10 Ways to Make Your Portable Devices Battery Last Longer

One of the common problems faced by portable device owners is poor battery life of those devices which you depend on all day long. Smartphones, Laptops with high end hardware obviously will consume lot of power. We can’t solve this problem 100% but at least we can try to keep the battery life alive a little longer. Here are few tips and applications that will help you to extend your battery life for your devices.

#1. Brightness Level

Screen Brightness is one of the biggest battery eaters. This is worse the larger of a screen you have and the more PPI and higher resolution the screen is typically as it requires more power to brighten all those pixels.  Instead of setting your device to auto brightness or max brightness, set brightness level to the lowest you can set it to and still comfortably use the device.  The lower the brightness setting the more battery life your device will have and this is one of the most noticeable changes.

Brightness Level
Brightness Level

#2. Portable charger / External Battery Pack

A Portable charger also known as a battery pack is a useful to charge your device on the go. It will allow you to charge your devices 3-5 times completely. Many manufacturers provides portable charger, and we particularly like the following 2 models which we recommend.

#3. Kill/Uninstall Apps that Run in Background

Many of the applications are running in the background which continuously consumes battery life. One way to help improve battery life is to uninstall such apps or another way is to use task manager to kill process that runs in background and this will surely help to increase your battery life.

#4. Connectivity

Always keep your mobile devices Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, 3G and NFC connectivity off when not needed to extend battery life, the device spends more power than you think looking to pair with devices or find Wi-Fi signals.


#5. Data Synchronization

Data synchronization always keeps scanning your email, Facebook and Twitter account. keep it off or set a less frequent interval to synchronize the data will surely extend battery life.  Of course simply disabling Wi-Fi when not needed will also help, but this is for saving battery when your device is on 3G or 4G LTE and is constantly having to poll for updates.

#6. Juice Defender-Battery saver (Android)

Use Juice defender-battery saver app which automatically and transparently manages battery draining components such as Wi-Fi, and 3G connectivity. It disables your 3g/4g connectivity when the phone is idle and turns it on when we use the phone, this alone saves a lot of battery. It enables data synchronization for Facebook, Twitter to be set for every 15 minutes. Juice Defender also provides profiles such as balanced, extreme, aggressive which will help manage your battery for different situations.

#7. Carat (iOS and Android)

Carat is one of the first apps that will provide recommendations to improve your battery life. After using Carat for one week it will start generating a report which will provide recommendations to help you improve your device battery.

#8. Hibernate

This option is primarily for a Laptop, if you want your battery to be last longer, instead of keeping your laptop on standby select hibernate and this will save your laptop state and shutdown it, so that you can pick up where you left off but draw nearly no power while it is in hibernate.

#9. Camera

Always avoid using flash on your phone when it is not required. Shooting a photo with flash on will eat lot of battery. Keeping your camera flash on the auto option is the best possible option for battery life. Another thing, most of us will review immediately clicked photos and delete it if it is not proper. But checking every images will reduce battery life, instead of checking each photo one at a time immediately, store them and review them in a batch later to conserve a little battery life.

#10. Avoid Gaming (If you can)

Always avoid playing game with a lot of graphics while traveling as it uses way more GPU power which requires a lot of battery. Playing games will drain your battery much faster than any other things, this is especially true for  laptops and high end graphics games.  Nothing kills a laptop battery like playing an FPS game at max resolution (or near max on less than gaming laptops).

For the Smartphone and tablet battery life never seems to be enough; So go ahead and run your device at full capacity when you need it, but save the battery when  you don’t so that your phone or tablet or laptop will last a little longer between getting to the charger.

Feel free to share more tips if you know more than these, or do anything different not mentioned.

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