7 Types of Very Effective Content to Improve Your Blog


Once you have your blog set up and configured, the next step is to start generating content and publish it on your blog. And what you will surely do is write an article with 500 ~ 1500 words of text, use specific software such as the one provided by wordcounttool.com, place a couple of titles and publish it on your blog. That’s fine, you’re generating content, but you should not only create that kind of content, because your blog will gradually become a monotonous blog.

Instead you should use different types of content that help keep your blog as a fresh and novel blog. And although there are many types of content that you can use in your blog, I am going to share the 7 most effective types of content that you can use in your blog to make it more known, generate more visits and more recurring readers.

1. Guides or Tutorials

A tutorial is very detailed and quite long content, which explains step by step how to perform a certain action, it is something like a mega article or the perfect post for your blog. These guides or tutorials are one of the best types of content that you can generate in your blog, why? Well, because people go online (apart from hanging out), to learn to do something, whether to prepare a plate of food, know how to start a successful blog or know how to be a guitarist.

2. Infographics

Infographics are long images that show interesting information or data about a topic. As their own name says “info + spellings”, they show information in graphics. The wonderful thing about this type of content is that people love it, so they are easily shared, thus achieving greater visibility of the blog against other types of content. But of course, not everything is rosy, the negative side that infographics have is that they require a lot of time to prepare them, from time to implement in the research phase to get the data to be placed, until time to create the best design for infographics.  Also because an infographic is an image it won’t SEO unless you include an introduction or paragraph that can capture what you are trying to convey along with the infographic so the post it is embedded in can rank in search engines.

3. Guest Post

This is one of my favorite types of content, and that is that the guest post has a gigantic power and that gives you great benefits. First things first, what is the guest post? The guest post or guest post is to write your articles on blogs that are not yours, that simple. Although it seems impractical to write content on other blogs and not yours, let me tell you that this is very beneficial, some of the positive things you can get with the guest post are:

– Get quality backlinks to your blog
– Become known in other communities (other blogs)
– Work your networking
– Earn visits to your blog
– Win new readers to your blog

4. The Lists

A list is one of the oldest types of content that exist, they are so old that they were even used to create the 10 commandments;), and although it is a very saturated type of content, the lists are still very effective. When I talk about lists I mean how to display content in an enumerated way as I do in this article “The 7 most effective types of content for your blog”. The benefit of the lists is that it is easy to read for your readers, and it is a type of content that people like to share on their social networks. The idea of ​​the lists is to show the best possible information on any subject in the shortest possible time, which is why it is so well accepted by people.

5. Product or tool reviews

Creating reviews or product reviews is another type of content that works very well, people who are interested in a product, before buying it, usually browse Google to find information about that product, information that can help them decide whether to buy or Not the product. They usually seek opinions to see what are the real benefits of the product or how to use it. If you can be one of the first people to master a tool or a product, you have a great opportunity to position yourself as an expert in the tool, preparing a review that talks about the product, the benefits it brings, how to use it, the price, etc. You will make the work of others easier, and you will be very well seen.

6. Videos

YouTube has become the second most important and used search engine in the world, more than one billion people use YouTube every month to search for video information on various topics. That is why generating content through videos is very effective, a good video that expresses excellent information can be very persuasive. Whatever you want to show, a video will help you be more convincing and build greater confidence.

7. Interviews

Each market niche has its own leaders, talk to the leaders of your niche and ask them to do an interview to talk about an important topic or the fashion theme of the niche and share their perspectives on the issue. Generating these interviews will bring you benefits, such as the fierce increase in your traffic, since your own interviewees will promote the interview and as they are leaders they have many followers so your blog will gain a lot of visibility.


There are many types of content that I have not named such as case studies, statistics, reports, etc. But the types of content I have named are the ones that have given me the best results and I am sure that they will also give you good results. So next month you generate great content, you already have 7 types to choose how to display your content, you will surely find the one that best suits your goals.

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