1 Gigabit Internet Broadband from Google

In an article released by Information Week about how Google Plans Ultrafast Internet Broadband it is announced that Google will plan on developing a fiber to the home broadband pilot in a few pocket area’s that will bring up to 1 gigabit internet speeds to between 50k and 500k users.

This experimental network is intended to be open access and available to a variety of Internet Service Providers, so that consumers have a choice of which ISP they want to use and that the networks be used in an open and indiscriminate way.

The intention is to do research in how mega internet speeds can boost productivity and usage of multimedia rich applications such as live teleconferences, medical imaging over the internet as well as streaming high def movies and downloading gigabyes of data in a few minutes.

One thing the faster internet does do is make it harder to tweak and tune your sites so that it will still work for the highest percentage of users who still have moderately fast to very slow broadband speeds, sure your website loads in 1 second on a 25mbps broadband line, but your site may take 35-40 seconds to load on a 1.5 megabit DSL line. These increased broadband speeds in selected area’s only make it harder to craft sites to appeal to many ranges of broadband speed.

How badly do you wish you had a 1 Gigabit broadband network in your area?

-Dragon Blogger

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