5 Risky Mistakes Your SEO Expert Could Be Making

The internet is the future of business marketing and if your company is not already leveraging this marketplace, you are losing out big-time. With over 3.62 billion people already using the internet, it goes without saying that this is where your marketing focus should be. While building a website used to be a sure way to penetrate the internet market, you have to do more today if you are to harness the power of internet marketing. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in handy.

The Crucial Place of SEO in Online Marketing

There are several reasons why you should invest in SEO, the most important one being that you will enjoy higher conversion on your online store.  A well optimized website attracts targeted traffic, which in turn leads to more sales. If you are angling to popularize your new brand, you have to make it easier for your target audience and search engine crawlers to find you and this can only be done through dedicated SEO efforts.

The numbers also make the case for professional SEO services. For a start, 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. Better still, a recent survey shows that 70 to 80% of internet users don’t scroll past the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs). If your website is not ranking on the first page of SERPs for targeted keywords, you simply don’t exist. The fact that 70% of the links search users click are organic also proves the importance of targeting organic traffic as opposed to solely relying on paid adverts.

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you appreciate the important role of SEO in your marketing strategy, you need to review your needs and hire an http://gobimm.com/ SEO expert to get the job done. Outsourcing SEO is cheaper than hiring an in-house IT team, especially for startups and small businesses. These experts understand the latest and most advanced SEO techniques and tools to use. They also offer flexible and tailored services depending on your needs.

While there are many SEO consultants in the market, it is crucial to take your time before hiring one. There are many consumer complaints about SEO consultants who have ruined their clients’ websites by attracting Google algorithm’s wrath.

While your SEO consultant is supposed to be in charge, it is advisable to keenly watch what is going on. This will help you identify the following common blunders which are the bane of most SEO projects:

  1. Ignoring local search – If you are running a gym in a Boston neighborhood, then your focus should be on this local market. You need to use the best local SEO strategies including Google Maps among others. If your SEO is not focusing on this, make sure you highlight the issue.
  2. Failure to leverage analytics – There is a lot of data available online and from other sources. If an SEO campaign is to be successful, then analytics should be at the core. You need to find solid information about your target customers, your competition, evaluation of your ongoing SEO techniques, and website performance among other things.
  3. Poor on-page optimization – It goes without saying that on-page optimization is easy and this is probably the reason why most SEO consultants don’t expend their energies on the same. In a bid to show off their technical expertise, an SEO specialist might neglect the basics such as keyword research, use of title tags and Meta descriptions, spammy links, copied copy, keyword stuffing, mobile-friendly content and navigation among other such issues.
  4. Ignoring social media –Some years back most online marketers were not taken by the social media marketing ideas and this was the same attitude displayed by SEO experts. If your SEO consultant is not talking about Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media networks, you better keep looking.
  5. Sticking to old content theories – It is important to appreciate that the internet platform is highly volatile and new techniques keep emerging. If you are still relying on content management approaches from 3 years ago, you are in trouble. For instance, longer articles are ranking higher while video has become the most popular type of content online. These are changes that must be reflected in your content management strategy.

Of course there are other important things that SEO consultants overlook, including load speeds and navigation. For a long time, the focus was on the appearance of the website, but with Google algorithm changes, it is important for your SEO consultant to change their approach. Make sure your website is mobile-ready and easily navigable, and the content should always be fresh.


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