6 Tips To Increase The Speed Of Your Android Smartphone

Your Android was really fast when you bought it but now it kind of feels like a snail? Well, the good part is that you’re not the only one facing this. The even better part is that you now have the proper tools to speed it up and enjoy the full power of Android once again. Here are some tips to really make your phone work like it used to.

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Identify the issue

The first thing you have to do is try and single out the source of your problems. Whether it’s an app, an Android version itself or a memory-related issue, Trepn Profiler will help you check the CPU in real time and give you a detailed review of all stats. Once you have all this at hand, you need to go by trial and error and see exactly where the issues are.  For some of the users, this whole process might be similar to kostenlos automaten spielen, meaning nonsense. But those that have a bit of developer in them will surely understand.

Clear some space

Well, it’s no wonder everyone is saying it, those old photos and family videos you think are so precious are the main cause of free space issues. If you want to, you can simply download an app that will free up space for you or, at least, tell you when you last used a certain file or downloaded software so you can delete unnecessary apps yourself.

Stay clear of the widgets

Sure, widgets make your display look a lot cooler, however, they’re a huge performance reducer when it comes to any phone on the market. You might want to consider cutting down on them or even disabling them entirely. If you really must use widgets, at least make sure they’re not all on the same screen as it will instantly drain the RAM power of your phone and may even lead to a complete freeze.

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Disable animations and other extras

This section really depends on the phone you are using; however, every phone has at least 3 themes with dynamic elements. Although the animations really bring life to your phone, it is important to keep in mind that they are constantly moving, thus, constantly burning precious fuel of the phone, fuel that it might not have, eventually.

Force close apps and clear more RAM

Most of the mobile apps that run in the background are not really needed, however, Android keeps them there running for faster delivery JUST in case you suddenly decide it’s time to use them again. You can simply go to the Apps section and choose which ones to force close. Clearing RAM can be done through a tool, of course. However, it can also be done manually if you know where to look and what to delete.

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Simply restart it

You might think that this thing about a quick restart is something IT guys say to their colleagues. But, as weird and new as it sounds, performing a restart on your Android phone will actually keep things nice and tidy.

There you have it, with these simple tips, you can now use your Android phone comfortably again and without any annoying issues.

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