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The best way to describe Immortalized is a macabre reality competition.  The new series from AMC, the people who bring you The Walking Dead, has been out just a few weeks but has intrigued many people.  If you ever thought that taxidermy was just about stuffed deer heads on walls or eccentric rich people who kill exotic animals for their “trophy” room, well you would be wrong.  While the show is a competition to see whom the best taxidermist is, it’s not about pitting the contestants against just themselves, but also a “challenger”.

hard at workThe weekly episodes, which air Thursday nights at 10 pm EST/9 pm CST, pit one of the four “immortalizers” against the challenger.  They must create a piece that will be judged on originality, craftsmanship, and interpretation of the designated theme.  Host Zach Selwyn says to “get ready to watch art and animals collide.”  For some the term “art” might not apply here but even if you don’t think what these people do is just that, it is something you have probably never seen before and might never see again.  It also might give you some appreciation for the next moose head you see.

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The motto of “no guts, all glory” might define each of the four contestants; Takeshi Yamada, Beth Beverly, Dave Houser, and Page Nethercutt, but it certainly describes what they are trying to do on Immortalized.  One thing that definitely differs on this show than other reality series is that instead of bringing your A game to win, you have to bring your own game; and a sense of creativity.  Well there is definitely bound to be some very creative interpretations in this show, especially when you have one contestant (Beth Beverly) who once made a hat out of a fox scrotum.  An interesting use of a part of an animal most people wouldn’t touch.

showing offWhat better time for a show like this to emerge.  People are more accepting of the odd and strange.  There are lots of shows now on to prove this including Oddities; which has sparked a few spin-offs; and AMC’s own “Freakshow” series which follows a family whose business is a freakshow on Venice Beach.  There will be those who still see Immortalized as too strange but all shows, especially reality series’, have lovers and haters.

The one thing I can’t find any information on is neither how the overall winner of the show will be determined nor how long it will last.  I can’t imagine AMC would create a show that lasts only five episodes (one contestant against a challenger each week and the finale) but I could be wrong; AMC’s schedule only goes through mid-March.  It’s possible they were concerned with how receptive the world would actually be to this kind of reality show but from comments around the web, it seems to have taken off.

What do you think about Immortalized; find out more and uf you want any more information on Immortalized check out the official AMC website.  You can also follow the show on Twitter and “like” it on Facebook to keep up with it.

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