschreck

    I want to win Xbox 360, because it is more expensive (I’m not US resident).

    •  @Panzerschreck Would you take the paypal cash value option or pay for shipping instead?

      • Panzerschreck

         @Dragon Blogger I would take the paypal cash.

  • ellen_levickis

    I want to win the PlayStation 3 because my son said he likes that one better and I do not know what games I would like to play because I do not play video games, but would like to play some. I have watched son and friends play Zelda games and they look like fun.

    •  @ellen_levickis Good luck on winning the PlayStation 3 and thanks for entering the giveaway.

  • Just 2 days and 11 hours until the winner is chosen, I will be contacting the winner by the “preferred email” you left in the Rafflecopter entry.  Remember you have only 48 hours to accept and confirm the win or it is forfeit, so make sure you are checking your emails all day on August 31st if you entered this contest.

  • GeicoTheQue

    I want the @XBOX so I can bash ppl on @CallOfDuty on both systems.

  • uns001

    I’d love to win an XBOX 360! It’s the most amazing!

  • I am excited! 2 days to go before the contest ends! I really want that Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle!!!!

    • Good luck, thanks for entering, I can’t wait to draw the winner.

  • galadhrim303

    I would like to have the ps3 so i can play with my friends!

  • MilitaryFamOf8

    I want to win the xbox for my kids.  2 weeks before the blogher conference, our house was broken into (after living there for 2 weeks) and they stole all of my kids video game consoles, games, and movies.

    •  @MilitaryFamOf8 I remember you mentioning that on Facebook, good luck.  Did you have home insurance to cover theft of belongings?

  • momma2100

    would love to win the Xbox with kinnect daughter loves to play the kinnect at her sisters and wants one of her own! thank you!

  • DragonDon

    having been inundated with all kinds of talk about Skyrim, I have been on the hunt for an XBox. one might think it would be easy but living in South Korea while my wife teaches English, I keep debating on which version to Gerry, American or Korean. power is not an issue and there are only two games that I want, so winning this is an awesome decider for me 😉 (yes I know about the international note, I buy one with the money regardless)

    •  @DragonDon I just don’t have the time to get into Skyrim myself, but hear it is incredible and know so many people who have invested hundreds of hours into it already.

  • Kamal

    Trying out the Rafflecopter tool and hopefully I win the contest too haha 🙂

    • Good luck, I enjoy using Rafflecopter for my giveaways.

  • KonstantinosPanagiotou

    I would like to win the Xbox 360 cause its manufactured by Microsoft and Microsoft=Quality. 

    •  @KonstantinosPanagiotou I don’t think Sony doesn’t stand for quality though, and the PlayStation 3 actually was pretty stable from what I hear.  Even Xbox had its problems when first came out.

      • KonstantinosPanagiotou

         @Dragon Blogger  @KonstantinosPanagiotou Youre right, Microsoft had the RROD problem, but focused a lot on solving it and thats why XBOX S is much better than the original model.

  • playstation 3! like to play NBA!

  • EllenBeck

    I would want to win the playstaion- as for what games, I don’t know.. havent checked them all out. The xbox would be nice too. Thanks for the chance
    ellen beck on rafflecopter

  • Just 15 hours left before contest ends, somebody will be notified they are a winner tonight!

    • ShellyAnn

       @Dragon Blogger Great! Thanks for sponsoring  this terrific giveaway!

      •  @ShellyAnn @joetech @ibucketbot and @metallmanx helped cosponsor this one with me and I am glad they did.  

        • ShellyAnn

           @Dragon Blogger  @joetech  @ibucketbot  @metallmanx Thanks to @joetech, @ibucketbot & @metallmanx too! You all rock!

    • RonaldSmith

       @Dragon Blogger Whoever wins is going to be VERY happy, lol.  Thanks to you and all of your co-sponsors for this opportunity, and good luck to everyone who entered!

      •  @RonaldSmith Some readers have been asking me to give away a Wii U console for Xmas and others a Google Nexus 7 tablet.  The next HUGE giveaway will be a laptop in a contest that I will kickoff next month.

        • RonaldSmith

           @Dragon Blogger Sounds great!  I recently created a new group on Facebook, called “Winning!”, where users and companies can list up giveaways and contests.  I got a late start on sharing your giveaways on there also, but will continue to do so.  If you wish to list them on there yourself, which would draw in some extra traffic, look up the group and ask to join, otherwise I can just keep listing them on there myself.  In one day we had over 60 giveaway and contest listings (mostly from me, lol), and I’m doing my best to ensure it’s all updated as well as possible.  We currently have over 180 members in the group, and anyone can join up pretty much.

        •  @RonaldSmith This is one reason why I also run the Facebook Page where others can just post their giveaways and contests too, I auto feed from some blogs that have dedicated contest/giveaway categories too.

        • RonaldSmith

           @Dragon Blogger Yeah, I’m sharing many different ones in my group, and your FB page is 1 of my sources, lol.  I also share any tech-related ones that come across my lap, which is a lot.  It’s kind of funny really, you post stuff on your FB page, I share on my group, and then people use those to not only give you traffic to that page and this site, but also to enter said giveaways, lol.  Too bad I don’t earn $ for this stuff, lol.  Oh well 🙂

        •  @RonaldSmith Are you a good writer, I hire writers and pay per article and you get performance for bringing extra pageviews and traffic to your articles 🙂

        • DragonDon

          @Dragon Blogger what kind of articles are you looking for? Might be interested.

