5 Ecommerce Startups That Limit Our Need to Walk Outside

With the advancement of technology, we can now spend less time outside doing tedious daily tasks and more time with the people we love. Apps are quickly becoming our link to the outside world, and you can now order many things at the click of a button. Amazon paved the way for these fast delivery services and now many new startup companies are using technology to bring you everything you need. Here are five unique ecommerce startups that help you in your daily life so that you can get tasks done without even leaving your home.

  1. Instacart: Grocery shopping can be a headache sometimes, especially when all you want to do is go home and relax. Well Instacart is now allowing you to order groceries straight from your couch. Simply click on the items you need and you can have your groceries delivered to your door in under two hours.
  2. Fetch: Ever wish you could sit at home while your personal assistant does the hopping for you? Well move over Siri and make room for Fetch, your new personal shopping assistant. Fetch allows you to submit texts or photos of items you want to buy, and a professional shopper will respond to your request within 10 minutes. It guarantees it will find the lowest prices and can even give you updated pricing if you don’t choose to buy right away. The app will order the item with your approval, and it can also partner along with Amazon so that you can buy immediately from Amazon brands.
  3. GlamSquad: Ever wish you could be like the stars, and have your beauty services brought to you? Then GlamSquad is perfect for you. The company provides beauty at your fingertips. Simply press a button and you can have a hair stylist or make-up artist at your door in no time.
  4. HelloFlo: Founded by Naama Bloom, one of the fifty most creative people in the world according to AdAge, HelloFlo is a women’s health company aimed to comfort women during their time of month. As a women, you know how inconvenient and embarrassing it can be to have to run to the store to pick up your essentials. Well now, tampons and pads can be delivered to you on a monthly basis. HelloFlo also makes your time of month more of a celebration and packages can include tampons and pads, candy, facial scrubs, lip balm, bracelets, and bags.
  5. Beergram: You come home and get a text from your friend saying they had a rough day and need you to come out for a drink. Well, you just had a long day and all you want to do is go to bed, so how can you support your friend without getting out of bed? BeerGram is a mobile and web application that allows you to buy a beer for your friend through your phone. The beer is delivered to your friend via an app and he or she can go pick it up at the redeeming bar or store.

Tom Parillo

Tom Parillo

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