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So I decided that I needed a way to rotate through a series of banner advertisements with my WordPress blog and wanted to find a plugin to simplify this.  I tested several plugins but I wanted one that let me put the rotating ad inside posts or any php file manually and not one that would only setup a sidebar widget.

I decided to go with the Datafeedr Random Ads V2 plugin which was the most flexible and easiest to use in my opinion.  Here are the instructions to download and configure Datafeedr Random Ads V2 so you can setup rotating banner advertisement for your WordPress blog.

Go to manually or through your WordPress dashboard.

Search for and find the Datafeedr Random Ads V2 plugin and install it.

imageWhen it installs under Tools menu to the left of your WordPress dashboard, click on the Datafeedr Random Ads link.

Here you will then have the choice to setup a new ad group, an ad group is a collection of banners you want to rotate through.  You can setup multiple separate ad groups so that you can have different rotating banner ad sections in various places on your blog if you desire.

Click on Add New Group


Here you will type in your ad group name (for your reference only) then decide if you want any text displayed before or after the ad on your blog.  I didn’t want any text on my site so I left those sections blank.

Finally, you now configure your “Ad Boxes” each Ad Box in the Rotating Banner Ads plugin is a section where you put the custom HTML or Javascript code for your banner.   Here you can cut/paste links, images, Google Adsense code or Amazon Affiliate links or iframe code.  The box will let you put anything you want in here so make sure you have your banners adjusted to the right sizes for the area where you want to display the rotating banner ads.

Once you finish with your first Ad Box, you can setup additional Ad Boxes.


Just click on Add Box and copy/paste in your other banner code you want to rotate through.  When finished don’t forget to select Save Changes.

When you are finished you then are taken to the “Ad Group” overview where you can see your ad groups and the Template code you need to use to insert your Ad group into your WordPress blog.


All you need to do is cut/paste this template php code into your index.php, single.php or sidebar.php files to add the banner ad group wherever you want.  This gives you complete control and you can set an ad group for just 125×125 banners, 468×90 banners, or even custom banner ad sizes.

For bloggers that want to start putting in banner ad rotation and still control which banners they display manually the Datafeedr Random Ads V2 plugin is very easy to use and effective.  It does not do any analytics, track clicks, track impressions…etc so you will want to use or other URL shrinking on your links so you can track the performance of your various banners.  This way you can remove underperforming ones and replace with better performing ones later.

So now on my personal blog I have implemented the Rotating Banner Ads for WordPress and am quite happy with the results.  I will let my readers know if I see better conversions with this feature.  For my own site I am rotating 2 affiliate banners with a 468×90 AdSense ad in the same header slot.

-Dragon Blogger

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Justin Germino
  • I use my OIO Publisher plugin if I want to rotate ads. The one benefit of OIO is I am able to sell the rotating ad spot if someone wishes to advertise. Once their ad expires, the rotating ads will automatically start again.

  • Dave Clements@Do It With WordPress

    This is so timely. I’ve been considering putting a couple of ads on my site (a decision I haven’t taken lightly!) mainly to advertise my own services (as a WordPress consultant) and I wanted the ability to rotate through some different banners that I’d put together. The nice thing about this though is that if I want to litter in an Adsense ad or two in the mix, I can do that too.

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m sure I’ll be installing this soon

  • Very cool there are so many different plugins, I haven’t tried one yet for manually controlled ads but I like what I see so far.

  • As mentioned in the above comments I also use the OIO publisher to rotate my ads, in addtion to that it has many other features like automatic renewal, reports for advertisers , easy to integrate ads etc

  • Hey Justin – Do you know any plugin for adsense , which can help us to place adsense ads between content section . I want to place ads after 2nd or 3rd paragraph . Is that possible ?

    • The All in One AdSense and YPN is the one I use, it can place a top, bottom or center of content which is about 1/2 way between post. It is pretty accurate and supports multiple banner sizes and rotates between them if you want to vary your banner ads. I have been using this plugin for 2 years and recommend it.

  • Maybe, I’ll apply it to my blog and start rotating in my adsense spots as it seems my adsense ads are just occupying space for nothing.

    • Right, I originally used this because my adsense weren’t converting well and tried some affiliate banners instead.

  • Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing

    Which ads are rotating? I don’t see it.

    • @Dennis: the rotation happens each time the page is reloaded and another page is loaded.

      @Justin: Plugin works fine @ but @, i keep getting this error: Datafeedr Random Ads Message:
      The ad group “1232508” does not exist.

      • Did you confirm your ad group # is the same one in the code provided? Did you ever delete and recreate an ad group? Are you using a cache plugin, maybe flush cache.

      • Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing

        I know when, i just don’t see which. I keep refreshing and can’t tell which ads are rotating.

    • My top banner ad should rotate with every page refresh or two.

  • Anthony Michael@The Walking Dead

    This is going to be pretty useful!

  • My issue is that I need one that will allow me to place a shortcode or html code within a post or page. I want to create a series of rotating ads that only show up on certain pages/posts, rather than the whole site. Any ideas?

    • This plugin won’t do the shortcode in specific posts, it only offers PHP or sidebar widget which can be inserted into the main template for all posts or pages. At this time I don’t know a specific banner that does rotation with shortcode support.

  • jonathan

    I just wish there were better, easier instructions for use. I’m a PHP newbie, and don’t know where to insert this code to get a rotating banner at the bottom of single post…

    • just open your single.php file and put this code under the php the_content line to make it show up under the articles.

      • jonathan

        Problem is I don’t have a the_content line in my single.php file.

        Strange, huh?

        • copy your single.php file and email it to me I will see if it is calling other files or where to put the line.

  • What’s up Justin. I have also been looking for an easier way to rotate my banner adds. Thanks so much for the info, i’m glad I found it. The datafeeder plug in sounds pretty legit. I can’t believe I have never heard of it

    • Yeah, it works great and I have been using it a while now.