        • RonaldSmith

           @Dragon Blogger I like to think that I am, but I can’t really be my own judge 😉  I’ll put some links together of articles I’ve written (not many at this point, but I do have a few under my belt, mainly product reviews), and I’ll then e-mail the links to you.  Would that be okay?  At this point in my life, any way that I can figure out how to earn some money, is a huge help.  I’ve been unemployed for roughly 3 1/2 years now, so I’m sure you can get a decent idea how useful such a thing could and would be.  It would also give me another positive reason to be at my computer, lol, rather than wasting 50% of my time at it.  Thanks for mentioning this, my interest, at the least, is definitely peaked.

        •  @DragonDon  See this article and apply if interested.  

        •  @RonaldSmith Apply here I can’t pay someone enough to make a decent salary, remember I only make about $600 per month on avg from these blogs and 45% goes back into expenses, paying writers…etc.  But writers who have quality articles and decent performance can make about $100-$150 per month which may help a little.  I pay freelance per article rate plus performance for each 1,000 pageviews your article gets in a month.

        • RonaldSmith

           @Dragon Blogger Thanks Justin, that helps a lot.  Pretty much ANY income from my side would be a positive outcome for me, lol, even $10 or so.  I’ll look into that link this evening, thanks again.

  • thafuz

    xbox 360 because i just started developing with xna and would like to create an indie game and sadly I don’t own a xbox 360. 

  • karina

    PS3. I’ve been told sitting infront of the tv all night is all sorts of laziness..unless I get myself a PS3. My fingers can get a good workout.

  • Nanofuture

    PS3.  I find the exclusives more compelling (I’m not a big FPS fan) and the Blu-Ray player is a nice bonus.

  • The choice is difficult but definitely  It would be a xbox just for starwars and kinect

  • StaceyRoberson

    I would love to win the PlayStation 3. This would be for my husband and he would probably play Halo non-stop =)

    • RonaldSmith

       @StaceyRoberson Halo is on the Xbox 360 😉

  • ifarooq20

    Hope I win it…….

  • ifarooq20

    Hope I win this one…. 

  • Ellen Beck

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Nice Competition but how are my chances? lol 🙂 Thank you !

  • Nice competition
    The Xbox is great because of the extra space and a wider choice of titles.
    I don’t own any consoles so an xbox would be awesome!

  • I would love to win a PS3, there are some games I’m really excited to play.
    Dust 514 for example. And I don’t have a blu-ray player. =D

  • PeterRogala

    Thank you once again for this giveaway and also learned quite few thing along the way.Best of luck to everyone !

  • Good luck, everyone!

  • Xbox 360, because they release updates more often. And it’s Microsoft ? 🙂

  • I would love to win the PS3 because it would be a great way for me and my dad to bond over–we haven’t really been ‘bonding’ for years and I know how a good gaming spree could cheer him up! What game? Halo would be best to introduce him into of course 😀

  • Eagerly waiting for the results. All the best to everyone…………

    • pax

       @techblazes yep, same here. 🙂

  • The waiting is over. And the winner is ….. (drum rolls)…..

  • EllenBeck

    Thanks for the chance!

  • PrateekPandey

    When will be the result announced..??

    • RonaldSmith

       @PrateekPandey Whenever the winner confirms with Justin, lol.  I’d have to say that if we’ve not received the email, we’re not winners in this one.  He’s usually very quick to email the winners.

  • Janmejai Pratap Singh

    So,Who is the Winner???

  • Dragonblogger

    Picking one now, had a house crisis last night (ceiling leaking water) that prevented me from picking the winner last night.

  • Janmejai Pratap Singh


  • The winner was notified via email and confirmed about an hour ago, @Ryan Minton was the winner and chose the PlayStation 3 console as his prize.  It is announced in the Rafflecopter widget.Because I only give 48 hours for a winner to respond, I don’t disclose the winner until they confirm, because if I did and they didn’t claim I would have to issue a retraction which is worse. 

  • Don’t fret, I will be kicking off a brand new laptop giveaway in 2 weeks, and we have 2 other giveaways going on right now.  I am also kicking off a Kingston Technology 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive giveaway also next week!

  • spikeyLoki

    I just checked my email so i’m not the winner.. oh boy! i hope i will gonna WIN the laptop though in the upcoming giveaway.. I’m always such a loser in giveaways.. so sad.. 🙁

  • CherryRasulka

    Congrats to Ryan M! Enjoy!!!!!

  • pax

    Congrats to the winner! Hopefully next time I will win a xbox. 🙂

  • RonaldSmith

    Congrats Ryan!  Also, good luck to everyone in future events 😀

  • AshleyCarl

    This definitely reminds me the movie in which robots fight, what do yo9u say guys.

  • AshleyCarl

    Yeahup Rayan definitely so much thanks to you for all part and wish you best of luck for further.

  • AshleyCarl

    That’s game now become very popular among kids,

  • AshleyCarl

    what is the cost in term of dollar?

  • AshleyCarl

    Is there any competitor of that?