3 ways a biometric time clock system can help your business

Technology has opened doors to allow for companies to not only work harder with less, but also work smarter and more efficient with what they have. Technology has introduced many seamless ways to track work productivity, employee paid time off balances, and staff feedback and evaluations. With the introduction of the mobile device, you have the ability to sophisticate your business in a way that has never been possible before. This article will discuss ways in which providing a biometric time clock system can help your business grow while holding your employees accountable in a minimally invasive manner while eliminating potential unforeseen costs.

  1. Clock in for work from anywhere. Simplified remote configuration allows for a centralized system to track employee time which is great for those whose businesses’ expand all over the globe. Having the ability to clock in from a mobile device, via web, or even with a USB finger reader, eliminates potential risks and monetary challenges that a company without this technology is likely to encounter.
  2. Save money by eliminating time theft. By providing a biometric time clock system for your employees, you are essentially limiting costly repercussions of tracking time in other ways. For example, if your company is currently tracking time manually by pen and paper, the chances of your employee “fudging” or overestimating their time on task is likely. An employee may write down that they came back from break at 1pm however they really came back to their work at 1:05pm. It may seem as if 5 minutes is not a big deal but if this occurs on a consistent basis, it can really add up. If an employee does this every day at work, this could potentially mean that you are paying your employee for up to 25 minutes a week for time in which they are not on task. If the employee feels bold and unethically tracks their time in this manner on a regular basis, you could be losing a significant amount of money.
  3. Prevent dishonest time punching. Unfortunately it is not uncommon to hear about friend’s clocking in for one another even if one is not at work. This can cost a company a great deal of money over a period of time, not to mention this practice is unethical and dishonest. By having a system that uses personal information, such as a touch of a finger, this can greatly decrease the potential unethical behavior of time punching or stealing of time.

By eliminating the option of stealing time and adding the versatility of the being able to clock in from anywhere in a trustworthy manner, a biometric time clock system can greatly enhance your business practices. In addition, the system can help the payroll department in their ability to be more efficient and track time in a more ethical and consistent way. Finally, by adding such a system, you can cut down on payroll hours as the system does a great deal of the work for you by keeping everything updated and streamlined via web.

Tom Parillo

Tom Parillo

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