7 Amazing YouTube Channels to Inspire Your Next Minecraft Session

Anyone who plays Minecraft with any consistency understands that it is so much more than a game. Minecraft is a multi-media universe populated with devoted fans interested in interacting with the digital world in a more meaningful way. While mining and crafting might take precedent, most fans are also compelled to create outside the servers, communicating with fellow fans and building a bigger, better world for Minecraft lovers everywhere.

To that end, many crafters have taken to YouTube, where they show videos of their world explorations and creations. Each Minecraft YouTube channel is different; some explain the basics of the game, and others demonstrate unique mods or exclusive items. However, the most exhilarating crafters on YouTube are those who showcase the amazing crafts they make, inspiring their subscribers with intricate, expensive, and exceptional works. Here are the best of the best to help motivate your next Minecraft session.

1. SkyDoesMinecraft

It is impossible to compile a list of Minecraft YouTube channels without mentioning Sky. The most famous Minecraft video-maker on YouTube, Sky has accrued upwards of 11.7 million subscribers thanks to his wildly imaginative roleplay scenarios, mini games, and more. Sky’s cast of friends and enemies makes for fun and entertaining videos, but more fascinating are his mods, which make his adventures that much more creative and exhilarating. You can find Sky’s video archive here, or you can search the Minecraft servers for his account name, SkythekidRS.

2. TheSyndicateProject

While this channel might sound like a collective of skilled crafters, TheSyndicateProject is truly one man: Tom Cassell. “Syndicate,” as Cassell prefers to be known, has videos featuring a number of video games, from beloved FPS franchises like Halo and Call of Duty to casual mobile apps like Gangstar Vegas, but Minecraft is obviously his true love. The channel’s videos that take place in Syndicate’s world of Mianite are some of the best examples of what Minecraft can be when you have thrilling surroundings.

3. CaptainSparklez

Though CaptainSparklez’s Let’s Play videos are always uproarious, his true genius shines through in his numerous music videos that pair popular music with Minecraft shenanigans. “Minecraft Style,” a parody of K-Pop star Psy’s 2012 international hit, helped CaptainSparklez (alias Tom Maron) go viral, and since then, he has released dozens of similar spoofs, including “Revenge,” “TNT,” and “Kingdom Hearts,” which parodies Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida.”

4. StampyLongHead

Unlike most Minecraft YouTubers, Stampy is a cat. Fortunately, this cat is talented enough to create and upload some of the most engaging Minecraft videos on the Web. Stampy’s world is brightly colored and engaging, and his soothing British voice is always lighthearted, making this channel especially good for younger crafters looking for tutorials and examples. In fact, in 2014, Stampy’s creator Joseph Garrett cooperated with Disney’s Maker Studios to produce educational videos set in the Minecraft universe, so parents of Minecraft-addicted kids can look forward to a new Stampy channel in the future.

5. TheDiamondMinecart

Though modding isn’t for everyone ― especially not new and young crafters ― mods can add another dimension to an already complex and fascinating game. Nobody demonstrates this better than TheDiamondMinecart, who is committed to producing videos packed with custom adventures and modded mini-games. After just a few videos, you will be itching to get your fingers on some of the amazing mods showcased on this channel.

6. TheAtlanticCraft

The duo of Cody and Joe compose TheAtlanticCraft, a channel filled with all sorts of Minecraft media. From music parodies to mods and mini-games, the videos collected here are both technically advanced and wildly entertaining. The worlds Cody and Joe explore are sophisticated, and the techniques they use for crafting and creating are advanced, so younger fans might get lost in the language. However, the inventiveness of TheAtlanticCraft is enough to send you back to your server buzzing with creative ideas.

7. TheCube

In truth, The Cube isn’t a single channel produced by a single player or producer; rather, it is a massive collaboration amongst Minecraft fans surviving and creating on a single Minecraft server. The Cube is an astonishingly realistic world, filled with individual homes and a thriving economy, and the YouTube series that explores The Cube showcases everything from its technical aspects to its complex culture. The Cube is a testament to the power of public servers and the potential of cooperative gameplay.


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