4 Good Smartphone Apps To Use During A Trade Show

If you’re planning on attending a trade show anytime soon, you’re probably thinking of the many ways to make the most of the event. Fact is, most trade shows are an awesome opportunity to net many benefits including; client leads, new employees, product sales and more.

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We happen to think and believe that trade shows are an excellent way to drum up new business and or make good contacts for growing your company. Whatever goal you have with your trade event we have for you today a few good smartphone apps that will help with these goals. Have a look below and do let us know what apps you personally use and have helped you?

4 Good Smartphone Apps To Use During A Trade Show

1. Business Card Pro – (by Shape GmbH)

Since trade shows are all about networking, you’re most likely going to walk away with dozens of business cards. But with the advent of smartphones, everyone nowadays uses an app to store and retrieve business card contacts. We use and quite like Business Card Pro. This is an iPhone app found on iTunes that has many neat features that facilitate easy and quick scanning of any business card along with its easy storage. This app has a number of advanced features such as multi language support, integration with LinkedIn and other social networks, an export feature for Evernote and you can email or call contacts directly from the app. Not free, it costs a few bucks but is well worth the fee.

Price: $6.99

2. Animoto Video App

There are many video apps for iPhone and Android but we particularly like Animoto for its ease of use, smart features and fun options. Essentially with Animoto you can make, enhance or edit videos from your smartphone and you can also make videos from a photo set. This could turn into a fun exercise should you wish to take videos at your trade show of other attendees, your booth, your product or anything else. You would then take these videos and share them on Twitter, your blog and Facebook to get some traction at your booth. Alternatively you could also make a contest out of your videos such as who shares it the most, who likes it the most on Facebook, etc. This is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site, blog, social media profiles or even your email sign up page.

Price: $ FREE

3. Evernote Scheduling/Calendar App

What would a trade show be without the countless opportunities to network and mingle with other attendees. This is why a scheduling and calendar app is a must have on your smartphone. For example, let’s say you meet a would be customer and he or she would like to talk to you more to discuss possible business ideas. Just pull out your phone and check your schedule on the spot to see when you can accommodate a meeting with this prospective client. No need to call your assistant, pull out your clunky laptop or wait till you get back to the office; simply pull out your phone and check your calendar app. Even though Evernote is known as a note taking app, it is actually a really good calendar and scheduling app since you can sync it with Google Calendar and Gmail. So you can knock off two birds with one stone here; schedule the appointment and send him or her an email reminder. This one is sure to come in handy at your next trade show event.

Price: $ FREE

4. iContact Email Marketing App

During most trade shows you will undoubtedly come across a series of situations where you can collect names for your email list. This could be a fun contest such as briefly mentioned above or a booth event or any combination thereof; and once you have collected emails in paper form you can then transfer them to your service provider. iContact is such a provider and they have a spiffy smartphone app for both iPhone and Android. You can insert, edit or delete contacts, send emails, segment your list, check stats and more all via your cell phone. This is a great app that will become your go to app during busy email days.

Price: $ FREE

There you have it. Four good smartphone apps that you can use during your next trade show event to make the most of your time. These apps are all readily available online or via your phone and most are free or cost a few bucks.

Let us know which apps you use (or have used) during a trade show? And we might do a follow up piece. Tell us below in the comment area.

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