A Generation That Never Owned a PC

It is only in the past year that I happened to run across a few people (not just one) who were in their early or late twenties who have never owned a personal computer or PC.  I mean never in their lives have they had a computer or laptop running Windows, Mac OS, Linux or anything like we think of when we think of a PC.  They are the post PC generation and I really don’t know how they get along without the functionality of a PC honestly.  Now all of the individuals in question have used Android or iOS both at some point, though both were running iOS devices only at the time I was interviewing them.  A 4th generation iPad and an iPhone 5 were all that was needed to do everything in their lives, I mean everything.  They do their budgets, emails, gaming, contacts, calendar and everything else.  They just don’t yearn or feel the need for an Operating system and the thought of having files in folders and “file types” is something foreign to them.

I should point out that these are both people who have jobs that involve manual labor, no desk jobs, no computers and no working on word processors, spreadsheets or anything that needs Windows.  I am surprised and think of all the things I do with Windows, the one thing that they are most limited by is the ability to put movies, pictures on their iOS devices without purchasing them through iTunes.  This was their noted limiting factor on not having a PC with iTunes or some way to transfer files to and from a PC to their iPhone/iPad devices.


Typing up emails, documents, keeping track of budgets.  They have apps for that, and I literally watch how slow it is to perform what I can do in seconds on a PC with a mouse and keyboard, they are doing on their iPad or iPhone with fingertips.   My mind screams about the lack of efficiency, yet it works perfectly for them and the pure simplicity is just what they seek.  Gaming has gotten better on iPhone and iPad yet, but still is nowhere near PC quality gaming and never will be, but these folks I have met do not do any real hardcore gaming beyond the casual Angry Birds type of stuff and some of the shooter games on iPad.

It is clear that tablets and smartphones aren’t just outselling other types of devices, but they are replacing them entirely for a new generation.  As far as I know anyone who wants to do anything serious or flexible will still need a PC however, I can’t image doing any application development, programming, 3D design and such from a tablet, but who knows, maybe even these things are merely a few years away from becoming the reality.  I know Windows itself can be 100% replaced with Ubuntu or other forms of Linux and I had my household living with Ubuntu for a year without Windows at some point, but gaming brought me back to Windows.  With Steambox and Linux support from Steam I suppose it is only a matter of time when I myself won’t need Windows anymore, but for now it is functional enough.

I still can’t find myself getting used to the touchscreen devices however, and people keep talking about how much they want a Chromebook or other very inexpensive laptop but truthfully Android netbooks are starting to crop up left and right and may wipe out the Chromebook market if Google was smart they would start releasing Android based Chromebooks that can play all Android apps and act like 10” tablet/netbooks instead of the Chromebooks in my opinion.

Still, looking at an Android Netbook and a Chromebook and the price difference there may be reasons to get either.

The WolVO 10” Android Netbook

  • The Latest WolVol Model Android 4.1, Designed with a High Quality Screen Display.
  • Built-in WiFi and Ethernet Port to Access the Internet
  • Browse the Web, YouTube Facebook Twitter, Check Emails, Write Documents, Save Photos/Videos
  • Access thousands of movies and TV shows through the Netflix app
  • Battery 3200mAh. Standby Time:6HRS / Work Time:2-3HRS

The Acer C710-283 11” Chromebook

    • Intel Celeron Processor 1007U 1.5GHz (2MB L3 Cache)
    • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
    • 16 GB Solid-State Drive
    • 11.6-Inch Screen, Intel HD Graphics
    • Chrome, 4-hour battery life

Which would you rather have, a Chromebook or an Android Netbook, or do you see yourself being purely running on Smartphones and/or tablets in the next few years?

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