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3D Printing is taking the world for a ride, and today I am going to let you in for that ride.   Hold on because this road is printed in 3D,… but you can’t tell its printed because it is a real road.  Makism 3D Corp is bringing reality to you.

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We are going on this ride with Makism3D and their Wideboy series of 3D printers.  Makism 3D Products bring consumer reliability, flexibility with material selection, printer accuracy and out of the box usability to us and so perfect that they are safe to use by us all.  The prices for these devices are very reasonable for what they are and the long term savings are remarkable.  Professionals, educators and home users can all benefit from their product’s allowing for the average person to create what only factories and large companies could create, right out of your own room or garage, yeah it’s that easy.

3 of the current models Makism 3D produces are the Wideboy, Wideboy Pro and Wideboy Mega.  The Wideboy can print in volumes of (A4) 297 x 210 x 150 allowing you to use the following print materials, PLA and PVA.  The Wideboy Pro steps it up a bit and offers print volumes of (A4) 297 x 210 x 200 allowing you to use ABS, Nylon, PC and HIPS print materials for better builds.  At the top of the Wideboy series is the Wideboy Mega, this bad boy can print up volumes as large as (A4) 297 x 210 x 250 using the same print materials as the Wideboy Pro, top of the line all the way.  These come in at $1,500,.00 USD, $2,500.00USD and $4,000.00 respectively.


When I first read the prices listed on their website (, I thought, what average person can afford this, but then I thought a little more about it for a minute. I am looking to buy a manufactured computer case that someone else designed, I have to settle for their vision and use, that’s $200, maybe more.  Then there’s this nice guitar I have been looking at, it is $300, but because I just spent that $200, I have to settle for a $100 one.  I have a date next week and need to buy some new clothes and that easily will be $100 for very little, but I just bought that other stuff, let’s see what I have in the closet.  With all this on my mind, I just sat on my glasses, the lenses were $100, and the frames were $400.  Damn, now what?

 photo 14f54063-0815-4d35-85c9-307929c7ec68_zps6161dea0.jpg

In the examples above, on the low side I would have spent $1200, with little to no return on investment and in buying those I couldn’t afford other things I wanted.  It doesn’t have to be that way anymore and Makism 3D Printers can help you, they can help us.  If you noticed above, I listed a computer case, a guitar, clothes, glasses, including the lenses and frames, but what I didn’t mention is that with this series of 3D printers, I can make all of them.

Yeah, you can make frames for glasses (Polycarbonate or ABS), lenses (you would have to do some serious work on design, but it can be done with Polycarbonate).  A guitar (take your pick of materials mentioned), even the strings (Nylon) and a computer case (take your pick of materials mentioned), even with a clear side panel, forget that, the entire case will be clear (Polycarbonate).  Don’t think I forgot about clothes, it can make clothes (Nylon).  The limitation on what you can make with these stops at you and what you can imagine.

You can find out more about these materials here

So you have these ideas, the printer and the material but now you have to design these things, how and where do you do it?  You can connect Makism3D’s Wideboy printers to any computer with Windows 8.1 using the 3D printing app through WIFI or USB.  You can download the 3D builder for free at the Microsoft appstore.  With this, you can share print templates with your friends or across the internet with people you don’t know, if you like it you can use it.  If you don’t like what they have made, you can build on or design and share your own creations, or keep them all for yourself, it’s up to you.  Some designs included are Lego style bricks, trains, buttons, cookie cutters and more.

For those of us that are more familiar with computers, photo editing or CAD programs, there is a vast array of applications that support 3D printing and their formats.  Programs such as the already mentioned Microsoft 3D Builder, AutoCAD, Maya, Rhino3D, SolidWorks and more will support 3D printing formats such as STL, OBJ, 3MF and more.  Are you starting to see what you can make?

All I have read in the past and looking into these printers from Makism 3D have done nothing but increase my interest in Makism 3D’s Wideboy 3D printers.  I hope to be able to get one soon, then I can make tons of stuff.  Check out Makism 3D at

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