2015 Best Selling Smartwatches Sale over at Everbuying

Fans, this is a promotion worth sharing as you can pick up some great budget Smartwatches for incredible prices over at Everbuying during their 2015 Bestselling Watches sale.  This sale which starts on September 15th at 9am GMT offers some amazing deals on the following watches.

MiFone W15

You can get the MiFone W15 with it’s 2.5D Curved Display and Anti-Allergy Band for only $9.90 during the sale, seriously a Bluetooth pairing smartwatch for under $10 which is an amazing deal if you just want to dabble in a budget Smartwatch that gives you some functions like Bluetooth Calling, Pedometer, Stopwatch, Voice Memo, Alarm and Phone Call Reminder, all this for less than $10 plus it can be paired with your phone, but this isn’t a requirement you can still use the watch itself for a variety of functions without pairing with a phone app.  It supports pairing with iOS and Android phones.

Ulefone UWear

With a remote camera, sleep monitor and other functions picking up the Ulefone uWear for only $22.99 during the first 3 days of the sale gives you a great deal.  This phone is IP65 waterproof so you can wash your hands or dishes without worrying about it getting damaged too.  You also get Twitter, G-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp information at the push of a button as well as have anti-theft loss function when paired with a phone so you get proximity alarm if your phone and watch separate too far apart.

Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch

You know the Zeblaze Crystal right, this is the one that we showcased a few weeks ago and we did a review of the Zeblaze Rover which was favorable, this is their higher end model known as the Crystal.  With the Zeblaze Crystal you get the IP65 waterproofing, as well as HRM heart rate monitor function which gives you real time heart rate feedback.   You also get a 150 degree viewing angle, and a genuine leather strap for those who are sensitive or don’t prefer the silicone straps too.  This is a good deal and the Zeblaze Crystal is only $54.99 during the sale which is $10 off.

DZ09 Smartwatch

Finally the DZ09 is yet another great option for those looking for a budget Smartwatch.  The DZ09 supports a SIM card and can actually be a phone in itself able to answer and make calls dedicated without pairing with a phone if you install the SIM card.  You also get a ton of features, but this phone you will specifically want to pair with Android devices instead of iOS devices.  You can pick up the DZ09 for only $22.99 during the sale.

Now it isn’t just smartwatches, head on over to the Everbuying 2015 Best Selling Watches sale page and see the other types of watches they have on sale as well which though may not be smartwatches are stylish and may be just what you are looking for.




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